The Sign around my neck reads - Girlfriend Available

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54 years young (the girls I teach all think I am 40ish; they are all getting A's)
1.71m barefoot; taller in heels and I clean up really nicely.
Weight - I should be able to be hoisted in a fireman's lift and carried to the bedroom, but it would require a pair of strong, hairy rugby legs and a sturdy back for standing action, without otherwise incurring some serious injury.
Gymnastic sex positions very possibly now out of the question, so as to still be able to walk the next day. But, in the heat of the moment, in the mood and with the right man, who knows what could be possible.
In cm's - a 12 waist - which still makes for a second glance in a pair of good jeans. The wolf whistles have sadly faded somewhat.
38C - all natural and no bra required, despite losing the battle with gravity.
Shoulder length hair is coloured monthly (Iced Coffee and no, not the flavour - the shade LOL) to keep a bit of grey at bay, but otherwise mane-worthy, despite being a lioness.
A few bumps, scratches and scars (two C-sections, a motorbike incident and recent hysterectomy notwithstanding) but I still get by in a modest bikini - standing or lying down; sitting just makes for tan lines!

Well-trained, experienced and extremely capable, but I am NOT applying to be a another wife, baby-mommy, housekeeper, PA, travel agent or business partner. Been ALL of those and more, to two men and it did not work out for me, although not for a lack of trying for 18 and 12 years, respectively.

Two beautiful kids already (both overseas) and definitely not looking to birth any more; that factory is anyway no longer in production. I am now a sports model - a red Ford Mustang!!! However, I am still a fur-parent to 7 and although it is a constraint to a 'lock-up 'n go' lifestyle, the unconditional love they give is priceless. Must love dogs and cats!

Love and attention would be considered, as sufficient payment-in-kind, for a reciprocal loving and very sexual relationship - NO ring required! Regular leg over will ensure minimal bitchiness. (Happy woman = Happy man!)

Strong maternal instincts would make for a well-cared for companion, confidant, friend, lover and in time, a partner too.


I am NOT looking to be a Cougar or a Sugar Mommy; neither, a Geriatric Nurse. I would prefer applicants of a similar age, as talking IS essential - before, during and after (NO - there is no remote with an OFF switch included, because there are other creative ways to be found to keep me quiet) and as such, topics of conversation would have to be of mutual interests, which a generation gap of 6+ years either way negates.

Looking for an adventurous and available, single man to share 2 legged, 2 or 4 wheel adventures; preferably on the roads less traveled. A love for off-road/ dual purpose (GS) adventure motorbikes is NOT a deal breaker, as there are many other interests two connected people can share, but a love for life IS a necessity......
Time waits for nobody and life is a journey; Love makes the ride worthwhile!

An application form can be completed, but I am available for interviews, providing there is coffee with apple pie and cream. (Unfortunately, NO references are available!)

Ek is volledig taaltweelig en vloek 'n vry is mos lekkerde so......Of hoe?