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Dogging in Northern Cape

Main dogging sites and directions for Northern Cape, including major towns and cities: Kimberley, Upington, Barkly West, Colesberg, De Aar, Jan Kempdorp, Kathu, Kuruman, Postmasburg, Prieska, Springbok, Victoria West, Warrenton.

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@horny men

serious dogging taking place today in kimberley. leave a add under the dogging forum if interested. will mail all members responding about the place. we one horny couple thats up to NSA fun in kimberley

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calling on all couples and naughty men who's into dogging. we a naughty couple who enjoy outdoor fucking/ watching

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Jan kemp

Waars die aksie hier?

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Where do you want to meet in Kathu? You can message me at lustig_2009. hope to hear soon from you. im 37wm from kathu

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Kom aan mense, niks fun in Kathu nie?

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No guys, you sure the spot is in the parking lot of fish aways? We were there a few times but there is no place to get in the mood for what we like to do, please tell us where you guys play or watch us playing where it will be safe to do.

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We r also looking for some action in Kathu.We r a white couple with no hassles. good place at escom station

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|Hallo julle. Is jul seker die dogging spot in Kathu is voor steers, fishaways by shell garage. Was paar maal daar maar dit is baie bedrywig daar so dit is feitlik onmoontlik. Sal graag wil weet van veiliger en stiller spot.

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Where is the dogging spot?

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N baie nice plek is die publieke toilets in die mall. Veral by die ruskamers vir die babas. Baie privaat. Enige dames of couples wat belang stel. Ek is gereeld daar. Ek is n man. Al wat jy moet doen om te wys jy stel belang, dra net iets rooi en wag voor die ingang tussen die mans en dames toilette. Ek sal oog knip vir jou sodat jy weet dis ek. Ek is straight male.

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How about Wednesday nights....."midweek fun"......could be good for the parking lot at the eating houses (Shell Garage).

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Is hier geen couples in for fun nie. Ons is n couple wat n skoon couple soek. Same roomsex ect. Is die swingers in Kathu so stil??

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Hi couples, sal graag wil kyk hoe julle speel, laat weet asb. Wil net kyk dis n groot turn on vir my. Kontak my gerus ek is niceplayer op die site

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As daar enige couples is wat dogging doen by die shell garage parkering laat weet van tye en datums asb...sal graag wil join.

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Dogging spot at Shell Garage in Kathu is not busy after 21h00-21h30.They sometimes place empty drums to stop people going to parking under the shade net area,but just move them out the way.........sometimes you find the odd vehicle parked so the driver can just have a bit of a rest.........don't let this bother you.......just makes it more exciting!!!!! (05-Jan-2015)

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Hey almal waar is al die bi single dames??

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hi is daar glad nie meer dogging in kathu nie
sal graag wil kyk of join as beide partye saam stem datum rn plek en ek daar

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Would have loved to see some action in Kathu. What heppened? Everybody got shy?

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Ek is 36 wm opsoek na paartjies om te join of sommer net om te kyk as julle dit sou verkies. Laat weet my indien iemand belangstel en opsoek is na iemand om die pret te deel.

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Any older men or couple with large assets keen to meet and have some fun with a younger myself in this week? please post with details and I will meet you there. Kathu only...

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The parking area of the eating houses (Fish aways,Steers etc) at the Shell garage by the town turn off from the Kuruman road,was quiet last night at about 21h30........was great....just needed more folks to join in the fun!!!

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Are there any dogging spots where we can meet doggers or have some fun

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Enige dame wat wil meet vir nsa fun

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enige dogging vandag in kathu ek en vrou wil baie graag join

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Please let us know of any Northern Cape dogging locations that you know of by clicking here.