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Dogging in Northern Cape

Main dogging sites and directions for Northern Cape, including major towns and cities: Kimberley, Upington, Barkly West, Colesberg, De Aar, Jan Kempdorp, Kathu, Kuruman, Postmasburg, Prieska, Springbok, Victoria West, Warrenton.

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Tips For Improved Success Rates

1. Understand that these pages were not meant for facilitating "instant hook-ups" (although they are mostly being used that way these days). 2. Accept that there will always be a time delay between your posting the message, and when it appears on the page, as it has to first be approved by a moderator, and moderators only check to see what needs approval from time to time. 3. First select the correct Province ("State") appropriate to your post (some forget this, and their posts all end up under Eastern Cape by default!) 4. If you expect / want to be contacted, include your Profile Name in your post. Do NOT include personal contact details (BBM pins, email address, cell numbers - not even in "code"!) in your post, as these will be deleted by the mods. 5. You have a far higher chance of getting some response if you do include your Profile Name. Interested parties can then send you a message directly. 6. If you wish to be identified at a dogging site, by all means identify yourself/s by car type, clothing, the sign you will use (eg red cloth on mirror, high-heels on dashboard), etc., but it is not appropriate to identify other folks and describe them. 7. If offering to meet / watch / perform, it is helpful if you indicate in your post if you are m/f/cpl. Saves responders first having to ask. 8. The more specific you are in your post with what you are offering / wanting, the more likely you are to get a response. 9. If your offer / request is date / time specific, include the date / time in your post. "Here now" is not at all useful, as there is no way to know when it was posted. There could be hours of delay before approval... 10. In my view, it is better to use "proper" language when posting, rather than modern "geek speak" where words are so abbreviated they sometimes become unrecognisable! Also including the pronouns I / we / us in the post helps to make it more clear what is being offered / requested. 11. Hope this helps!! Enjoy the dogging!! Be safe in all you do!! - redbruce

kruger Park

Ons toer graag met ons Camper in die Kruger Park, Ons het vele kere op stil plekke gestop en sex gehad en gewens ander paartjes kan ons sien of selfs ń video maak in ruil vir dieselfde. Wat dink julle hiervan? Is daar iemand met sulke avontuur lustigheid? (06-Jul-2015)

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Enige dogging in kimberley woensdag en donerdag deur die dag

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Hi there al you sexy naughty people. Any action happening in postmasburg this week?

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let me know where the next dogging is. date and time please

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Hi isnt there anymore dogging in kathu?
Sal graag wil kyk of join as ek genooi word ma hier gbeur niks wa Ali mense?

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Some hot action 2nite in kby. Let's rock the last few nights before the summer begins. Spca @ 23:30. Whites only on 26-04-2015

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Would have loved to see some action in Kathu. What heppened? Everybody got shy?

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n7 moorreesburg

any lady's past moorreesburg let have some fun Peter_th

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Open field on right Just before exiting Kuruman To Black rock.

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Any dogging happening as of late? Where and when? Inieas

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Yes indeed where is CC Riders Club venue for dogging?

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Where is CC riders spot?

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Is hier geen couples in for fun nie. Ons is n couple wat n skoon couple soek. Same roomsex ect. Is die swingers in Kathu so stil??

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Hey almal waar is al die bi single dames??

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Kom aan mense, niks fun in Kathu nie?

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Dogging spot at Shell Garage in Kathu is not busy after 21h00-21h30.They sometimes place empty drums to stop people going to parking under the shade net area,but just move them out the way.........sometimes you find the odd vehicle parked so the driver can just have a bit of a rest.........don't let this bother you.......just makes it more exciting!!!!! (05-Jan-2015)

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let me know it is happing

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Enige dame wat wil meet vir nsa fun

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gebeur daar eninge iets in upington waar is die dogging spots sal like om net te kyk

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Hi couples, sal graag wil kyk hoe julle speel, laat weet asb. Wil net kyk dis n groot turn on vir my. Kontak my gerus ek is niceplayer op die site

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Where is the dogging spot?

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|Hallo julle. Is jul seker die dogging spot in Kathu is voor steers, fishaways by shell garage. Was paar maal daar maar dit is baie bedrywig daar so dit is feitlik onmoontlik. Sal graag wil weet van veiliger en stiller spot.

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