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Main dogging sites and directions for Gauteng, including major towns and cities: Johannesburg, Germiston, Pretoria, Vanderbijlpark, Krugersdorp, Kagiso.

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When you people put a message on here put your profile name at the end so that we all know who we might meet up and also set a date and time if wanting to meet privately. Rob69

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New group created ▪■▪■HOMESTEAD DOGGING■▪■▪ Intention being, getting all the Dogging couples/individuals from this location and nearby surrounding areas all in one group.
Making it easy to Organise DOGGING sessions with everyone in one group.
Few nyce people have joined, some experienced and some new to dogging.

Don't miss this group.

Regards Fellow DoggerS

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196b 7th rd bredell

I have opened the second gate for ppl to enjoy some dogging , from 730 till late apologies the motor has been broken . Safe plot for you to enjoy where you won't be disturbed .

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196b 7th rd bredell

2nd gate will be open from 6 - 11 if anyone is keen on some fun . I have a factory at the back we can play in or in the parking lot .

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196b 7th rd bredell ,

It's a plot , drive to the back to the old factory .. There is a safe plot behind in the property . We in the lifestyle and think it's a safe place for dogging and it's my plot . Any time after 6 everyday

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196B, 7 th Road, Bredelle

Hi. Has anyone been there? If so, would luv to know how it works and wat time people normally go. Please let me know. Name is Access to reply

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A big schleppp!

Hi all, is it just me or, why are the dogging messages all of a sudden displayed in alphabetical order on not in date order like before ..
Now one has to dcroll through the entire alphabet to get to the latest messages under eg. Woodmead ????

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a date order

Could we kindly have the dogging in date order. Thanks

A W Cresta

I will try and have her there from 8 onwards tonight, browsing videos. She will be dressed in black, is tall, very attractive, and will be eager to get fucked by as many guys as you can get together. She seriously would love to visit a place where there are glory holes, as she adores sucking cock. Just be there, smile and she may approach you.

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Adult Cinama

Is there a venue that shows adult movies in Johannesburg? We searching for a clean venue for couples? Can anyone let us know? We tried adult world. Dirty boots with small television.

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Adult Play Shop, Krugersdorp

Can anyone provide the low down on this venue? Is it popular? When is the best day/time to go? Details appreciated.

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adult playhouse. krugersdorp

what is the address of adult playhouse, krugersdorp ?
im a voyeur and would like 2 c a couple or lady... will only join on request... (profile massageguy) able 2 come anywhere in jhb

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Adult world

Both white and black guys go there.

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Adult World Beyers Naude

Hey, the last time we were at Adult World they said only guys allowed in the cinema...

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Adult world BN

Hey I know the place, I would luv to meet you while your there!!!
Squirting on her sounds great!!!
The problem with this forum is your profile is not linked to the message so if you wanna do the adult world thing my profile is: gregrrr I'll be there on short notice as swell! thx happy hunting

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Adult World Boksburg

The adult world in Boksburg, are the guys that go there mainly white or black? my wife is into black.

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adult world boksburg

We a couple wanting to go to adult world boksburg for some NSA fun tonight or tomorrow night, does anyone know what time they close??

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Adult World Boksburg

Hi all, found the AW Boksburg to be an excellent dogging spot. Went there twice on Saturday eve's and the communal cinema had quite a few people just having fun and pleasuring themselves. Couldn't help but join, and my wife loved being watched.


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Adult World Boksburg

Hi, would love to drop by with my Mrs also. Where exactly in Boksburg is the Adult world? Wouldnt want to go to the wrong place Inbox me Curious_New

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Adult World Boksburg

Hi - I don't the physical address - will pass by and post the address. Letting you couples know well in advance to plan for that day - 29 July from 2 pm

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Adult World Boksburg

It's in Commissioner Street I think. Looks a bit dodgy, but have had no issues both times we've popped in.

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