I need her -
Fit, healthy woman, fun wild clean
Bloubergstrand, Western Cape, 7441
Please contact me if you are in the same mood! -
I am good looking well Hung and uncut disease free
Durbanville, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

We married couple looking for some adult fun. We early 40 ties, attractive and look after our bodies. We fun couple and easy to get along with. We only in for same room fun, no swopping.Have small kids, so time management is a challenge.

Durbanville, Western Cape, 7550


Not here for a quick romp, although it has its place. I intend to build friendships that will develop into much more satisfying experiences.

If you are innovative, have integrity, discerning, intelligent, and can hold a decent conversation, overall have some depth of character, it will turn on the mind. If you know how to take charge, aware when to be gentle and/or "rough",  with a very healthy kinky streak, it will unlock the body.

So we clear, if you choose to communicate, it is only reasonable to ask that:

1) you write me a proper message, no one liners, no auto text/winks "i like to know more" etc else = auto delete

2) have a completed profile, that means description included, so that I have an idea what you are about and also have a choice whether to engage or not

 3) have a recent full face photo available on the site, not hidden behind shades, even if in private album, not email, nor WA etc.

If I am comfortable knowing whom my photo/s go to, then only will I share.

ChatRoom it gets busy, so rather inbox me, and I am looking for people that live within Cpt.  

Those with partners, I have no problem with you contacting me, but I will not place myself in a position where I feel guilty or as if intruding, so think thrice.

I do NOT hostbounce.gif

I feel I need to add that I have met many people in person over coffee/drinks, some ended up just being acquintances, others became friends where VERY very few ended up in more.  So please do not think you going to forge a friendship if your intention is only to "fuck". Then best you move along swiftly to the next profile and don't waste eithers precious time.

WARNING: Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile, my cam or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Thanks for having a look at my profile.

Firstly, Guys, Thanks for the interest, I'm flattered, BUT, I'm Straight, NOT Bi, but I don't consider myself homophobic.

Secondly, NO, and I mean NO interaction with anybody (Male, Female, Couples or Other) whom I consider ...

- Rascists (Prefering your own ethnic group is your personal choice, that I can respect)

- Ill Mannered Oafs

- Judgemental Morons

- Rascists <---------- Just to stress the point

If you are Polite, Respectful and Considerate, I'll reciprocate ...

Now that that is out of the way ...

I'm actually really a tall, willowy brunette with big boobs and I crave sex, I think about it all the time, and I'm always available ...

If you fell for that, I've got a bridge in excellant condition I'd like to sell you, cheap, honestly ...

Still with me?

Well then,

What am I looking for?

A few good friends with which to socialize, people you are comfortable with, who understand that there doesn't have to be constant entertaining banter, sometimes sharing the silence is good.

Hmmm, about me, Straight Male, not that young anymore, been raised to mind my P's and Q's and then discovered mental freedom in nudity. I love being naked, visit Sandy Bay regularly and that opened a whole new world. Being naked is a state of mind, you have to be comfortable in your own skin, and I'm quite comfortable. Did I mention I love being naked, I even drive naked occasionally just to relax. And I ride, a KTM, which I haven't ridden naked yet, but the day isn't over yet... So that's the "wild" side, the "vanilla" side works as a Software Developer. Would love to meet like minded individuals and perhaps share some naked adventures.

Oh, and a bit of an optimist, which might explain why I'm still around, LOL.

Thanks for reading...


p.s I will ALWAYS read your profile first before any interaction ...

WARNING: Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not
have my permission to use any of my profile, my cam or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you
have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is
recommended that other members post a similar notice as this.

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Just looking for someone to have some good times with, in and out of the bedroom. If you are gymming or enjoy MTB riding it would just be a bonus

7441, Western Cape, South Africa

Thirty something , single , of mixed race, chunky but funky guy. I am fairly open minded, respectful, easy going, pretty chilled with a dry sometimes sarcastic sense of humour. 

I'm looking to have fun with likeminded individuals.

My preferences are individuals between the ages of 25 to 50, both male and female. All races welcome.

I know I may not be to everyone's taste but if you are interested inbox me and we can take it from there.

People with issues and hang ups  regarding skin colour and their sexuality or are not certain of what they want. Please stay away.

Pic hunters and time wasters, stay away too.

P.S. Don't be a p..s, be lekker.

Cape Town

Hot sexy blond , always horny !! Very bi so all the good looking ladies your luck is in wink.gif He seldom joins the fun but likes to keep a watchfull eye and take pics if permitted !! Thus this profile more for her. She is also very fond of young sexy guys and sometimes more than one wink.gif

The pics on here is real 

7230, Caledon, Overberg District Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa

Voyeurism, exhibitionism and masturbation are core to my experience. I'm here for the view.  I  have found great pleasure in being watched by / watching both sexes engaged in pleasuring themselves / each other but prefer not to take part physically. When the distance is great cyber comes to the rescue. See my fantasy in the stories section

Strand, Western Cape, 7140

First up - I am a stocky, older hairy, balding, greying, bearded bearish masculine daddy. If that is not your type - no need to continue reading. If it is, well...

Relaxed, friendly, easygoing, ideally looking for friends, or friends with benefits for me and/or my partner to play with when the need arises - but also have a braai without feeling obligated to add nookie to the menu.

Greatly turned on by quick and easy, discreet NSA encounters when the time and opportunity arises. Huge voyeur - love watching a couple perform, or a guy teasing and showing off, even more if it is semi-public...

If you want to be sucked, rimmed, fingered, prostate massaged - I am your guy. I can keep going for hours. So, all those str8 guys who wonders how it feels - let me know if you want to experience pure bliss with no obligations...

ALWAYS discreet, friendly and patient - in other words, ideal if it is your first time. Respects boundaries. Certainly not looking for a relationship. And certainly not promiscuous or a habitual player.

7BAC043C if you have b b m - or ask for my whatsapp nr. That is if you can be discreet and realize I have a life (and hopefully you have one too). Nothing as unattractive as needy 2am messages...

Feeling lonely, confused, or inquisitive?

In need to explore safely and discreetly?

Want to know if, and how, a man feels different to a woman?

Want to ask those questions you cannot ask anybody else?

Then I may be the guy to contact.

I will always be honest in answering (and that certainly does not mean I have all, or any, answers - but I will listen at least).

I am that private buddy, loyal friend, good listener, discreet lover and patient teacher. I prefer younger (or similar to me) guys and couples, with a brain, who want to explore their sexuality, but nothing is cast in stone.

Oh - and I have this secret fetish of sucking off a (younger) guy with a nice member, nothing needed in return, totally anonymous and discreet. Just drop to my knees, do the deed, zip him up and leave...

Lastly, I intensely dislike pretentious people, and empty promises. Life is short - be you or be gone.

7140, Strand, Western Cape, South Africa

Willing to sexplore.....

Goodwood, Western Cape, 7460

 I am decent professional guy up for good fun drinks chatting friendship ,and looking for couples or women feel free to message me 

Italian born staying in SA

Cape Town, Western Cape, 7945

Coloured lady. If you don't play with ladies outside your race , please don't waste your or my time. I'm here to explore and don't have time for people with hangups or issues.  

Oh and BTW...just be yourself coz pretending can be a lot of work and you might just fuck up along the way keeping your pose ???. SO PLEASE NO BULLSHITTERS ???.  HAVE FUN YA  ALL. 

Just have to add this....


Table View, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Looking for discreet adventures.

I have a really busy work schedule and sometimes I just need to have some discreet nsa fun.

I enjoy life, and live everyday as if it is my last. I work hard & play hard.

Western Cape, South Africa

We're a fun loving couple from Cape Town. We've been known to play with singles females, but in recent times have decided to broaden our horizons. We're relatively new to the idea of playing with other couples, but are not new to the game. We are keen to explore more.  We're not into endless tag on email, and prefer meeting sooner rather than later. We live an extremely busy life, and don't like wasting our time or yours.  We are not Ken and Barbie, but we're extremely active (half marathons and regular strength training) and considering where we used to be (obese and useless) are proud of our progress.  We are sophisticated and our idea of a good evening out is dinner at a good restaurant, some fine wine and then home for fun.  We have a venue, as we have no kids. We enjoy the finer things in life, such as the finest wine (if you know the difference between Echezeaux, Clos St Jacques and Corton Charlemagne, we'll probably get on extremely well!) good, honest food and general hedonism. As with food and wine, we are all about music, theater, movies and all the good, relaxed things in life. We dont do drama. If you are even remotely concerned about your own relationship, please pass us by, as we are comfortable with each other, the idea of each other playing and we have neither the time or inclination to deal with your hangups. (it is meant to be fun, and that is exactly what we intend it to be)

8005, Sea Point, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Seeking pleasure...I'm sure that's why we're all here happy.gif I'm a discreet, fit, professional male who lives for life's passions and pleasures. Seeking to get there with fun, good humour and good conversation and with a couple or single lady who want to open up their sexual lives and really enjoy themselves with a single male.

Somerset West, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

.I am just looking for discrete fun with like minded swingers. Lets chat and become naughty friends and no more needs to be said...:thumbup:69position !!

WARNING: Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for

study or projects - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile, my cam

or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be

considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.

It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well

Tokai, Western Cape, 7945
Hartenbos -
Hi. Looking for any play mates in the Hartenbos area... Lets have fun.
Mossel Bay, South Cape DC, Western Cape, South Africa

No single guys - it means no

If you do not have any pics or your partner does not know you are on this site, please dont contact us. No single or bi males please!

We love to travel,make friends, party and cook outdoors. Have trailer, will travel (haha). When we ask for pics, please dont send Penis or fanny pics., we are more intersted in what in you as a person.

Down to earth couple, no hang ups. If you only want pics, move on. If we dont reply to message dont be offended, sometimes it is better to say nothing than to reply without offending any persons feelings.

look forward to hearing from you.

If you send us pics or invite us to your album, please send us pics of what the two of you look like, not explicit pics, we are more interested in the who you are than tits and penis.

George, Western Cape, 6529
Opsoek na stoute pret -
Ek is 'n kleurling man,'straight', in my middel 30s ,tans in die Noordelike Voorstede van Kaapstad vir 'n week. Ek is oorspronklik van die Weskus.Ek is opsoek na enkel dames of swinger paartjies wat ernstig is om te ontmoet. Ek is geen Denzil Washington 'look alike' , maar ordentlik , maniere ( Al moet ek dit self se ) en hou altyd by die reels. Dwelms en siekte vry ( Glo in veilig speel) ek weet hoe om 'n dame te behandel en haar te plesier te gee.Ek is mal vir Oraal gee en dis net goeie maniere om 'n dame veelvuldige orgasmes te gee as jy saam met haar speel.Ek is enige tyd beskikbaar om te chat op whtasapp. Geen kansvatters asb xxx
7380, Vredenburg, West Coast Peninsula, West Coast DC, Western Cape, South Africa

Hi All

We are very new to this site , don't want to waste any bodies  time .  We are only looking for same room sex, playing with own partners and some female on female.

We also want to get to know you first.

As a personal preference white couples only , no single guys and no need to send us pics of your genitals.

Thank you

W & M

Durbanville, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

One thing I have learnt in life - never argue with an idiot or an expert - they will beat you everytime.....

Now back to the fun stuff.  :)

Married couple

Hubby built like a Roman God, hung like a horse, filthy stinking rich, hair to die for - this includes chest hair and a bit around the knuckles.

Wifey built so-so. Grateful to have married me. Bring beer on command. Always cook the perfect meal.

Back to reality

We are your average white, middle aged couple, DD free (expect the same) do not have too many hang-ups - like having a good time with friends. Respect is very important for us - we will not cross your boundaries and expect no less in return.

First step would be a coffee date - we like coffee!!

As for Single Guys - same as before - go away, no really - far away!

Western Cape, South Africa

Wij stel 60+ jong van geest zijn gedurende de zomermaanden in ZA . Zoeken een leuk stel 55+ voor vriendschap + Heerlijk samen van elkaar te genieten met een hapje en drankje en als het klikt meer . Zijn beide intiem geschoren en doen het safe

We verblijven van november tot april in zuid Afrika 

Couple 60+ love to enjoy life. We looking for a nice couple 55+ for friendshipp + to enjoy each other while enjoying a snack and drink. And if it click more. We are intimate shaved and always do it safe

We stay from november til april  in Zuid Afrika 

Bloubergstrand, Western Cape, 7441
kyk wat jy uit die lewe kan kry -
sal nooit iets doen wat jy vir my toelaat of vra nie
Vredenburg, Western Cape, 7380

IF YOU ARE.NOT INTO BBW or have racial issue's please move yourself along

We are all in the game for fun and to share...to fulfill the fantasies of all in the game..

WARNING- You do not have my permission to use any of my profile, my cam or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.j

South Africa

UPDATE: All of the below still applies, but guys if you are a "married single" PLEASE do not contact us.  We do not judge you for your choices but we're here to play.  Trying to set up a meet on a Friday or Saterday evening with a married or attached single is just a waste of our time. And once again - we only play or meet on a Friday or Saterday evening. Oh yes abd if you're single but you cant host it's probably bc you're not so single after all - please pass us by, hate being lied to.....

Happily married couple looking for uncomplicated adult fun. No drama, no BS. Singles (m&F) are welcome to introduce yourselves. The Mrs prefers singles between the ages of 30 - 40.

Please note:

The lifestyle is not our first priority! We play once in 3 months (only Friday- or Saterdaynights) - if you're impatient then DO NOT contact us.

Chatting also does not gaurentee a play. Bc we don't play that often we want to get to know you either on here or on whats app first, to make sure we don't waste a meet.

We have enough experience to not get intimidated by abusive people, so please dnt clutter our mailbox with tantrums.

Please don't just send a friend request without making contact first - how on earth can you know if you want to be our friend if you've never spoken to us

Sorry we're not into interacial play...

Cape Town, Western Cape, 8001

Hi Guys and Gals ( Read Singles and Couples.)

I'm easy going and I don't take life too seriously, but that doesn't mean I tolerate drama. I'm a guy just looking for fun sexual times. Not bad to look at, if I go by what I'm told. I'm a little more padded than I'd like there to be, (age and winter), but I still do a 3hour MTB ride on Sunday mornings. My interests are for both couples and guys. Don't judge. I have been with both. I like to please him and her......(I'm more on the submissive side with him). My purpose is to please.......

Somerset West, Western Cape, 7130

have been involved in lifestyle before out of it for a while

love to pleasure women love eroticism in every way

nothing better than to see pure lustfull and open

sexual enjoyment. good sense of humour relaxed and easy going

erudite and well travelled


Somerset West, Western Cape, 7130

We seek am open minded female to join us .....someone that is open minded 

Kuils River, Western Cape, 7580
I am new to this site -
Any ladies to guide me into the right direction....hopefully into your direction
Bloubergstrand, Western Cape, 7441
need your lady a massage -
Hi all I like to massage a lady today anyone keen hubby must be in the room no sex just massage and play
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Married and looking for fun NSA -
Brackenfell, Western Cape, 7560
new to this -
looking for a female or couple to show me the ropes i haven't done something like this before
Cape Town, Western Cape, 7460

Hey there!

So we're no longer newlyweds but we're still just as kinky!!!

We're looking to enjoy life and fun with some like minded people. Get in touch with us if your wants and needs sound like ours!

The mrs is a beautiful bbw thats just overflowing with naughtiness!

Please don't contact us if you are in a relationship and sneaking around. We do not want to be involved in cheating.

Muizenberg, Western Cape, 7945

Hi all.

I am very kinky and will try most things more than once. I prefer the submissive roles and enjoy all kinds of play. I do believe it's all about enjoyment. If there are any questions please ask. Wishing all a kinky fun day.

Cape Town, Western Cape, 7441
couple looking for sexy fun -
Looking for couple for some NSA sexual fun . We want to have fun and explore ,our house is available as a venue . Week days and evenings are better for us as we like to get away on the weekends . I am also allowed to play on my own ,so any ladies looking for the safety of a couple and our house please make contact . also if you are looking for a venue ,we might be interested in you using ours if we could watch . Thanks Rob .
Cape Town, Western Cape, 7800
Married col guy from Somerset West looking for discreet fun. Into dogging, masturbation, public nudity, oral, foot worship and group wanking. I am mobile but no venue at the moment. Couples, ladies and guys with a safe venue can contact me. WhatsApp friendly.
Strand, Western Cape, 7140

Always looking for fun and adventure and always keen to meet new people.

Have a few friends in this lifestyle and have had good experiences. Keen to have more and meet fun hot people who are keen on enjoying life.

Cape Town, Western Cape, 7925


DONT INVITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're going to ask to view my private albums in the first few texts, I will ignore you. HOW SHALLOW are you? I dont share my nr, I dont need stalkers, thank you!

I am a coloured lady, a horny individual who's craving the physical touch of a warm blooded guy on her sensual body. I dont need or want multiple partners just that one guy or couple that can take me into orgasme after orgasme.

Sick of playing with my toys, l need the real thing.

I am not here to exchange numbers, pictures or videos. I am here to find the perfect sex companion. Ask me for pictures and l will block you instantly. It will be my and l mean my decision to share my pics, not yours . Do not ask me for my phone number or leave yours and l will instantly loose interest in you. There are many ways of communication, me myself prefer bbm or email. I don't need phone calls from sexually frustrated people in the middle of the night when I want to sleep. Trust me, l am not here to play games. I am here to get laid. I do prefer older men. Young guns can take a hike.

If I decide I want to break off the connection between us, I wil do so

No questions asked. Phone numbers tie you, if l break away l don't want stalkers for months on end.

No thank you.

My profile is here to protect me and not to insult anyone.

If you don't like my terms, move on!

. WARNING: Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile, my cam or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well

Paarl, Cape Winelands, Western Cape, South Africa
Your straight anal pleasure -
Okay, here’s the deal. You’re not gay. And I’m not gay. But you either love being anally stimulated or you think you’re going to love it. I specialise in that. See the photos for what I have available to use on you. We are not going to have sex. I am going to keep my clothes on. But you are going to take yours off and have no inhibitions about offering up your most taboo spot to me so that I can take control of your body until you cum like a runaway horse. Then we part ways. This adventure is only available if, like me, you are white and well looked after and under 40. And not gay. Do not respond if you are not going to be willing to swop cell numbers, because I will not provide an address over the internet. No pic collectors please, but photos of me are available if you send clear recent ones of yourself first via email.
Brackenfell, Western Cape, 7560

Maybe you were always meant to push past some of those limits that a prim society decided should apply to all of us ...

Durbanville, Western Cape, 7550

Married couple from capetown. we'r a great adventurous cpl looking for the thrill and excitment of having a cpl join us in our bedroom as a voyeur experience. With some play experience, we are sexy clean (extremely clean) very attractive ppl slim and fun ppl.indian formerly from durban .my lady also loves the thought of being touched by another female but we would like to take it slow and easy,,looking for a cpl that we can be extremely comfy with. we'v sadly realised there rnt many serious ppl out there with a mature approach to experiencing such lust and enjoying the thrill of sharing this experience with us .only serious ppl make contact with a bbm or fone no .please no time waistes. Only serious like minded ppl stay in touch. Bbm. or email us. Funpeople2007@hotmail.com. Please only email if u have face and body pics.
single guys also welcum with face and body pics . Remove by admin

Cape Town, Western Cape, 7100
Young guy looking for milf & cougars... -
Virile, ever-hard 'n horny, naughty young guy with a very strong desire for older women. My tongue & dick can do wonders, would you like to find out for yourself..? Let's chat....
Cape Town, Western Cape, 8000

We are a young fun loving couple looking looking for the same ;)

NO single guys please...if you send a wink or invite you will be ignored!

Bloubergstrand, Western Cape, 7441

Hi, we are back. We are a happily married couple who is looking for excitement and new adventures with couples and single ladies sharing the same interests. Sorry we don't go over the ethnic boundary. No single guys at this moment please, we will contact you if need be

Parow, Western Cape, 7500

So before you read my profile. 

Yes I am married and playing with permission, I  like making lasting friendships, I am from Cape town, a regular traveler to Gauteng and Nelspruit on a monthly base, spend more time away from home than at home ( that is why I am allowed to play),  extremely discreet. Looking for long term friendship and fun. No rush, would like to chat first and then see from there. 

I like meeting chat buddies from the pool in person when in their area, if we chat in the pool and you would like to meet for coffee or drinks let me know, No expectations on these meetings, just like meeting my chat buddies.

About me.

I am straight, sorry no bi-action

I love giving oral and enjoy the taste of a women.

Gents; if we have not chatted in the pool and you perv my profile, you will be blocked.

South Africa

we are an attractive youngish couple, new to the scene with some experience in the lifestyle,looking for other  couples to explore our sexual desires and fantasies with...NO SINGLE MEN!!! We will only play as a couple so pls....to couples that think that only the lady will be involved, think again....we are exploring fantasies together so pls be respectful and understanding in that regard....again....SINGLE GUYS....MOVE ALONG!!! Pls do not send msg's or 1 liner's stating that u want to know more!!!!!!So to all the sexy couples....get in touch....mr is as straight as the come and the mrs is bi-.....hope to hear from you soon.....!!!

Fish Hoek, Western Cape, 7975

I'm overflowing with sexiness(bbw) and in need of someone(or multiples) to satisfy my insatiable sexual appetite! If you think you can keep up, drop me a line. I don't respond to winks or friend requests without a message first.

I'm married but we are fully polyamorous. Which means I am open to various types of connections with people...

PLEASE NOTE: our first meeting would need to be somewhere public for various reasons.

I have no interest in playing with men who are playing behind their significant other's back.

Muizenberg, Western Cape, 7945

We are just your average couple looking for some fun to spice things up a bit.

We are looking for either single male/female or couple to join us for some fun. If you part of a couple and one wants to join and one wants to watch that's also fine. If you want to play with only one of us that's also fine if the other partner is there to enjoy the show.

If you like what you see send us a mail and lets have a chat and see. Age is not really a issue, if the connection is there let the fun begin. If you see us in the chat room, feel free to have a chat. You welcome to "Whisper" 

Like every thing else we have some rules:

We always play together even if one off us just enjoys the show.

 Same race only pls 

Safety first - always

Pls don't ask for more pics. If and when we meet you can look, play and enjoy as much as you want

Ms. has the final say.

Single men pls note that a pic of your "tool" alone in not enough to get the Ms. approval. Its not how big or small it is but what you can do with it that's important.

So if you like drop as a line, lets chat and see what happens.

Cape Town, Western Cape, 7407

Biker wanting nsa fun, enjoy long foreplay and really enjoy multi-orgasmic women.

Western Cape, 7160