06 Aug 2018

So here is a blast from my past...

so all week me my BF and 2 of his friends planned a club nite for Friday we were all so amped all week, but then came Friday the weather turned out cold and miserable, so after work my bf and i got home not keen for the party anymore but very keen for each other decided to go for a shower together and off course we had what started to be a romantic shower but 5mins into this knock on the door and our 2 friends arrived so my bf cut it short got out to pen the door for them... he got dressed and so did i after my shower, when i came out of the room drinks were pored although my bf already told them we had second thoughts, i also wanted to stay for we now had unfinished business with him.

after sum time and quit a few drinks my mind was ready for my bf i kissed and gave him some love... maybe to much flashing him some skin now and then including some boobs "in my bra tho" after more drinks we thought they'd move on and go club by themselves, but nope so alcohol all finished my bf suggested some movies i was defnitly keen for sum of that knowing those 2 will defnitly rather go on the hunt than stay, so he went brought our mattress to the TV got organised i jumped straight under the blanky as he got the movie selection sorted our beloved friends also jumped in besides me i was not to impressed hoping theyd leave us to our nite of fun.......

So my bf sayd hey thats my spot bro they both said noo we bought the drinks you get the couch at ... knowing i would fight for his spot he went to sit on the couch behind us... dont know why but for some reason i just kept silent and did not say anything.

so movie started my bf lying on the couch and me in the middle of our 2 friends, now a quick note we were a very close group i was always the only girl in the pack, so never to extremely shy in-front of them but never been naked either well maybe once or twice from behind unexpected, but they always freely gave me a kiss hugs or a random squeeze to my bum.

so about 10mins into the movie i was lying on my left side with my back towards lets call him T, while watching the movie i felt him lightly starting to run his fingertips down my back and up again a did not squirm or say a word but it imediatly woke my senses from earlier, he continued this for im sure a good 20 mins, with every now and then tickling his way over my buttcheaks "i was wearing a very loose high cheak cut short called a brazilian surf shorts and a loose T'shirt "

so yeah he was literaly touching my bum,

this was really turning me on and by now im sure my bf noticed movement under the blanket.

i did look up to him and asked if he wanted to squeeze in between us and he replied its ok babe maybe just now

so after another good 10mins, i noticed J who i was basicly facing ocationaly peeped at the movement under the blanket i thought to jokingly say out loud J WHAT ARE YOU DOING UNDER THE BLANKET, he anounced im masturbating and almost immediately said just joking im doing nothing as he said this i put my hand on his stomach just keeping it there as still as possible, my BF jokingly said no wanking guys its not a porn movie. we all just laughed

so T kept tickling my back and i thought ill make it a bit more legit for him sayin T please scratch my back in the middle i have a itch

this he did, so my BF did not comment so i thought hes okk with it now knowing im being touched by T offcourse T continue with his seductive stroking on my back with his soft finger tips likely thinking that was the go-ahead for him to explore a little further he somehow managed to get closer and closer to my inner thigh everytime he ran his fingers up and down, the closer he came the deeper my breath became and as i realised his literly milimeters away from touching my 'pussy' my hand still on J's stomach started moving slowly lifting his shirt and slightly running my finger tips on his bare skin, im sure i did it so discreteley my bf did not notice.

by now T's finger tips touched my lip a first time and i knew theyre coming around soon that drove me wild and i was almost begging in my mind to get felt up now

next time T's fingers found there way without hesitation underneath my short from behind i knew they were pretty drunk so was i, so i let go and pushed back very slightly while his one finger was on my lip without much further due he stayed there letting his finger make way under my shorts for his other fingers to follow... he did this so gently my guess is not to be caught offcourse, but soon enough he had a finger inside of me this foreplay was so good and havent experienced this kind of extacy in years, it really had me biting on my lip, my hand on the other end on J's stomach was still tickling him exploring a little more, and now that T's fingers was indefinitely staying in me slowly fingering me i could not control myself so i let my fingers run down to where J's belt line starts running my finger tips just underneath the belt area when i came around again to his belt line without hesitation J took a deep breath leaving a much bigger gap for my hand, so i went in ever so slightly deeper as the previous round, i did my clockwise route and when i came back the 3rd time he took a deeper breath and i went slightly further underneath his shorts belt line this time he took me by surprise with his head of his cock right in the pathway my fingers were following, i guess i wasnt sure what to do neither sure that i really though that i wanted to touch him either.

i let my hand move out from there gave my bf a look and it seemed like his eyes were barely open he did not even look my way when i looked up so i re-asumed my previous position....... T now after my re positioning had his hand around me now stroking my tummy up to my boobs i knew he now wanted to feel my tits

J clearly adjusted his pants while looking towards my bf to ensure hes not caught, at this stage J did not know of T feeling me up.

T now had his hands under my bra squeezing my tits gently it aroused me almost more than before i had to take this bra off now, i sat up straight in a very soft voice told my BF babes this bra is killing me im going to take it off ok... he gave a slight grunt as if he was asleep and not really realising to what i was saying so with some effort i removed my bra without exposing to much to the guys.

So after i settled down i took in my same position and also put my hand on J's stomach more for the reason so that T had access to my boobs without my arm restricting his access T's hand immediately had my boobs and played with my so hard nipples, i let my fingers lightly go back to exploring J's 6pack "knowing he loosened his belt" i was certain not to go to close to under the belt line i was not ready to play with other guys...... but being touched well that i could not control and now wanted to be played with it felt thrillingly awesome think knowing my bf was so close made it more exiting.

as my hand neared J's belly button i ran into what seemed to be J's tip off his hardon, i for the 1st time realised that J was more than blessed when it came to SIZE his erection had his cock reach all the way to his belly button could this be true OMW and without thought or self control all my fingers ran over the head of his monster C... His eyes met with mine he smiled at me and i gave him a wink what else was i to do now,

as i did this my body must have done its own electrifying squirm for T almost immediately found his way from my boobs to the space between my legs and his fingers finding no problem getting into my now very wet .............

my attention was now on J for i was now curious as hell to how big this guy is,as my fingers returned to feel his head his cock pulsed and as it did i grabbed decent hold around it , it was meaty i thought geeees J this thing is huge i thought as our eyes were glued to each other.

he looked to wards my bf and asked hey P are you still awake, there was only silence this gave us all 3 i guess the same idea, T was now seriously fingering me towards a orgasm him not knowing i have J's cock in my hand and me well i was now in a happy place

i slowly started jerking this massive thing knowing my bf was either asleep or pretending so he could see what happens "i always knew he had dirty fantasies and he had a thing for playing with me infront of others underneath blankets etc offcourse."

i never thought of our 2 friends sexually but now i was theres to have there was no turning back from this, my orgasm drew near i could feel my pussy tighten around T's fingers

T somehow got the blanket that was covering us buy my waist i couldn't care my shirt was still lifted over my breast from T's fondling earlier i wanted to be seen J had a full view of my tits he though only he was getting something, but then my orgasm came and as it pulsed through my body i pulled the blanket off J exposing his cock our 3 bodies were allready close to each other on the mattress so i positioned myself as i orgasmned to push my bum towards T and put my head on J's tummy and took him in my mouth T stopped for a second looking at us in suprise realising i was busy with J all the time...

The next thing i felt was T guiding his hardon into me, he gently fucked me from behind as i sucked on J it wasnt long before J's orgasm exploded in my mouth and as timing goes the couch behind us sqeecked as P moved on it OMW i had to swallow his come so i did i pulled out of T pulled the blanket up J covered himself up i looked up and commented to P are you awake sleepy head just got a murmer of a sound J who just had his orgasm loud mouthed hey P put on another movie and tapped him on the leg, so the 3 of us layed covered up as P awoke we pretended nothiing has happened he got up volunteered to make coffee and asked us to select a movie J did this as T was still hard .

We sat had our coffee and settled for the next movie J volunteered to take the couch next round i was imediatly bumbed for i wanted to finish what T started.

so we settled into the next movie i was tired of lying on my one sided so i let my BF hold me from behind in a few mins his hand explored my boobs and realised i had no more bra on , and loudly said what happened to your bra babe, i explained that earlier i asked if its ok if i removed it it was uncomfortable and that you murmered a yeah.. so he said o ok babes hhm pretty sure these to pervs had a good peep hey... the 2 guys imediatly commented yeah we did she has really nice boobs.. i in a joking voice said yes babe they begged me to show them....he went silent for a minute kicked the blanket down pulled my shirt up and said in that case you wont mind me having a look too then.. as he exposed my boobs i said babe we were just pulling your leg he looked at our friends and apologized to me i giggled lifted my shirt again exposing my boobs and said babe these are yours to show off as much as you like i cant remember all the conversation around this but he imediatly took control said ok in that case your welcome to take your shirt off i did this imediatly then layed back on my side with my back facing him T with a clear view of my boobs being rubbed by my BF P.

the blanket covering from my waist down

so T couldnt stop staring while pretending to watch the movie P was holding me i could feel his erection, a good time into the movie i took my Bf hand from my boobs to my so wet pussy, he wasnt up for foreplay "luckily" and in mins had his pants off guiding his cock towards my pussy he struggled with my shorts so i thought screw this and removed my shorts P new T & J likely new what he was doing but did not care he was horny from earlier that evening as he entered me i took my hand and put it on T's stomach and carressed him as i did J earlier.. as P slowly and kindoff tried to do it discreetly i purposly groaned so the other could hear P would stop for a min. then continue again i leaned back as i also started to draw close to anothe orgasm and asked P may i please.....

P did not understand my question and as he gently went deeper in me put his head on mine and then saw my hand ontop of T's tummy stroking him with my hand, P then whispered "K" in a flash my hand went into T's shorts found his hardon and i kicked the blanket off us exposing my full naked body to them all and P inside of me this was the move that let us all out...

J from the couch shouted o boy P your a lucky guy.... and seems tonight T is too P looked up at J and said and youre getting a show bud...

i helped T remove his short and while doing this P lifted me and took me from behind asuming the position my face was so close to T's cock so i just went for the BJ i could tell MY BF was loving this for he imedialty shot a load into me i joined in his orgasm and as he retracted i stopped with T ... i said Babe come on so quickly thats not fair to me.....

so he said well You started this you can finish it so i got up ontop of T and fucked him ever so gently T managed to hold his orgasm pretty long and when the moment came he asked my BF where could he come She can choose he said and so i let him decide and T asked for a BJ i sucked him like a pro and as i did i felt being taken from behind again i did not have to look it was huge and it was J ready for another round but this time in me as T came J entered me i told my BF how huge this thing is but it felt amazing this was the biggest hing in me ever and i orgasmed like never before sreaming of pleasure ..

J shot his next load in me and now i was satisfied , this was the start of many of our 3sums with them and others ive since aged by 5years and still dream of these days although they dont really happen anymore