Written by michael169

27 Aug 2018

Well Monday was a bit Blue with the hectic morning BUT nevertheless we arrived before 1pm. Made our way in and hell yes we get undressed immediately!!! My partner started kissing me while i massaged her pussy pushing my fingers in deep. Then in her Long Boots goes down and suck my cock taking it in deep and deeper twisting that tongue around the head tasting my cum, I then peeked outside leaving the door slightly open to see if there was anyone to loin us, then we made our way out. She sucked my cock in front of a few guys who were massaging their cocks. I invited them over, while she sucked on their cocks i sucked her hot ass and pussy from behind making her moan. Then i asked the guy to suck her from behind while she sucked on my cock, damn!!!that awesum feeling. As she remained standing in that long boots i rammed her from behind, pushing my cock deeper and deeper with every thrust motion, she continued sucking on the three cockes before making them cum, then i filled her pussy and the one guy took over and fucked her pussy crazeee, she enjoyed it!!!

As i always say we dont create mind stories of imagination, We go Bare and Dare to fuck and enjoy our fantasies. If you arrived and left sorry But u missed out!! Michael169 & Foxylady!