23 Mar 2019

Our journey into the lifestyle began nearly 5 years ago and we have been on and off the scene,deleted and refreshed our profile on here. In that time we have met some really awesome people and a few people that were not for us.

We have a love hate relationship with singles, we love single women and we will never entertain single men, Mrs is a cuckqueen for those of you who don't know what that is. Simply put she enjoys watching me with other women,she has no hangups or jealousy issues. Still our preference is couples and not just any couples, we seek out couples who are similar to us and have been in long and committed relationships.

This is the part of the lifestyle singles will never understand, we are here out of trust , only other couples will understand exactly what we are talking about. We already had and have an extremely adventurous and fulfilling sex life, out of the lifestyle, this is just another extension of that.

We can very easily maintain our current friendships and not bother looking for new people on here,still we live in hope there are the odd diamonds in the rough out there.


Tags: couples