01 Nov 2017

Last night i was battling to fall asleep and i started thinking of our playtime last week. I reached over to my side table and pulled out my faithfull friend. A 19cm vibrator that has 16 different speeds and movements. I closed my eyes as i started to apply it to my clitoris, oh bliss. The thoughts of what happened last week and my trusted friend pleasing me soon got me hot and wet.

Last week we met up with our friends and a couple of new ones. Newby was sitting in the cinema , his hard thick cock in hand, it looked delicious, he quickly got up hugged me and kissed me hello. His hard cock pushing against my hip. i took hold of it, it felt lovely. I quickly sat down and started licking it and sucking it, nice salty, but far to thick to get it all in my mouth. Kevin my sexy friend was chatting to Pat. They came over to me. Removing my clothes and kissing, squeezing my nipples. Kevin kisses ever so nicely and he is so good with his fingers. I feel his fingers exploring my pussy and know he will bring me to orgasm after orgasm. Oh man he is so good, 3 fingers in me now, his thumb on my clitoris, i very soon feel waves flowing over me as i reach my peak and my pussy is slushing , i feel my juices pouring out of me. He carries on and reach another orgasm, i'm gasping with pleasure, i look around there is 4 other guys jerking their cocks off together, helping each other, feeling me, another is eagerly sucking Pat, he smiles at me. This is enough for me to climax yet again, With trembling legs i grab hold of Kevin's hard cock and start sucking it, he is so tasteful.

Newby takes me from behind, his thick hard long cock slides in so easy with all my juices. Normally i battle with him, i feel such pleasure as he picks up rhythm, and Kevin is fucking my mouth. Newby soon cums, groaning with delight.

Carl has just arrived and he is amazing, gets me on my back, and finger fucks me fast, i climax, i'm so wet, i feel his 20cm long cock slide into me, this is pure bliss, he pounds away in me, and on and on he goes, my mouth on Pat's cock as he bends over to get it into my mouth. Carl cums, sweating and smiling he gave me great satisfaction. Kevin is next, gets me on my knees and fucks me doggy style, shame he was far too excited and soon cums, pulling off his condom and shooting his hot cum on my ass, wow it was so hot, felt like was burning. I sit on Pat's hard cock, and slowly ride him, i feel my hand is lifted onto another throbbing cock and slowly jerk it while i fuck Pat, we reach climax together, he fills me with his cum, it gushes out as i stand up.(Pat is the only guy i allow without a condom) 2 other guys are standing there , almost pleading for my attention. They look nice, i kneel down on the floor and suck one at a time, not letting them cum, swopping cocks, one long and thin, the other medium but both very nice. The one guy cannot control himself and jerks off, the other very soon also cums, pulls out of my mouth and shoots on my tits. They all soon leave, Pat and i remain watching porn, he pulls my head down and i suck on his cock he is trembling as he cums in my mouth, oh yummy, i gag a little, i take his face and kiss him, letting his hot milky cum flow into his mouth, he swallows, what a Man to take his own.

By now on my bed i have reached several orgasms, i'm relaxed, i can now drift off to sleep with my toy friend besides me.