17 Oct 2017

Our first swingers club experience and introduction to this new lifestyle:

Happily married for more than 25 years, we kept thinking that we have the most amazing relationship; one of utmost respect for each other, intense love for each other and sexually in a fantastic place. We thought that we have reached a stage in our lives where our relationship couldn’t get any better, but kept experiencing that it was in fact getting better and better – this was even before starting this new lifestyle of ours.

Our relationship started developing to the point where we could share even the deepest secrets and fantasies with each other. Before that point, we both had private fantasies, but were too apprehensive to share them with each other – just to find out much later, to our surprise, that we actually do have the same or similar fantasies.

We were curious and wanted to explore more – but who do we talk to? With only the internet available and such a volume of conflicting articles out there, we decided to take it really slow and joined the two prominent swingers websites. We wanted to experience a threesome - I guess all newbies desire this experience initially, but the few single ladies obviously suffered from flooded inboxes and could cherry pick their couples – this was thus not an experience which was easy for us to achieve.

In our minds, we thought that our only options were to visit a swingers club, but thought of them as sleazy and too intimidating. We were also worried; What if somebody recognises us? We were not ready to meet couples on the swingers sites, as we did not know what to expect, nor were we sure if this was really what we wanted.

We probably joined the swingers sites at the right time, when we saw an advert for the ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ party at the new swingers club; Club Shakerz in Benoni. This was a masked ball, and thought it the perfect opportunity.

I called the club manager/owner and had 1001 questions for him. I recall speaking to Stef and probably kept him on the line for 30 min as I questioned every possible angle; Is it safe? What if? What do I do when..? What are the rules? How do I…? Etc. Stef, the owner was really accommodating. He gave me a newbie 101 rundown and assured me that there was nothing to worry about and that I am most welcome. He also said he will keep an eye out for us during the evening (in a non-creepy but assuring way).

When we arrived, Stef welcomed us and asked somebody to show us around. I admit that we did feel like two pieces of meat entering the club, but later realised that this was mostly our own insecurity. The others at the club were actually highly respectful and did NOT flock towards us like a group of vultures. We experienced that everybody was polite and mindful of everybody else. We felt so at home, that our masks (literally and figuratively) came off soon after arriving there.

Not having high expectations for any promiscuous encounters that evening, we casually met two other couples that were more experienced than we were – this was our very first attempt at this new lifestyle. During and after socialising for some hours, we informed them that we were only soft swinging that evening and that we were not prepared to go ‘all the way’ – this hard limit we had mutually agreed prior to embarking on the momentous but maiden evening. The six of us later agreed to move to a more comfortable place within the club, where everything started unfolding at a rapid pace. It is as if the adrenaline peaks in your body and we were not shy nor uncomfortable with the other couples. Clothes were flying off in all directions. As a couple, our pre-set soft rules became fuzzy as we were in this very erotic zone, only keeping to our own pre-agreed hard rules.

The experience became highly fluid and we both enjoyed it very much. The more experienced couples had intercourse with each other, while including us on a soft swing basis, without any pressure at all. Even during the most heated erotic moments, nobody even attempted to cross our boundaries. We felt full acceptance and also full inclusion, at our own predefined pace. As a matter of fact, my permission was sought when somebody wanted to touch my wife – this token of respect was highly appreciated. We had a crazy time together, yet our soft swing thresholds were never compromised.

Mrs. SteveDee experienced her first ever bi encounter, which she fantasised about before and now had the opportunity to live it up – she enjoyed immensely. After our soft swing experience, when the club was near closing, we retired to a private room (alone as a couple) for the evening where we continued to have intercourse for the next few hours. Mrs. SteveyDee climaxed several times during our private time together, wanting more and more… departing just before sunrise. What an experience!

Before going to a club, one imagines that everybody is built perfectly. This brings some insecurities and self-concern. It however became evident that nobody there was perfect - we saw all shapes, sizes and ages that evening…. Okay, there were some amazingly sexy people, but the welcoming and accepting atmosphere helped create a non-intimidating environment. Looking back at that night at the club, we both admit that we have never experienced such an accommodating and respectful people. Speaking to some other new couples, we realise their concern and fear of gong to such a club. It may be that the club scene is not for everybody, but we were pleasantly surprised.

PS!! Stef personally come to check up on us many times during the evening (not that it was necessary), keeping to his word – thanks for making us feel so welcome.