Written by sigma666

03 Jul 2015

So, for background information: Most guys have a secret fantasy from a young age regarding more experienced women, be it your teacher; nanny or super sexy neighbour. While I had similar fantasies during the younger years, but it evolved into something more, don't ask me why/how/when, I don't know. But the mere thought of enjoying an erotic experience with another woman (with her husbands consent/participation) was my primary fantasy for the past two years.

A few lucky ones get to live out that fantasy, here's my (very real)story:

Being on the cusp of pledging holy matrimony and not being a real believer in the institution of marriage, my mind; hormones and fantasies kicked into over-drive at this terrifying thought. Having been with the wife-to-be for eight years and not experiencing the touch or feel of any other woman left me with a serious case of "what if". Now before you jump on your moral high horse and start judging (I know most people here play as a couple and singles are frowned upon), please keep in mind you're reading this story on a swingers website. My fiance knows about my fantasies and kinks, we've discussed it in detail many times, but it just doesn't appeal to her.

I joined the site after many years of viewing swingers; hotwives; group play tumblrs for "research purposes", cough cough, I thought "what the heck" let's see where this goes.

To my great surprise I received a message from a couple in my area. After a bit of back and forth we set up a play date.

I was nervous as fuck walking up to the gate and hesitated for a good couple of minutes before ringing the bell as the moment of truth had arrived. So many thoughts made a simultaneous entrance into my mind: go home, you don't belong here; what if they're weirdo's; this is it man, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived. I stiffened the proverbial upper-lip and rang the bell.

Meeting me at the door was a beautiful woman (her pics really didn't do her justice), she was open, inviting and really friendly. Not only was she physically attractive, we had an awesome conversation, the type that it is nearly impossible to have with vanilla or "normal" people, that lasted more than two hours over a few glasses of wine. Obviously I asked where the Mr was, as I would like to introduce myself and thank him for inviting me too. I was informed that he's not in the mood right now but might join later. We discussed a cornucopia of topics, mostly me asking silly questions about the lifestyle etc that I couldn't find answers to. She smiled, laughed and made me feel so comfortable, all that nerves gone.

The evening progressed and I soon found myself in the hot tub with the Mrs, no bathing suits. What followed was the most erotic, super-hot, sensual, alluring, mind-bending and enlightening sexual experience of my life. This gorgeous, intelligent vixen took me on a roller coaster ride I would never forget! She guided me with expert patience and a soft touch and I felt no guilt whatsoever as it felt completely natural (weird for a first timer like me, who also happens to be attached). And do you want to know the best part? We didn't even go "all the way" and I am grateful for that, I wouldn't change any aspect of this mind-altering, adrenaline pumping experience!

I hope I made a good impression, and would receive another invite in the future... Maybe next time the Mr would join us and expand my sexual horizon even further, by showing me how it's done. He is truly a lucky man to be blessed with a wife like that! I will ever be thankful to her and cherish the memory in perpetuity.

Why am I posting this here? I've been on a sexual high since opening my eyes this morning, with life taking on a brighter shade of sunshine. I considered it would be a crime, not telling the story of how this site changed my life, to people who would understand the gravity of my experience and that would appreciate it.

Any feedback/comments/suggestions are welcome, drop me a message.