31 May 2016

Chapter 7 Falling of the Rails

During my dating months I had always remained in contact with my ex wife. We had a good relationship and would often meet and talk. Her life had also not been a bed of roses. Divorce is hard on us all. Years previously I had made application to emigrate it was during this period that I needed to make a trip overseas to formalize my application. My family were to travel with me. How circumstances had changed since I lodged that first application.

She readily agreed to accompany me on this trip it was an opportunity of a lifetime. We only had the one chance to sort out our lives and make a decision. I had asked her to start a new life with me away from South Africa. It had been something we had discussed many times while married. Immigration a new life for our child and us. Africa had looked like a bleak place for a long time. This was that opportunity although it probably came years too late.

This was not an easy trip for either of us, she had a boy friend at the time I was dating Denise, but we made a commitment to follow through. No strings attached we would go as friends. I could live with that, deep down I was hoping for a reconciliation, but it was not to be. I respected that and we had fun. Going on holiday with your ex can be very trying. We both had unresolved issue and had our fair share of arguments. Overall the trip was great and we respected each other. Probably the most difficult thing for me was having too much too say, but not wanting to make this a trip of memories rather than the future. We also shared a bedroom for the whole trip and that is another story.

Those first few nights sleeping or trying to sleep, were a little uncomfortable, but we eventually relaxed and were relaxed around each other. A few days before we were due to come home we had an almighty fight, over a silly phone call. Old jealousies die hard. I regretted that and was determined that this trip would be one to remember. On one particular night we climbed into a bottle of Johnny Walker Black. I am not sure who started it, but we needed each other desperately. Although this was a trip of hope we had also come to say good-bye and with the help of the alcohol, we relived a past that I had not put to rest.

She is a beautiful and very sexy woman. I don’t know of any man who would not want her. Although she appears vulnerable, she is very strong, determined and wilful. Years of living with me until she found her freedom have opened new doors and opportunities. She has experienced some of the wildness of my life. That night she showed it all to me, what I had lost, what I was missing and all the years of being apart. We made wild passionate love and it was awesome I will never regret that night of passion and thank her for that final good bye.

After returning to South Africa, we parted ways and I was very sad, but determined to lay this ghost to rest. We had our time now it was up to me to move on. I continued to date Denise exclusively for the next year. We had some wonderful times and an opportunity to take it to another level. We never got there. After those first fantastic sex sessions, it was more than apparent that my feelings for her ran deeper. She was not in the right space or time for a relationship or I was the wrong guy. We still had fantastic sex, she had dealt with her own past and loss and she was now a free woman to pursue a relationship with me or move on. There are and never will be any hard feelings since she ended the relationship.

We continued a sexual relationship for awhile thereafter. The sex was always good, but we never did reach those giddy heights again, until one night. We had been to a house party and had a lot to drink arriving home, she lead me to her bedroom where she removed all her clothes. Lying back on the covers I buried my face in her wetness. Tasting licking and sucking her clit. Finally licking her ass and going around her world. She kept arching her hips into my face, cuming strongly. Using a finger up her ass I massaged the thin membrane between her ass and her vagina. Lifting her off the bed. I drove straight into her cunt, feeling her wetness on my balls as I buried myself in her. Lifting her legs above her head she gave me complete entry to her fanny and I could touch her clit and ass. Pushing a finger up her tight butt I could feel the contractions on my finger and in my balls as I came inside her.

Later that same night while sleeping I went down on her again before I entered her again she did not complain lying behind her I fucked her slowly and deeply each stroke taking her all the way. As she started her moan, I held back to allow her to cum, before resuming a steady rhythm. She had told me that no man had ever come in her mouth, I asked her to let me cum in her mouth. She was shocked, but as I took my wet cock from her pussy she opened her lips to suck me. She could take a lot of me down her throat, pulling back I continued to move my cock in and out of her open mouth while she caressed the base with her tongue. As I exploded in her mouth she gagged and then swallowed. Truly a night to remember.

We saw a lot of each other during those months, and we had a lot of good sex, but I knew it was time to move on and so December, we celebrated her birthday, with a cheese and wine party, lots of wine made love. Then we just stopped seeing each other.

Christmas is a tough time to be single we get lonely and depressed. I was spending Christmas alone. I had not heard from Denise in weeks and was more than convinced that the relationship was over. Christmas morning I received a phone call from an ex girl friend and a request to come over. When she arrived it had been along time since our last break up and while this relationship was very intense, we had clashed over so many things, but it was insecurity and my lack of commitment to the relationship that had been our biggest stumbling block. We saw each other in secret often over the next few months.

She had been wanting a second chance, a reconciliation for a long time, we had one last chance and a drunken session together before, she came around one day, to talk. Well that ended up in us having drinks and them fantastic sex. I have always enjoyed anal sex, and with her it was great, but I needed to prepare her properly. That night I gave her an enema and like wise I had one. She always loved putting a finger up my ass when I came and I wanted to fuck without any mess afterward. We had this truly amazing evening, multiple sessions, anal and toys in our play. We sucked each other and fucked for most of the night. It was the start of a year long Journey where we went from the heights of passion to the depths of despair. That journey culminated in a near nervous breakdown for me and god knows what she has been through. Our break up was not pretty and from my past experiences I should have known that she would not let go so easily. Not all of it was doom and gloom though we had a roller coaster, a lot of making up, tears and frustration. We also had a lot of fun and laughter. Some of these stories were hilarious and funny and scary. What we didn’t do during that year?

After my last relationship I remained single for a long time but was not short of many evenings of bliss, with the different woman in my life. I also started to re established a relationship with couples and in particular a new bi couple and we had some amazing nights while high on “e” and fucking our brains out. They loved home parties, used all kinds of recreational drugs and smoked “J” Home parties with two or three other couples were set up and everyone had fun. This story would never be complete without at least one story on these parties and there were many parties. This was swinging at a different level. Hard core and fucking with lots of bi sexuality multiple partners and raw sex. Very fucking erotic and just about anything goes would be a good definition.

I was invited to a number of private house parties, 2 couples and I was usually the only single straight guy. We all used “e” and “v” and these evenings normally lasted until sunrise. Hard core graphic dvd’s heightened the atmosphere and watching two woman suck each other and play while the guys looked on is a real turn on. We all took turns fucking the women and it was only very late on one of these nights when the women decided to fuck me together.

We were very wasted by the time she squatted over my face with her dripping wet hole for me to suck and lick. At the same time my legs were pushed up with my knees against my chest and my asshole was lubricated with KY. Using a large rubber dildo and strap on I was fucked up the ass by the woman as they took turns swapping places on my face. While sucking each pussy to an orgasm where I was sprayed with women’s cum. I had my cock sucked by the guys. A mind blowing experience, absolutely!

On another night we also met for some private fun, and I watched the guys fuck each other. Anal sex at these parties was the norm, everyone cleansed. I fucked the woman in all their holes. I was not shy and was used as their sex toy. Eventually after having my ass hole fingered, licked, fucked with a dildo and absolutely loving it, on one night a man fucked me up the ass. It was more painful than anything else. I had fallen off the rails completely or had I? I even began to question my own sexuality, but have realized that I still love women and while I have participated in any number of three or four or even more partners in an evening, my main and only turn on remains the women. I love fucking. I don’t really give too much of a fuck whether the husbands, partners get involved at all. In fact I prefer it when they don’t. I have experimented with many different couples and single women. Being with an open minded highly sexual and seductive women where personal feelings and desires can be explored is my biggest thrill.

Had I really fallen off the rails, well to a straight or heterosexual male, probably. To describe these evenings, the atmosphere, tension and almost electric lust one felt brings back a heat and throb to my cock. One’s own senses, especially sight, smell and sound. Who would not enjoy watching a gorgeous couple having fantastic orgasmic sex. This was the real thing, not a DVD or video. But I was only too happy acting as there sex toy, but I was in control at all times. Later in living out my own fantasies I learned the meaning of no control. On occasion, I remained a spectator and loved watching the fucking, while stroking my own cock or getting a blowjob. Sex was all that mattered, whether it was watching, participating or even while making a home video. What would it be like to watch those self same videos years later.