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A True Story: Chapter 5, names have been changed to protect the innocent


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Chapter 5 The Stories My first experience at a couples only swingers club was quite amazing, suddenly I was with like-minded, attractive and open-minded adults. My wife and I had always been open-minded and adventurous, our sex life was very satisfying and often erotic. When I first suggested a swingers club, while initially shocked, she did agree to go and be open minded however we would stay together and only participate if both of us agreed. We did not know where or even how to find such a place although I knew they existed. After some research I found a club that looked and sounded secure and safe, we made the necessary appointment and after a brief interview with the owner who showed us their facilities we stepped into a different lifestyle. Although we kept to ourselves to the most part we did experience, the highly sexed atmosphere of the Voyeurs room where at any one time you could have 20 couples in various positions , some watching , others having sex or just giving someone a blowjob. The only rule in the voyeur room was that nobody was allowed unaccompanied by their partner and everyone was naked. It was amazing , all those different shapes and sizes , large woman, big tits , very attractive people all having fun. To say we made an impression that first time is an under statement, We had often been too private parties , but we became regular visitors to clubs after that and I used to really look forward to our visits and of course the sex afterwards and at the club was truly amazing. It added a new dimension to our sex life and it was a boost to my ego. Often we drove home at sunrise from these parties, exhausted only to continue the sex at home. Very satisfying I must say. I stopped looking for sex elsewhere and was more than satisfied with my home life and of course making love to my wife again was fantastic. It was on one of these regular visits that we befriended a couple from Virginia, they were regulars as well and she was a very attractive and sexy blonde, with a beautiful slim body, nice tits and a belly ring. A lot of woman had those. We had been in the voyeur’s room for an hour or so and this couple were making love and doing their own thing right next to us. I not sure where it started, I was watching them when she asked us to join them. He was lying on his back and she was riding his cock for all her worth. Her tits were firm and tight with lovely nipples and she was totally shaved, her cunt lips wet and open as he fucked her. We were playing with each other but both watching them when she suggested we join them. I watched my wife get her pussy sucked by a strange man for the first time, not sure how it started but we simply went with the flow. She climbed onto his face and he was sucking her soft wet lips while he fucked his wife. I watched for a while and , remember feeling a little in awe, shocked maybe as we had never gone this far before. We had any number of opportunities to get involved with other couples, on previous visits, but this was different. We had been making love to each other all evening when in the early hours of the morning, her husband fell asleep on the couch. The woman were just lying together talking. I suggested that they allow me to suck their pussies at the same. Lying face to face they fannies together and there legs intertwined I started licking from her cunt up to their clits which were against each other and then into my wife’s lovely pussy, this carried on for awhile when my wife moved off her and I carried on sucking this lovely strangers pussy. Somewhere in between licking her clit and sucking her tits, She said , “ Fuck her” I remember looking across and asking if she was sure. “Fuck her she said again” By this stage I was so worked up and had a huge hard on I did not need another invite as I entered her I could touch and play with them both at the same time. It was a total mind fuck, the best sex I had ever had. Oh god to be watched by your partner and lover and I could not get enough of this new way of sex. We climaxed almost simultaneously and I lay on her for a while before we left the room had a drink together and said good-bye and left the club. It had been a really amazing evening , but deep down I knew we had crossed a huge line and my heart was very sad. Our drive home was tense and it was when we were nearly home I said “ I have finally lost you haven’t I” There was no reply, but it was a fact, she had given me the rope and her permission and I had hanged myself. My wife could not deal with my lifestyle. We did not go back to a club for a long time, but it had been such a truly amazing experience for both of us that it was only a matter of time. We discussed what happened, and realized that we had both crossed a line and there could be no going back, but the sex between us was even more amazing and yet we fought often. We did go back, eventually, many times and we were even more open to suggestions from other couples. My wife, a beautiful woman, was often approached by other woman at these parties, as many were BI curious or just plain BI and swinging gave them an opportunity to explore these fantasies, while staying with there male partners. This is how we met Laurie’ and her husband. He was much older than her and clearly this was her fantasy, we almost met another couple through them John and Amber. We had seen them a few times before at the club , but on this night they suggested a private dinner party at their home. They lived in a beautiful home in the Northern Suburbs, he was a very successful owner of a sports goods company and they travelled extensively in Europe on holidays and the like and owned property in Belize, the Cape and out at Hartebeesport Dam. The dinner was three couples , John and Amber, Laurie and Richard, my wife and I. The evening started out very formal and with little suggestion that this was anything other than private dinner party amongst friends. After dinner we chatted and the conversation got more suggestive and we had all had a lot to drink and the jokes and party was really getting quite steamy. My wife and I offered to give them a show and getting onto the dining room table we stripped. Laurie had often commented at the club about why some guys always seem to have large cocks and it was a standard joke at Rick's place. Laying her on the dining room table and with everyone watching I sucked her to an amazing orgasm,. It was then that Amber and Laurie joined in and we all focused on my beautiful wife’s body. Hands were everywhere and she was getting a tongue licking from everyone. I know John wanted to fuck her . Eventually he also went down on her but it was more of a ploy by both of them to distract her as Amber had made it very clear she wanted my cock. With John sucking my wife and Laurie getting in on the act, Amber pushed her ass against my cock and asked me to fuck her while she bent over the dining room table. I fucked her to an amazing orgasm. After that the party wound down and Laurie and John disappeared to the room while we had desert and coffee, but not before Laurie suggested it was her turn next time. The dinner had been like an initiation for us too there circle and Amber was prepared to fuck me while they all kept my wife occupied to bring us into there circle. It was clear what the next step would be and after that all the calls were to invite us over, but with the clear message that they wanted to fuck my wife and then I could fuck Laurie and Amber. We had discussed this possibility, but she was not interested in John or Richard and so we never met them again in privacy. We did meet at the club after that and one night in particular, Laurie joined us in the voyeurs room with another couple. The woman was Bi and was not shy in trying to feel her and touch her fanny. We were sitting on the couch watching the couples, some were having sex others just watching. The women were touching one another and there was a lot of lust in the air. Laurie suggested I suck her pussy and tell me if they were different. Lying in front of me with legs spread I went from one pussy to the other licking and sucking each one for a few minutes and then repeating the treatment with the next cunt. Her husband remained uninvolved watching his wife’s pussy getting sucked and getting an eyeful of sweet wet cunt. Laurie leaned over and asked if I could stick my cock in her and fill her cunt as wanted cock. I started to fuck her but she could not handle the length and was holding the base of my cock in her hand she allowed half penetration up to her fist that was tightly clamped around my balls and cock I could not have come even if I wanted too. Later the same evening John and Amber arrived and we were invited with them to private room to play out a fantasy. Everyone was asked his or her favourite fantasy and then we could decide if we wanted to try it out. Amber’s fantasy was to have three guys masturbate over her body, tits and pussy and to cum on her. This was the fantasy chosen to play out and with the help of the other woman we got a great hand job until we all had shot a load on her face and tits. This was one of the last parties we ever attended as a couple. We had one or two soft swinging scenes with other couples we met at the club coming over to watch videos and soft swinging with our partners, but we never went back into heavy swinging again We did decide to visit one or two of the other clubs, a place in Bedfordview and Pretoria, but we never stayed long. They attracted a different and far more yuppie crowd. They also had a number of single guys there and barmen that was a concern to me. There were another young couple we had met and got too know quite well. She was an attractive girl and they were very young both still at college. We had a joint room scene with them , but no swapping although she did allow me to finger her cunt and feel her tits. We also had quite a few games evening with another crowd we had got to know via the clubs , but it was never more than stripping games, girl on girl action and giving body massages. Despite all my efforts and hers, the swinging had affected her more than she would admit. There was gulf between us and little way to bridge that. Our marriage was in tatters and without swinging we had very little in common. Our jobs kept us both busy and we had some wonderful times together, but it was not the same after that. Our sex life became non-existent and I was totally frustrated with life and marriage. I wanted to swing, but my partner was no longer a willing participant anymore so we stopped swinging together. Swinging as a single whether married or divorced is another game altogether and one of my earliest experiences with swinging involved a very interesting couple from Pretoria. We had chatted over the net for a while before we agreed o try some phone sex. She was always horny and wanted me to talk to her and tell her what to do while her husband fucked her. Initially we never got much passed me telling her how beautiful she was and what I was going to do to her and she would be singing like a bird. A strange way of putting it , but she did go off into this high-pitched careening every time she had an orgasm. Eventually we decided to meet, but it was to be a totally anonymous affair. I was given strict instructions on how this was to happen and the role I was to play. We all wore masks and the light were turned low so there was no way for them to identify me or I them. His role became like a movie director and scriptwriter at the same time. I did not mind, she was in her thirties, married for a number of years and a teacher by day. At night she was a very sexual and quite liberated woman. The scene was set to meet at a motel of there choice, after that this was always the preferred meting place, although we did meet at my place a few times as well. They had kids at home to worry about. On arrival I went straight into the bathroom to get a mask and to read the script. It went something like this. On entering the room he was kissing her while they stood in the passage, the lights were low and she was dressed in a clear see through negligee’ Her mask was made of feathers and covered half her face. Her breasts showed clearly through the fabric and her large nipples were totally erect. As I came into the room he moved away and I was to take his place, first kissing her and then slowly starting to caress her through the fabric and finding a very wet pussy, I stroked her clit through the fabric until it was soaked. We eventually moved to the bed where I fucked her. Slow at first and then she went wild, shaking from her orgasm, she started to sing asking me to fuck her hard, pulling me into and saying over and over again fuck me , fuck me. I left without seeing her face. We met frequently after that, at different motels and hotels. At some stage they asked me to arrange a video and we booked into the Presidential suite at the Marula sun. He wanted a video of us fucking. On arrival and having a drink, she kept on flashing me with no panties. By this stage we did not need masks anymore, after all we had fucked each other many times. After some foreplay I set up the camera and videoed her stripping before fucking her , while he filmed us. She was no less horny and begged for more. I then reciprocated while he fucked her. I still don’t know how these cameramen do it , without getting really turned on. So I fucked her again. We also tried all kinds of light games and bondage, eventually doing double penetration with me in her pussy and him up her ass. She loved that, but was not as pleased when we reversed the roles. Some of the games got quite kinky , dinner and coping a feel under the table in some fancy restaurant, before a total fuck session in the room. She was turned on by showing off in public, and hiding behind a mask in private. They moved away eventually and I often wonder if they watch the video. I never saw it. One night I was invited to a couple’s garden flat to meet a gorgeous young couple. She was 20 and he was 23 and they had been communicating with me via the net, for weeks, discussing having there first ever threesome. They had already made up their mind to experiment sexually and were actively looking for a willing and able male to join them. A beautiful young woman, dressed only in a thin dressing gown, greeted me at the door. Although nervous, she was calling the shots, it was her evening and his entertainment was to watch. After a light discussion and drinks I knew she was willing and ready for some fun and leaving the room I suggested they made themselves more comfortable. This was also my way to give them the freedom to continue or stop. Returning to the lounge she was naked lying on the couch. Her body was perfect and her fanny neatly shaven She wanted us to both watch her as she slowly started to play with herself at the same time asking me to remove my clothes. Watching her stroking her pussy I joined her on the couch, caressing her soft skin and teasing her nipples Her tits were small and firm. Moving off the couch she lay down on the floor and I started to massage her back, I was pretty inexperienced , but had some wonderful massages to remember and know what I enjoyed. She slowly relaxed as I continued to massage her back, neck and legs. Moving my hands up her thighs I allowed my hand to brush her ass and fanny. Each time I touched her she moaned lifting her bum up to reach my strokes. Lifting her ass with a pillow I spread her legs to give me full access to her ass and cunt. She was dripping wet, trembling and I could see her wetness between her legs. Putting my tongue up her pussy I managed to tongue fuck for the next half an hour, before she had two massive orgasms. Slowly pulling her cunt lips into my mouth I sucked up as much of her wetness as I could before turning her over lifting her ass onto the pillow. I was rock hard and she was ready for my cock. Holding her ass with my hands I penetrated her tight wet hole, while at the same time pushing a finger up her asshole. She came almost immediately. While she was getting fucked she looked at her partner, and in an animal voice said. Fuck me fuck me she was coming as she said it and I could feel her full ripe wetness. As she started to cum I was crying out and I shot my load deep in her pussy, sending her over the edge yet again. Oh, to be a woman and have multiple orgasms! By this stage my reputation and confidence in my own performance made me try even harder to achieve the ultimate orgasm. At anyone time I was communicating or seeing four of five couples. Some took months before we even met, many were never going to happen . There is a lot of bravado and fantasy only hidden by the web. It was easy to pick the genuine players from the bullshit. Don’t kid yourself a lot of couples get turned on collecting pictures or just fantasizing in cyber space. I met a very interesting couple, or so I thought at the time in this way. He was direct and to the point his girl friend loved sex and could not get enough. After one phone call we met in Sandton, a private love nest. It was plain she loved sex, he did not even watch but went into the room next door while we fucked. There relationship did not last and later he called me to meet his new girl friend, but more about that later. Of course not everything was always as simple as that. I had my fair share of near disasters. Couples I met who were so different and so normal, what I enjoyed. One couple in Randburg, invited me to a home party two women and one guy. On arrival I was greeted by the largest woman I had ever seen naked. Fucking a curvaceous, big woman, multi orgasmic and a complete nymphomaniac, was amazing. Or the couple in Northcliff who insisted I fuck her without a condom and then suck her cunt. I fucked her for hours while her kids slept in the room next door and her husband watched. I also had my fair share of one-night stands, single woman or couples wanting a no strings attached fuck. Not all were completely fulfilling or satisfying. By far the majority were truly amazing and repeated over and over. But let me tell you about one that really was amazing. I had been invited to a private mansion in Cosmos for an evening of sex. After we had met, and she asked to see my cock she gave me a fantastic blowjob in the lounge leaving me rock hard and aching in the lounge. He then led her away to the bedroom where she was tied up and blindfolded. They had all the toys, leather, handcuffs and latex. When I was invited into the bedroom the sight before my eyes was totally erotic. A beautiful sexy young woman lying tied and spread eagle on the bed. Her hands were tied above her head, her tits protruding from a cut out latex bra. Nipples hard and straining and her pussy clearly visible against the fabric. Her pussy was completely shaved and with her knees drawn up and open she was clearly wet and willing. I stood and watched her for a good five minutes, not saying a sound my eyes taking in every sight and she was fully aware of me standing over her. Stripping I could not take my eyes of her body. Taking my fully erect cock I massaged her nipples before I allowed her to lick and suck the head. She could not get enough, greedily trying to get as much into her mouth as possible. Softly touching the exposed parts of her body, pinching her nipples to make them hard Going down on her I gently licked her pussy before she thrust her hips forward demanding more urgent attention. She was soaked and did not take long before whimpering she was coming. Positioning myself between her legs I rubbed my cock head against her clit until I slipped inside. As I entered he she went wild bucking her hips and begging for more cock. We fucked and sucked for most of the rest of that night before passing out from exhaustion early in the morning. We had a repeat performance a few months later, once again she was insatiable. This time she was not tied up and I got well and truly fucked by her while he photographed us both. Being involved in swinging I was invited to many private parties. I also often had visitors or met in some strange places, to fulfil one or other fantasy, but some of the most sensational evenings were with long-term relationships. Once such couple I had an ongoing relationship over a number of years. We had met frequently at my place or theirs. These sessions were often totally wild, lots of booze, smoking a ‘J’ and Viagra. She was without doubt a true nymphomaniac. No matter how much we fucked her she wanted more. This particular couple she wanted us both, all the time and in every hole possible. She was also multi orgasmic, loved anal and double penetration. She would insist on sucking my cock while her husband fucked. Some evenings she would have three and four orgasms in a row before I could come. Then she would make her husband suck her to another one. We played with all sorts of toys, dildos , vibrators anal beads and poppers. I learned to fuck for hours on X and trained myself not to cum. X makes it very hard to cum , but she was always satisfied. Of all the amazing evenings I have had these are only a few that I remember vividly. However there was one other evening I have not mentioned and as a highly sexed male, this story would not be complete unless I told it. I was invited to attend an orgy. Simple rules, as many guys as possible and the women wanted to break some record of the most fucks in a night, or most men. This was pure fucking. No foreplay, just fuck and cum as quickly as possible. I don’t know how many guys were present, there were two woman, both very attractive. The one wanted the record, the other ones job was to keep the guys entertained, while waiting there turn. Under the circumstances, its not surprising that some guys get stage fright. I did not wait to socialise and as soon as the games began I was the first to fuck her. There was no foreplay, she asked what position I preferred, condom on and slam dunk, Probably a few minutes at most and but not have lasted more than a minute, before I came in her. Leaving her to the rest of the guys I had a few drinks before approaching the second woman. The other one was getting the fucking of her life non stop and it took only asking to get this beautiful tall blonde on her hands and knees where I could fuck her as I wanted to. She was not interested in any records so I was able to give her my full attention although having a horde of horny bastards watching you is not much fun. These are some of my stories and in the years that followed there are a lot more. Was I a sex addict? Was my sexual addiction was out of control? I had tried most if not all types of relationships. There was something missing. I needed a change a new look at my life, but I was not ready yet to change. I would fall of the rails.

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