31 May 2016

Chapter 3 Living Life to the Full

After my first real relationship after my divorce I dated a number of single woman and divorcees. I was in the prime of my life, single, financially okay and the world was my oyster. I was also often lonely and adjusting to being divorced and always longing for my ex. It did not stop me from dating a string of very eligible and beautiful woman. My sex life did not suffer, but I spent a lot of time searching for love. I suppose I did believe based on a very good relationship I could find happiness and a partner. With the exception of cyber sex I had not played the field while involved with Jenny, with the exception of courting my ex wife’s favour and she had shown me little sympathy. I was a dog an outcast from my family or should I say hers. Blood is thicker than water is the one comment I clearly will never forget. I learned the hard way. I had married the family and so when it was over so was I.

I stayed single for nearly six months, but had numerous relationships with a number of women. I was determined not to fall into the same trap. I enjoy the company of woman. I find them stimulating, intelligent and very caring. I am an easy guy to like and get on with. I think I am a pretty fine catch. I attract all types of woman and they all are so different. I never tried to find a certain look although now later in life, I know what works, and there must be chemistry. I once dated a tall beautiful and dark haired divorcee, we had a short relationship until it was clear she expected commitment and monogamy. I also continued to wine and dine any number of women I met via the Internet on singles dating sites and swinger’s sites. I formed a relationship with a number of these woman and good friendships with many others. Not all of it was sexual, I am pleased to say, and sometimes we leave well enough alone. Which brings me to a period in my life that can only be described as amazing. Both from a positive and a negative point of view. I will leave the readers to judge on their own.

It was a late afternoon as Air Malaysia flight rumbled down the runway and 16 very nice guys, prepared for a week of golf, drinking and partying. We were on our way to play golf in the Far East and have some fun. This was an organised trip, I had been on a few before. Golf weekends away were a way of life and escape while I was married. This would be my first trip since my divorce. I could play as hard as I wanted and a number of the guys on the trip were divorced and there would be lots of company.

I sat back ,closed my eyes and thought about the last few amazing weeks. I had been invited to attend a singles party through a friend. Just a whole bunch of single or divorced people getting together and maybe meeting someone. The party itself was a great success. Everyone seemed to have a good time. There was lots of flirting and just a few which went to slow dancing and kissing. That is were I met Anita, one always wonders if maybe the gods play a game with us.

We had a great time together and even ended up sucking face on the couch late in the evening. She was totally different to anyone I had ever dated. Intelligent, witty and very sexy. She had no qualms about stealing a plate of strawberries. Later I found out she had been quite stoned at the time. As the plane climbed to 35000 feet, I thought about the last few weeks. She had eventually come to an arranged braai at my place, the following day, but we did not sleep together until shortly before the trip I was taking. She was a beautiful woman , and sleeping in my bed and not touching her took some control. In the end it was worth it the sex was truly amazing. She was slim , sexy, small tits, and a beautiful silky pussy. My mind came back to reality, I was away with the boys, this trip had been planned for months and I was going to enjoy the freedom as I had vowed to do. It had only been a few months earlier when I tried to finally bury the ghost of my marriage. I had given it one last shot and asked my ex wife if she would marry me again. I did it ring and all, red roses and the whole nine yards. Needless to say I was rejected and she kept the ring. Oh well I am happy she liked the ring and she probably deserved it for putting up with me all those years.

I had met Anita and things were looking up, but first we were on our way to the land of Sex. Malaysia and Thailand, hot, sticky and a lot of booze. The guys party hard and there was no one who did not have fun. We moved on to Thailand and that is where I met a wonderfully attractive young woman. She became my constant companion for the rest of the trip. We had to slip past security to get into my room on numerous occasions . She was small petite, very sexy, long black hair and a carefully shaven pussy. The sex was truly incredible and I was insatiable. Licking and sucking her to numerous orgasms, she made my trip thoroughly worthwhile. Watching a sexy young woman walk around in only a t-shirt, and then sensually removing her clothes before giving you a fantastic blowjob takes a lot of beating. She was determined to come to South Africa with me. Now that may have raised some eyebrows. A Thai working girl and I.

As the plane left Malaysia, I took away found memories of a great holiday romance. One cannot but admire a woman who so thoroughly enjoyed her job. The sex had been amazing. There was very little she would not do and oh so well. It had been fantastic, but now I was going home. To what I asked myself a new relationship. Most definitely. My jol was over, I had a very attractive woman waiting for me and she was more than willing. First of before I could see her though, I did the only thing I could think of.

My doctor of many years has heard many stories from me over the years. Being a lady though it was not without some trepidation that I sat down and told her exactly what I had done in Thailand. She prescribed every kind of injection and tablet known to prevent STD’s. Cost me a fortune. Then of course came the inevitable Aid’s test, which proved negative. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. I was now free to pursue my relationship with Anita.

The sex with Anita was getting better all the time. I was never comfortable in her home as she lived with her parents. We fucked each other silly those first few months. I did not care if the father in the room next door heard us or not. She slowly told me more about her and her past life. She also confided in me that she had been a smoker for most of her adult life. I did not mind the “J” after all I had enjoyed the whole rave scene and knew what drugs were about. She was fun open minded about sex and we really enjoyed each other mentally and physically. She had suffered her own heartbreak in the past and it had scarred her badly. I was very positive about life and we were having great fun together. I was convinced she was a witch and she displayed some amazing insights on life and love.

Anita is a skilful and caring lover. She often made me cum without any demand of her own. I used to love spending hours licking and sucking her pussy. Her taste and smell was pure woman. She was an incredibly willing lover and partner in bed. We spent fantastic weekends together in Umschlanga Rocks, were the sex was driven by pure lust and some help of chemicals. It was my first ever experience of making love while tripping on X. We were insatiable and if I could have climbed inside her pussy I would have. It was incredible, nights of raw passion, sex, lust and love. I also think she fell in love with me on that fateful night. We were even planning a holiday together for the end of the year to visit her family. I was very happy and finally coming to terms with my divorce.

My ex had not contacted me for months after my proposal and out of the blue I received a call. A possible reconciliation or had she heard about the new woman in my life. I do not know the answer, but I was extremely happy at the time, planning a holiday with a great woman. So I told her I was going away and we should talk when I returned. Much to my disgust I found out that Anita had been reading my messages to my ex. She lost it and we had a huge fight over these messages. I was lying to Anita and to my ex. Both were being told that I did not care for the other one. I did not want to commit to an old relationship, when a new relationship had only just begun. I wanted to give Anita a chance, but I had been waiting so long for this reconciliation. Anita and I went on holiday anyway. Three weeks of absolute heaven and fantastic memories. We were cut off from phones and anyone familiar and in a strange country.

Anita loved to touch me while I was driving, we could not go far without her feeling for my cock, or trying to give me a blowjob. She was always horny and we would stop and fuck on the side of a road, or I would pull over and she would allow me to suck her wet pussy that I had been playing with while doing 180 down the highway. All legal of course. On old years eve, we could not get into any gigs and so we held a private car party. Just the two of us and a few pills to pass the night away. After ten minutes the windows were steamed up nobody could have ever seen us. The music was blaring and we were like school kids at a drive in theatre. We fucked like rabbits.

Arriving back in South Africa I had to deal with my ex and my future. I needed time to take stock and this drove Anita mad. She was aware of the calls and sms messages, she was fighting for her future as well. Eventually I procrastinated too long, my ex cut me off. I had lost my opportunity. In the meantime, Anita and I fought constantly. The relationship had turned ugly and in some cases violent. The threats to commit suicide if I left her and the verbal abuse were growing. After one final wild weekend away in the bush we finally broke off our relationship. It had been 7 months of a roller coaster ride and wild sex. Some terrible fights and a nasty break up. I will never forget one of our last fights and maybe this will explain her state of mind and desperation.

After our break up, she came back to see me one day at my home. I was not aware she was even there until she knocked on the door. We argued bitterly about my ex and my past relationships. She insulted and called me every name from “ you fucking prick” to “ you cunt” She had been checking my phone for along time and she knew of my past relationships. It was a very nasty and ugly fight. All of these woman threatened her relationship with me. She had become insanely jealous of my past woman and my ex. While she never knew the true nature of many of my relationships with these women, she assumed I was fucking them all. I can never forget the image during the middle of this huge fight she stripped of all her clothes and said, “you fucked me in the ass last night now fuck me again.” Naked bending over the couch and screaming at me. Was not a pretty sight, even though she had a sexy ass. That’s how angry she became. She was capable of doing a lot of damage and she knew it and was not scared to threaten.

The fighting continued for months thereafter and I eventually filed for a protection order to stop the verbal and mental abuse. The judge at our hearing was quite amused. Anita arrived dressed to kill and sexy as hell to the court. Most cases of this kind are never even heard they are granted automatically. Anita decided to defend her case . I was the plaintiff, in a family abuse case. On being handed my statement, which clearly described the “fuck me in the ass” situation as well as other incidents of phone calls, hiding in my front garden, suicide threats, he granted a permanent restraining order. But, she had won. She stood in front of a judge and told him , “my whole statement was bullshit and he could grant the order as she had no intention of ever seeing me again.”

I suppose I should have felt relieved, the relationship was over, but little did I know that we would make up and fuck each other many times over the next few years. The fights became very nastier and uglier each time we broke up, but more of that later. We made up and broke up at least four more times and I could not get on with my life. She became totally obsessed with owning and controlling me. While I can now look back on those times sometimes, with anger but we had great times as well. It is finally clear, we had to end our destructive relationship. Nothing is that simple but over the next few months, I started to actively date single woman and re entered the dating scene.. I reduced my involvement with couples to only a select few long-term friendships.

I will devote the next chapters to all these people in my life ranging over a period of almost 20 years. I make no distinctions over the period Many remain just friends, but for all those others who over the years we had some wonderful times, all I can say is thank you for an amazing experience. I would have not missed it for the world.