Written by sailorcat

01 Oct 2013

Cat’s first club visit and MMF

Before you read this note you must understand that I have changed the names involved and it is a bit difficult to sometimes identify all the couples which I am talking about. I must be very clear that although there are some dodgy events which occur in the course of our adventure, I am definitely a straight guy although when there are mingled bodies on a bed I do not call the police if I come in contact with the other guy. I try to tell the story as honestly as possible and believe me it is not always easy talking about it in such detail. Hope you enjoy and learn and find it interesting.

We have been a happily married couple for more than twenty years and from time to time I had brought up my fantasy of seeing my wife Cat with another man, she in turn was keen to try another woman. But that is where it ended. A few months ago I read about a club in a magazine called PFC it looked interesting and I did an online search and found their webpage. I paid for a subscription and soon we were flipping through some really hot photos of the activities at various parties at the club. We both found this quite a turn on and eventually my wife decided to give the owner a call. The owner has strict rules and policies and insisted that she speaks to and interviews all potential members and also requires some photos to see who she is dealing with. The club is quite upmarket and classy and the selection process ensures that only a very select type of couple or singles are allowed to join. It works.

To shorten the story, we were accepted and booked a room as we were travelling from far. The rooms are a new addition as not all guests sleep over. Arriving at the gate we were very nervous about what we were getting into. The club is on a large estate in a very horsey area and large luxury mansions. We were let in and drove down the long driveway to a very big house. We met the owner and after explain what happens he showed us to our room and we settled in. The party would only really start in around three hours so we had time to reflect, shower and clean up and get some supper. After supper we looked over the balcony and could watch as couples arrived once a few had gone in we decided to join in and we went downstairs to the club. The club was tastefully decorated with many nooks and crannies, a bar, a pool, Jacuzzi, a fireplace, dance floor and to the one side of the pool over a bridge, several rooms of varying privacy and fantasy. We got ourselves a glass of Spritzer (white wine and soda) as we wanted to keep all our wits sharp but just take the edge off and then went to explore. Not much was going on at this stage but there were many very sexily dressed couples milling around and doing their thing on the dance floor. We settled into a couch and started to casually make out. A little slow tickle of a nipple, some sensual kissing while taking in the surroundings and just chilling. By this time a few of the girls had lost their tops and were casually walking around with their titties happily bouncing around, one pulled her panties to one side and showed us her pussy. There was an atmosphere of clean fun and adventure where the ladies rule and no means no. There were quite a few photos of her on the wall as her and hubby are regulars. My wife Cat was still very shy and although she allowed me to play with her nipples through her blouse she was reluctant to release the twins. I did open her up a couple of times and flashed the rest of the crowd but she soon covered them up again.

We decided to take another look around and walked out to the open area where they have a bridge over an indoor pool (being winter the whole premises are heated). To one side is a Jacuzzi or cuddle puddle and a bed scattered here and there. We noticed an Indian couple and a white couple who had been dressed up as a maid and Scotsman making out in the cuddle puddle, actually started making out but very soon they were clearly fucking. A few minutes later they swapped over with the Indian guy fucking the white girl and the white guy fucking the Indian girl. It was incredible to watch this blatant display of sex for the first time in our lives. Then another couple joined them but they remained to one side doing their own thing. We were stunned and just stood there gawking like idiots at what was happening for the first time right in front of our eyes. The Indian girl noticed us watching and beckoned seductively with her fingers. I did not know what to do. Interracial? What did we think about that? Had never really considered it. Exotic dusky honey, mmmmm, some dark cock sliding into my wife, wow! My cock was saying “yeah, yeah let’s go” but my head said hang on and take it easy. Had to first see what my wife thought and I remembered that our primary aim was to look for a playmate for her and not for me so this free for all in the Jacuzzi caught me off guard and may just be too much for a first time, so I just smiled and shrugged. Cat dragged me off the bridge and we reluctantly moved on to the private rooms. The first few rooms were still empty then we noticed in a one room there was a curtain half closing the door. We peeped in not sure if this was correct etiquette but peeping anyway. Inside was a sexy olive skinned couple we had noticed earlier. They were on a raised bed with the girl doing a slow ride on top. The guy was pretty big below and it was so hot watching him sliding in and out of her tight wet pussy. There was a lower bed right alongside where another guy was slowly fucking his partner. This was all really incredibly erotic and we were getting more and more turned on. We moved on to the end room which was a sort of open orgy room with one way glass and lots of bed space. Started watching through the glass when my wife decided that it was now or never…she could not wait any longer and literally dragged me into the room and we quickly lost all our clothes as this was a no clothing room. All the lighting in the rooms is toned down which gives a real sexy ambiance. There were about six couples in the room and I could not really make up my mind if I should watch or concentrate on my wife. I ended up doing a bit of both also maneuvering Cat into a position where her pussy was toward the window where I saw some vague movements through the one way glass and I knew we were being watched. Knowing that someone else was enjoying watching us really close up, while we pleasured each other was amazing. There were some moans of pleasure coming from the couch in the corner and I looked up to see a petite dark haired girl cumming in spasms as she rode her man’s cock. On the floor in front of them another couple were very busy. The wife was dressed or half dressed as a French maid and was also gyrating on top of her husband and grinding her clit against him. Not too much longer she also collapsed in a massive orgasm. Meanwhile I was working on my wife’s nipples and gently inserted two fingers into her pussy. I was rubbing her G spot with two fingers while licking her clit and could feel her pussy ballooning and becoming engorged and I could tell she was about to cum. With all the visual stimulation we had been getting it did not take long to get to this point, she pulled away as she did not want to cum too quickly and sat up to watch as “corner girl” convulsed in her third orgasm. I was amazed that these guys could keep going so long without blowing the load. My wife has always climaxed clitorally and seldom more than once an evening but has never managed vaginally so our procedure was more oral which she says I am very good at. So there has never really been a need for me to last for a long time. We have been married twenty something years and have got to know each other very well. I have a modest seven inches long and five inches around (we know this as she has measured it) she has always been quite sensitive and sometimes commented that I was hitting the cervix or that she had cracked even though we used additional lube. So over the years after lots of trying I knew that she was not going to cum vaginally regardless of how long I plugged away and so I got quite used to be a bit quicker on the trigger and would climax after about five minutes of thrusting. So at this stage I was not really in a hurry to enter her as I did not want to blow too quickly and we were content to lie back and watch in amazement as some of the other girls had multiple orgasms vaginally while bouncing or grinding on their partners cocks. I actually started to wonder about this because the ones who were cumming vaginally were riding very big fat cocks. I consider myself ok in length but I would have loved to be blessed with a bit more girth which I suspect was the reason the other girls were cumming so much. I resumed play on my wife and it took very little before her tummy jerked in and she was groaning in orgasm. I slowly slid inside her and it felt amazing. She was so wet and still tight from her orgasm that I could feel her clenching me. I got into a slow rhythm and while pumping away a friend walked into the room and shook my hand, this was quite funny to be pumping away at your wife and your friend is watching and shaking your hand…wow, a few thrusts later I had an incredible orgasm shooting a lot of sperm up her pussy. We got dressed and went back to the bar to rest and recuperate. On our way out we looked in at the first room and the first couple we had been watching were still going at it in a slow sensual fuck, we really enjoyed watching them. A little while later they came to the bar and thanked us for a “good show” it seems that they had taken a break and come to watch us for a while and then returned for another fuck.

It did not take too long and we again were worked up, there was so much action going on around us that we went back to the room for seconds. There was an older couple on the bed and we slid in next to them. We were at the base of the bed which gave us a direct and close up view of his cock plunging in and out of her, she was really enjoying herself and they swapped around positions a few times so that they could also watch what we were doing. After we had both had cum again we went out to the pool where we met the Indian couple A and V. We chatted a bit sort of sizing each other up. Cat was still not quite sure of herself and although she was quite proud of the fact that we had fucked wildly in front of a lot of people tonight, the thought of going to the next level was a bit overwhelming. I could see that A had the hots for her and was dying to sink his long dark cock into her blonde pussy. His wife V was just as interested in me and put her arms around me and started to grind her pussy and boobs into me. She was still completely naked. I gave her nipple a small tweak and brushed a hand over her pussy, this was very different and confusing as I have never strayed from my wife. Also I could see that Cat was not really comfortable so we took down their details and said we would call them.

We then went up to our room and had another quick fuck up there. Next morning we went off on our business and shopping trip. We were buzzing and could not get PFC out of our heads. I had a permanent hard on and Cat was dripping. We were continuously talking about our recent experience. This had changed something within us and in our relationship on so many levels (in a good way). We started looking at everyone we saw hot, or not, young or old in a sexual way imagining them in a lifestyle situation. We spoke about A and V, although we had never had interracial fantasies this all of a sudden became very erotic as I visualized A’s big cock entering my wife and his balls contracting as he came in her. Cat was also thinking about me fucking V and although she said that she was ok with it, I could see that she was not too sure yet. All was still very new wild and exciting. But as the week went on she decided that she wanted to get together with them and she called V and told her we had had such a fantastic time that we had booked another night on Saturday and would they be able to join us. Unfortunately, although they both were into it, they could not make it that Saturday and it was the only time we had, so we all missed out on what could have been a very spicy and exotic lovemaking scene. To be stored in our minds for now until the next time. Anyway the thing with A and V opened us up to something new which we had not considered in the past and we found ourselves now looking at various Indian couples and wondering what it would be like!!

Roll on Saturday, we moved into our old room and it felt like we had arrived home, PFC is such a comfortable, clean and secure venue that your really do feel relaxed. We lazed around for the afternoon and later had some supper and a shower and got ready to go partying.

We got downstairs around nine and the party was pumping. There was a big crowd and a lot of sex dancing going on. Quite a few singles had been let in and they were milling around looking for some spare pussy. We noticed the olive skinned couple from the previous party and said hi and glad they were back because it seemed we all turn each other on. They were like us into voyeur and exhibition. Well that was our scene at this stage and they were also newbies and told us that last party was also their first.

It took quite a while for people to get going (to the rooms that is) as most were content to gyrate around the dance floor as the music was pumping and there was a good DJ.

Cat was wearing a flimsy top with buttons undone so I easily slipped her boobs out and started playing with them in front of the barman while ordering us a Spritzer. This time she did not complain or cover up. We stood there a while with her in front of me sipping on wine while I played with her nipples in front of the whole crowd. There were many other girls with very little clothing on the dance floor so she was not out of place. As we head for the private rooms we cross over the bridge at the pool and as we step off we notice a dark skinned exotic couple on a round couch. She has her legs spread and is watching us while her husband has his fingers in her pussy. He carries on fingering her until her eyes roll back and she jerks around in a wild orgasm. They get up and head off to the bar. Wild!!! Cat and I got stuck on the bridge watching them and could not believe how bold that was of the girl, it seemed that she was the instigator…

We went to check out the rooms and watch the olive couple doing their thing, unbelievable how long this couple could go on. They can fuck continuously for more than two hours without a break. We noticed a girl we had seen earlier heading for the main orgy room with her partner and we really wanted to see her in action. We had decided that she was incredibly sensual and had the best ass ever. So we went into the main orgy room and started fooling around on the couch, Cat was giving me an incredible blowjob and before I blew her head off I sat down facing her in a leg over leg face to face position where we could spend some time passionately kissing and playing with her nipples. The dark skinned couple from the round couch came in and started fucking on the big bed. Miss fine ass was getting a good side on fucking from her well hung man and was positioned so that you could see a lot of this action. Cat had a deep orgasm while I massaged her G-spot with two fingers and clit with my thumb. As she calmed down I entered her from the same front to front sitting position. While I was gently fucking her Miss fine ass’s man had pumped his load into her and she just stood up in a very business manner and walked out. Must say that not all hot and good looking people are hot and good looking to watch when they are horizontal, they are better remaining clothed and looking hot at the bar. Not long after another couple lay on the bed below us and the guy pushed two fingers up his wife while watching me fucking Cat. I decided to give him a show and spun her around so that her pussy was pointing right toward his face and I then started fingering her with two fingers inside and my thumb doing the dance on her clit and swirling my tongue on her nipple. It was really great to see them getting turned on by watching us and both of us masturbating our wives. Cat was soon contracting as she reached her climax and as she came down I entered her. I did not last long as all the muscles in my body tightened up into a very intense orgasm which made me really groan out loudly so that everyone in the room knew and saw me cumming. We got dressed and while dressing I was watching the couch couple fucking on the bed. They looked almost Indian and my cock pulsed again remembering the previous party and V’s invitations. Cat sat down on the bed alongside them and pulled out my erect cock and gave me an incredible blowjob while the Indian? couple watched as he slowly pumped into his wife.

When we finished we saw that the olive couple were still at it but we needed a break and headed for a refill of Spritzer (wine and soda), we try to keep slow on alcohol when partaking in recreational sex as it tends to numb things. Earlier while at the bar we had chatted to another couple and R the husband had been allowed a few feels of Cat’s titties which was quite a turn on as I had never seen her touched by another man. On the way back to the bar we again bump into R and his wife, we pause as he takes advantage of Cat’s boobs. He is very complimentary and says she has really beautiful boobs and he loves to touch and play with them. I can see he is quite turned on by them. I take this chance to get to know his wife and I get to feel her nipples, although her titties are smaller than Cat’s, she has really long nipples about the size of the first section of my pinky finger and very erect. She breaks away as she is already involved with another guy who is waiting for her. So we continue toward the bar and as we are crossing the bridge we see Miss fine ass getting sensually fucked on the suspended bed over the pool and decide to watch as she hops off and starts to blow her man. This is getting us very hot again and R starts to fondle Cat’s breasts and sucks her nipples. Everyone is watching us as both R and I start making out with Cat on the bridge. He is feeling her pussy through her jeans while I loosen them at the top. This allows him better access and in no time he slips his hand down the front of her jeans and I watch her face as strange fingers touch her pussy for the first time. This is driving me wild and my cock is straining against the jeans. Cat is still a bit bewildered by what is happening as I take her hand and guide it so that she is now holding R’s cock through his jeans while he fingers her and plays with her nipples. He takes this as permission to take out his cock. At this club all actions must be started or initiated by the lady. He unzips and flips out a really impressive large fat cock. At this stage I also take out mine and Cat now has my cock in one hand and a strange cock in her other. I can see in her expression that she has just noticed the difference in thickness. She is very used to my size which although not very thick is reasonably long at seven inches. But what she is trying to get her mind around is this fat thing which her hand cannot even wrap around. I can see that she is not too sure what to do next or how far she should let this go or if it will even fit? R and I assure her that it is all in her hands…so to speak and she can stop it at any time. No is no. She does not stop and we decide it is time to get a room. We go to the room where the olive couple were, they have finished and the room is empty leaving us lots of space to play. Cat lies in the middle and R and I lie either side, we take turns kissing her and playing with her nipples. I am watching with great interest at what R is doing with my wife. It is real strange when he moves up and starts to passionately kiss her. His fingers find her pussy and he pushes three fingers in. I find him quite rough as I know she likes to take things slow and gentle. But this is all about trying new things so I stop myself from giving any advice and just observe. While I am watching his fingers plunging into my wife’s pussy I notice that a small crowd has gathered at the door and are watching us in play. I move down and start to lick Cat’s pussy while R sucks on her nipples and carries on kissing her. Then we swap and he moves down to her pussy, by now he has all four his fingers and thumb pressed into a wedge and is finger fucking her. I realize that maybe this is his way of opening her up in preparation for his big size. I watch as this fat cock moves up to her face to try and get her to suck it, but she does not want to blow him. I guess he may have wanted to get some lube on before entering her. I reach over to the basket and grab a condom and toss it to him. He quickly rolls on the condom and moves down to line up his cock with my wife’s pussy. I see his large cockhead as he rubs it up and down her slit. R tries to push the head in and I see his cock bend in half. Cat tells him to go slow because you are bigger than my husband and I am not used to your size. I realize that although I have already cum in her pussy earlier, the outer lips are dry and need some lube. I move into a sixty nine with Cat on top and R getting ready to try to penetrate her again from behind. I lick her pussy while she starts giving me a blow job. I then take R cock in my hand, it feels really fat and different to mine and is pulsing in anticipation as I rub it up and down her slit to wet the head. He tries impatiently to enter her again and pushes the head in while I lick her clit with my mouth wide open, (at this stage you have to try to visualize this position to understand what happens next) his cock bends and it springs out right into my mouth, R thinks he is in her pussy and just carries on fucking my mouth. His cock shoots right to the back of my throat and I realize what ‘deep throat’ is all about as I battle to control my gag reflexes. (We laughed about it afterwards but at the time it was quite an experience!!). Cat says she thinks that it is too big and she does not think it is going to work as R pulls out of my mouth. I think he believed he was inside her? Haha. Anyway my fantasy has been for a long time to see a fat cock (not necessary long) going into her and a strange guy giving her a vaginal orgasm while he fucks her and I really wanted this to work. I don’t want my wife’s pussy ruined or hurt but I also was determined to get R’s cock into her pussy. So I did the unthinkable and pulled his cock back into my mouth slobbering it with saliva and then lined it up with her pussy again. R pushed slowly forward this time as he starts to enter her but just as the head goes in I can see he sort of gets to a tight spot and it stops. It is like watching my wife lose her virginity and I worry that she may be right for a second but then her pussy gets used to his size and relaxes enough to allow him to slide in balls deep in one long slow thrust. By this stage she has stopped blowing me and is just concentrating on this invasion of her tight (or previously tight) little pussy. I look up between R legs and see more people pushing in the doorway to see this action. One guy has his cock out and is jacking off while fingering his girl. R starts pounding in and out but my head is in the way as I try to lick my wife’s clit. I am pretty secure in my own sexuality and so excited that these brief contacts with another man’s cock do not put me off and R does not seem to mind as he continues to thrust into my wife. I give him more space by moving down a bit and play with her clit with my fingers while watching this strangers fat cock now gliding effortlessly in and out and her lips clinging to him as he withdraws. I can see the tube along the bottom of his cock start expanding and his strokes quicken. His balls tighten up to his body as I realize that a stranger is about to cum in my wife’s very receptive pussy. Cat groans and has forgotten about my cock as R builds up speed. He is now fucking her deeply and roughly slamming his full length into her, I cannot hold it anymore and my cock jerks in spasms as my seed flies through the air without her even touching me. It is just so exciting watching this stranger’s mating with my wife and getting ready to blow his juice up her dripping pussy. R’s cock expands, his balls tighten up and I see the sperm tube contracting and pulsing as the first series of sperm is delivered right up into my wife. His thighs flex as he pumps his cock all the way in and holds it there tightly as if trying to get all his sperm to shoot in as deep as possible into her. Cat told me later that even though he had a condom on, she could feel each time his cock expanded and pulsed shooting jets into her.

R pulled out and we all just lay there in an afterglow as people who had been watching complimented us on the show and drifted off. We got dressed said thanks to R, met up with his wife who had previously arranged to meet another guy (they play separately as well) and had been fucking him. Said our goodnights and headed up to our room where I went down on her and gently licked her freshly fucked pussy which was red, swollen and wet. My mind was buzzing with visual flashes of his fat cock pumping in and out and the sound as his balls slapped against her clit. I couldn’t resist any longer and pushed my cock into the same place he had just enjoyed. It took just a few strokes and I shot my contribution into her.

We are looking forward to our next visit to PFC. It seems this lifestyle is extremely addictive especially and very often to the wife more than the husband as it gives her an incredible boost in so many ways. At the club women are the ones in charge and they decide what goes and what does not. Maybe next time we find a hot woman for Cat. Or maybe we find a couple. The couple thing will be very trying for many reasons from both sides. It will be the first time I see her with another woman, and first time for her to see me with another woman. Also another question is how I will perform with another woman while my wife watches? Would I let go and give my best “service” and how would my wife feel when the woman cums, or would I be more reserved which would not be fair on the woman. And same goes for my wife, although she has had one guy now and she is definitely more relaxed than last time, will she just relax and let it go and work towards climaxing. Or will she hold back especially on the vaginal climax part if it came up?

Ps we bought a rather fat toy which is also seven inches like me but 6.5 inches in girth, it is a cyberskin perfect pecker…haha. And really, really realistic looking and feeling. She thought it would be a good idea to get her more used to the bigger girth before she bites off more than she can chew at the next club visit… You can never tell what you are going to get when you meet a new guy, it is like a lucky packet guess game. Anyway, so far, first time she tried, she only managed to get the head in. But after a couple more tries she gets more than half in. She says that as she gets more used to it she can now concentrate on the G-Spot. Just with half in is enough to stretch the G-Spot area and she says it feels really good. So we shall see, perhaps she may succeed to train herself to have a vaginal orgasm!!

So many questions…but we are still very into it and chat about all the aspects so that there are no surprises. This weekend we are going back to the club for more fun, can’t wait…