26 Mar 2019

I always had a fantasy of watching my wife Ann been fuck by a guy with a big cock. We been married for a long time, our sex life is great. As years passed by I wanted to get my wife Ann into the lifestyle. Ann is very sexy, great body, long black hair, and great tits and people person. A friend of mine from squash, Alan and his wife Nicole, is in the lifestyle for a long time and love it. He is good looking, tall and had a thick 9 1/2”cock. Nicole is very pretty, tall, long black hair, carry a bit of extra weight. This is where I got the idea from as I have had a threesome with them. I know Ann would love being in the lifestyle, as she loves sex, watching blue movies and have sex toys. Ann has only been with me and has never experienced fucking other guys with bigger cock then my 7”cock. A least I think so. So one night I come home from squash pissed, I had a lot to drinks. I sat in the TV room watching TV, I noticed the DVD player was on, I pressed play, Ann was watching a blue movie. I felt this was my opportunity to ask her to get into the lifestyle. Ann was making coffee; she put my coffee next to me and sat down. I looked at her, so how was your evening? Ann replied; it was great thanks, why are you asking? I replied; have you ever thought of fucking another guy? Having a threesome? Ann’s response was never, that’s not going to happen! I responded to Ann; so a foursome is out of the question. She replied; definitely. I know that I planted a seed and Ann will think about it, as I know her very well. I did not pursue this, as I know not to pressure her. The following month it was my birthday, I use this opportunity again. Ann asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I replied; a threesome with you and become swingers. I told her that I had this fantasy. Ann’s response was; you need help and need to see a sociologist. I again did not pursue this. On the day of my birthday, Ann gave me a booking at a hotel and entry to a swingers club. This was for the following weekend, I hugged and kissed her. Ann response was; this docent means that anything is going to happen.

I saw Alan at squash on Wednesday evening and ask him if they will join us and that I would like to get Ann into the lifestyle and I needed his and Nicole’s help. I told him which hotel and club. Alan confirmed on Friday that they will be joining us. On that day we arrived at the hotel, booked in. Ann was horny already, she wanted to join me in the shower, I was playing hard to get, Ann was putting on sexy lingerie, I come out the shower, hugged her from behind put my finger in her pussy, it was wet. As we left Ann put on a long jacket over her. We arrived at the club, I pushed Ann against the car, kissing her and put my hand in her panty again, rubbing her clit, and her pussy was wet, wet. We entered the club door, sat at the bar having drinks. I saw Alan and Nicole come through the door with another couple. Alan comes straight to us at the bar, I introduced Alan and Nicole to Ann, Alan introduced the other couple to us as Chris and Kathy. Chris was short, average looking, but a great body; Kathy was also short, average looking, great tits, long brown hair and a great body. They both work out at a gym. Have lots of drinks, dancing, having a great time on the dance floor. Alan is definitely into Ann, he cannot take his eyes of her. The three ladies left the dance floor and went outside, Alan, Chris and myself sat at the bar waiting for the ladies. We partied at the club until about 2 am; it was great as all the ladies got on like a house on fire. Nicole suggested that we go back to the hotel and go to their room for a night cap. On our way to the hotel Ann unzipped my pants and started giving me a blow job, which she has never done before.

We went to Alan’s and Nicole’s room, Mark and Kathy was already there, Nicole poured drinks and we all sat on the bed. Alan started playing with Nicole’s tits, Mark followed with Kathy and I started playing with Ann tits. Nicole and Kathy removed their tops, Ann and I moved to the couch watching them, Ann also remove her top, I started sucking her tits, sucking her nipples into my mouth, Ann was watch the other couples on the bed. Alan, Nicole, Mark and Kathy removed all their cloths, Alan was muffing Nicole, Kathy was giving Mick a blow job, the sound that was coming from there was like a blue move. I look up and turned to look at Alan and them, hole shit Mark had also a thick 9 ½ cock. Nicole asked us; to join them on the bed, I looked at Ann, she said nothing; I removed all Ann’s cloths and mine and joined them on the bed next to Alan. I started muffing Ann, Ann was having multiple organisms, I looked up at Alan and showed him, lets swap, Alan and I swapped places, and Alan was in his knees between Ann legs, holding his cock in his hand, rubbing Ann pussy with his cock head, Ann moved her hands down, opened up her pussy lips for Alan’s cock, Alan lifted Ann’s legs onto his shoulders, putting his cock into her pussy slowly, Ann lowed her legs, put her hands around Alan bum, pulled Alan cock into her pussy, Ann cried out load, fuck me hard Alan. Alan pushed her 9 ½” cock all the way into Ann’s pussy, Ann was like a fog horn having multiple orgasms. I was muffing Nicole, looked up again at Mark, showed him , lets swap, Mark and I swapped places, I laid back, Kathy was giving me a blow job, I was watching Alan fucking Ann hard and wild. Mark was muffing Nicole, the sounds in that room was out of this world. Kathy got on top of me, riding me like a rodeo bull, crying out; fuck this is good. I turned and looked an Ann, Mark and Alan had swapped, Mark was between Ann legs, rubbing his cock on Annie pussy, Ann started to squirt, this was a turn on for Mark, Mark pushed his thick 9 ½” cock all the way into Ann’s pussy, he fuck Ann hard and fast. Mark turned Ann around and fucks her doggie style, shooting his load into her pussy. Ann and Mark lay back exhausted. Alan and I swapped places again, fucking Nicole and Kathy doggy style, squirting our loads into their pussies. We all lay back on the bed, exhausted. Nicole asked Ann; how do you feel; Ann replied; it was amazing. Ann and I run back to our room with our cloth in our hands. Showered and got into bed, I asked Ann what changed her mind. Ann replied; Nicole explained to me that the lifestyle was not for love, it’s purely for sex, lust and fantasies, you put love a side as you have love at home. Only if you’re married is secure with no issues. Ann and I fuck again, the next two weeks we fucked like newlyweds as Ann kept having flash backs.

We now have been in the lifestyle for a long time, loving it; we have met great people, also some strange people. What’s great about the lifestyle is, to feel free with no issues. It’s changed our lives complexly; we only play together, same room and only if there is chemistry. We have house parties, threesomes, orgies and Alan and Mark are still our friends with benefits.

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