Written by AngeliqueB

21 Mar 2014

You get an sms at about 16H00 asking if you will pick up a bottle or two of wine on your way home. A second sms an hour later promises you a reward if you are not home too late.....

The smell of lasagne wafts through the front door as you open it. Lasagne keeps well and tastes even better a few hours after being cooked! You drop you briefcase and jacket and make your way through to the kitchen, carrying the wine, as you hear music and activity. The sight that awaits you takes your breath away. Not the beautifully laid table candles, crockery and cutlery; nor the flowers! I am standing with my back to you, making salad, wearing nothing but the new long, silk, floral gown (with a matching set you know to be beneath) which you bought for me, the last time we went shopping together. You stop and take in the view, before moving towards me putting the wine down on the table in passing.

I heard you come home and enter the kitchen but I purposely do not turn to come and greet you. I wait and smile as I hear your footsteps coming towards me and feel your arms encircle me and your breath in my neck as you say hello. I lean back against you and turn my face so that my lips graze your neck with a greeting kiss in return. You stand holding me as I finish the finishing touches of our supper while you enjoy my closeness and take in my fragrance with long, deep breaths. I wipe my hands on a cloth nearby and slowly turn within your grasp to face you.

Looking down, you see that the gown is loose and inviting you to glance still further to the valley between my breasts not covered by the lace top of the teddy I am wearing beneath. Your arms move to slide beneath the gown and pulling me closer, you lower your head to greet me properly. A deep and lingering kiss washes your work thoughts away and your body starts to relax against mine as my hands move up to caress your face with the one, and the back of your neck with the other. Time passes as we reacquaint ourselves with one anothers mouths, dispelling the longing from only just this mornings goodbye.

Your hands move to my breasts, teasing my nipples over the material, heightening the sensation. They harden instantly and your kiss leaves my mouth to trace a path into my neck and down into the front opening of the gown. My hands guide your head in turn to each crest of breast and your kisses are like butterfly wings on my skin. I can feel you harden as you push against my tummy and I move slightly to ensure that you know I am aware of your increasing need. Time is forgotten as we stand bodies pressing against each other; hands exploring and mouths touching.

I eventually ask you if you would like pudding before or after your meal............. what a stupid question. You laughingly ask what is for pudding and taking your hand, I tell you to follow me, so that you can find out!!

We walk up the passage to the bedroom, you trailing behind me watching the flowing silk move as I walk. On entering the bedroom I turn and gesture you to sit down on the edge of our double bed. I come to stand between your bend legs, nudging them apart so that I am up close to you offering myself to you. You need no further encouraging and your arms delve into the gapping opening of the gown, around my back, pulling me into you so that your face finds the valley between my breasts. You take in my fragrance with long, deep breaths and your mouth finds my skin as your hands cup my bum firmly, kneading each cheek lovingly.

Your hands move up and slowly slide the gown off my shoulder s so that it slides in a gliding movement to the floor leaving me standing in a lacy, floral teddy with matching G-string before you, barefoot. Your urgency is evident as your hands do not seem to be able to get enough moving down my arms onto my hips and up, one hand to take hold of each breast. Your fingers find my nipples between the lace and your breath catches as they again harden to your touch and I arch towards you. Your mouth now eagerly follows to each nipple in turn, wetting my skin through the scanty material. One hand moves down now to between my legs, exploring through the bit of lace at the front of the panty to where I am starting to feel increasingly aroused.

Both hands come to enticingly push the panty down until it falls by itself to the floor, leaving my lower body exposed to your gaze. You take in your fill and loving bend your head to place a feather-light kiss on the neat triangle of hair at the apex of my legs. My hands hold your head gently as your feather more kisses, tracing the triangle where skin and hair meet. Suddenly, you stand up and in a single movement, you hands lift the teddy up and lifting my arms in sync, you remove the scanty item leaving me naked. You bend your head to kiss me and my hands move in turn - to loosen your tie dropping it to the floor; undoing each button in turn, excruciatingly slowly until your shirt is peeled from your shoulders; your belt is undone and unzipping your fly follows. But before pushing down your pants, my hand delves into the front, not so ladylike, to grasp you.

Your kiss inadvertently deepens, indicating to me the reaction to my hands attention and I continue to caress you, until your hardness fills my hand and threatens to burst from your shorts. The need that we both feel is now so intense, that the last vestiges of your work clothes are dispelled and we laughingly fumble to get to feel each other against our own flesh on flesh; mouth to mouth; breast to chest right down to my feet between yours.

I move so that the weight of my body pushes you and as the back of your knees hit the bed, you fall back taking me with you. I land on you and am cushioned, as we end up half on and off the bed and we lie there a while, enjoying the feel of togetherness last shared this morning.

Pushing you down onto the bed, I raise myself and move to straddle your waist and sit astride you, so that you blatantly feel my warmth and wetness between my legs, positioned strategically (and on purpose) on your hardness. I sit still, just look enough for you to realise and for you to admire the view, before I lean forward to kiss you firmly, leveraging myself so that with one arm supporting my weight, and with the other I reach between us to take you in hand and gently guide you into me.

Slowly I sit up and lower myself onto you so that you fill me completely. Your hands move to my waist and as my thighs and bent knees grip your waist and thighs, we slowly start to move with practised rhythm. Keeping our eyes locked on each other so that the rising passion is visibly evident, our bodies move with increasing intensity. My hands rest on your chest and yours moving over my bouncing breasts and stomach in turn; at times to my waist to adjust the pace and depth of your penetration so that soon, the welling- up of love allows us to reach an almost simultaneous orgasm of such proportion and lasting for what felt like forever, that we are both left breathless, wet with sweat and suitably spent.

I fall forward onto you and you kiss me with what little energy you have left. We roll sideways and lie a while in the ever-darkening room, until I ask you if you are ready for your supper now...........