14 Feb 2018

A few years ago I was working at a leisure company which was located at Durban Spa holiday resort and had the pleasure of meeting and managing loads of sales ladies that were employed as sales consultants. One morning I was introduced to a young Gujarati Lady (Anusha) that had just left school and was studying further. She had the most beautiful light toned skin and long jet black hair and a sexy lithe little body that any man would die for and I was very very sexually attracted to her.

We had a rule at work that ‘because we work hard we play hard’ so I was my job to take the ladies out and give them a joll after work whenever we did well. After going jolling with them for a few times I noticed that Anusha always sat next to me wherever we went. This seemed to cause a stir amongst the other lady’s, not that anything was said but I am a good judge of what’s going on around me. Anyway this particular evening, she wasn’t feeling very well so she laid her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes.

Her being so close to me changed the whole atmosphere of the little party so I decided to run her home and come back again. I took her home and met her parents and found out that her father had a shop in Durban and also all about their religion which I found very interesting. Especially the part about organised marriages and stuff. I eventually left her place too late to go back to the party so I went home.

As time went by Anusha and I became close friends and basically did everything together. I found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with her. I was married at the time so I tried my utmost to just keep everything hundo. The one week we had to all go down the south coast on a road show. We traveled down and I booked us all into some chalets. We were all supposed to meet at four o’clock so I could take them to a restaurant for supper. When I got to the car’s everyone was there except Anusha, so I went to her chalet to see where she was.

I arrived at her chalet and knocked, she opened the door and the view that greeted me was mouth wateringly delicious, there she stood, topless wearing only a bright red pair of panties. The swell of her bee sting breasts pointing up me inviting my saliva to run down the side of my mouth. My jaw must have been scraping on the ground cause she laughed and invited me in. I waited around while she was getting dressed and we chatted like nothing was wrong all the while my cock was straining to be let loose from my tight jeans, throbbing silently reminding me I was a horny naughty boy.

I think she already knew how I felt about her, she kept herself very close to me touching rubbing up close and all the sexy stuff. She was eventually dressed so we left for the car, in the doorway her hand brushed mine and grabbed onto it I turned slightly to see her expression and that’s when we kissed. A slow passionate drawn out kiss, full of hidden desires and unspoken promises.

Her pert hard nipples pushed into my chest, my hardon raging on, wanting to be let loose. Footsteps approached, we disengaged and made our way to the car.

After this encounter we started a whirlwind romance behind closed doors. Well not exactly just very discreet. We were in love, head over heals and deep in shit.

One night I picked her up from home and we went to Durban drive Inn and parked way in the back so we could kafuffle a bit without being seen. We started kissing and touching and feeling and getting all hot under the collar. She was wearing a tight red dress that showed off her magnificent body, my eyes and hands explored further and further. My hand slowly very slowly running up between her legs under her short red dress higher and higher as we kissed our lips crushed together tongues locked in a feverish dance. My fingers reached her intimate spot, she was dripping wet, her legs had become drenched and it ran down onto the leather seats. The g string she was wearing was sopping wet and her panties had gone between her pussy lips. My fingers were in heaven drinking the nectar of the queens. I slowly rubbed her half covered pussy, seeking her love button soft smooth delicate hot wet my fingers sliding in between her small dainty pussy lips, she let out a gasp as my finger entered her, holding me tightly and moaning in pleasure as my fingers tryed to catch her soul as it spiraled out of control.

My fingers reached her hot hard swollen clitoris, her back arched as she went into full blown orgasm, I continued probing into the wild wet unknown as she cried out in pleasure shivering and shaking breathing raged, eyes glazed in passion and ecstasy over and over and over collapsing with a satisfied sigh as she went over the edge.

I held her tightly and waited for her to recover.

That night she promised to give up her virginity to me on her 21st birthday which was a few months from then. We played around many times as her birthday approached. , falling deeper and deeper in love.

Fast forward to just before her birthday… I was so much in love with this chick I didn’t know what to do with myself, I was married and her religion forbade our little thing we had. I spent some time soul searching and decided to let her go before we go any deeper into this whole cauldron of lust and forbidden love. I resigned the next day thinking…. well thinking that I would be doing the right thing. If I continued both of us would be hurt more than if I just left now before we get in too deep.(too deep had come and gone I still love her to this day but hey… you can’t have everything go your way).

My friend from work phoned me and said that she was crying everyday I was not there. I felt real bad but knew it was the best thing for us.

I later found out that her parents had organised her a husband in Johannesburg and she was married. I contacted her Mom and got her phone number, I explained to her why I had left and she understood, no hard feelings. I owed her that much at least.

Anusha will always be in my heart and soul..... my Queen.