Written by Kabous_Rosie

12 Jan 2014

We are down to earth Afrikaans couple from Overberg (W/Cape). Kabous and me have the kind of relationship based on experiences and relationships rather than accumulating things. So one night I suggested we go to a strip club.

When I suggested to Kabous that we should go to an upmarket Cape Town strip club he wasn't delighted. See, he is not the kind of guy to frequent such places and was quite reluctant at first. I know what you’re thinking, yeah right.

But I'm serious. He said he had no interest in such places which is why he had never been to one. So this was something I really wanted to do - I wanted to share an experience with him that he had never had before. And so we went.

It was a Monday evening and pretty quiet when we arrived. At first he was shy and didn’t know where to look. I am usually quite the jealous type and assured him, that for tonight he could look. After all that was the point. I was curious to see his reaction to it all and I wanted to know what goes on in these places. I mean, was it just like you see in the movies? I was curious.

It was surprisingly pleasant inside. Looking around I noticed the décor was tasteful and the atmosphere was not at all seedy.

The waitrons were friendly and made us feel quite at home. There were no greasy haired cowboys at the bar just itching for a bar fight.

This pleased us and immediately we began to feel at ease. The menu was quite extensive and although we didn’t order food, I was surprised to find that the prices were pretty standard for any restaurant in Cape Town. The drinks were reasonably priced as well, which was a relief.

And the girls. Oh the girls were pretty awesome. They all looked like part time models, each one flawless and beautiful. I noticed when visiting the ladies room how concerned they were with their appearance. Constantly re-applying their lip gloss and adjusting their very sexy underwear.

As the night drew on, more patrons came in, but there was still no sleazy atmosphere. The bouncers are very good at protecting the girls and followed a few of the men around just in case. They have a very strict "no touching" policy which helps to eliminate the sleaze factor.

The thing that surprised me the most was how welcomed I was made to feel. The girls knew we were a couple and never gave him more attention than me. Later on I decided that I wanted to know just what a lap dance entails. We chose a girl we both felt was attractive and I asked her to give him a lap dance. It was well worth it. They do go the Full Monty and it is all very erotic in an exciting kind of way. Always making sure that no boundaries are overstepped, after all, the men are not allowed to touch the girls.

All in all it was an experience I will never forget, nothing like what I expected and I recommend it for couples who are looking for a teeny bit of naughty but safe fun.

We won’t ever be the type of people who frequent such places regularly, but I can say I had a great time....