28 Feb 2019

Throb, throb, throb!!!! This is how my clitorus deceives me when i think of her. I'm a married woman and so is she. Once in a while we get together and explore our most private parts. The lust we have for each other is dangerous.

Beep, beep!! A message from her comes though. Are you free today? This is the question that I hope to get ever so often from her. I respond and confirm that I am always free for her. The conversation goes on and pictures of our wet pussies are exchanged. Now it's time to meet up.

We don't waste any time and just start ripping the clothes off each other. I go straight for her plump pussie and I start sucking it like it was a juicy mango. I can feel her shaking and see shivers all over her body.

She can't handle it and tosses me over and starts sucking my pussy. I shove her head between my legs as to guide her to the rythm I want. She comes up to kiss me and the taste of my own juices takes this to another level. She climbs on top of me and we start to rub our pussies together. This is it for us. We reach our highest climax. At that moment we feel like we love each other.

But it's not really love is it. We can't possibly love each other. We have our families to love and take care of. So I guess we will settle for these little moments.

Later that night I make love to my husband. I love his cock but in my head all I can think about is her pussy on mine.

Bit in a few days everything is back to normal and I slowly forget her. Until the next text asking if I am free!

We just help each other live our fantasies!