04 Jun 2019

I get this nervous excitement when I head off to meet someone or a couple for the first time...and this time was no exception. I had been chatting to this woman on the site for a while...and she had finally relented to my persistent begging and we had set up a meet.

The second I saw her walking towards me, I was blown away! Her pics on the site, while very sexy, did her no justice.

She was small and petite, yet very classy. I knew I was the one scoring in this little scenario for sure!

We greeted each other, exchanged small pleasantries...then removed clothes and got down to business. I was so keen to inspect her tattooed torso, and she seemed really keen to let me! So I did! Her legs spread apart I devoured her pierced pussy...her moans, while they were soft and sensual, were so sexy it was making my cock drip with anticipation! She navigated her way down and eagerly took my wet cock into mouth, savouring every inch.

Before long we were fucking like rabbits, and she eventually managed to get on top of me and rode me so hard I was starting to get nervous she was going to snap my dick!! At one point I considered praying that she would cum quickly...but I figured God had all those Ethiopian kids to worry about, and my dicks safety would be pretty low on His 'to do list'...but, luckily my sexy playmate came with such a gushing release I managed to regain my confidence in leaving with my cock intact!

Then...mid fuck, she asks if theres something I want to try. So, I ever so confidently tell her I want her to sit on my face...well, she jumped on my face like a Nun onto a bicycle with a dildo for a saddle!! She put her pussy right onto my face and took me to heaven! She was grinding so hard I was starting to envision her piercing was going to rip my lip apart!! She went at it tongue was working even harder...and then, I could feel her start to buck...she started to cum and her thighs tightened against my head...and then the release, that wet release that covered my face!! I was laughing to myself, thinking its only fair if I am going to try persuade her to take my cum in her mouth at some stage!!

She climbed off me and kissed me straight away...tasting her own juices on my stubble.

I resumed fucking her, admiring her petite tattoo'ed frame as I pounded her from behind.

Finally I came...dumping deep inside her. Relieved!

Ever since we chat often...teasing each other with sexy gifs on whatsapp, or telling each other how we plan to fuck each other again...and the next time, I have already planned it...the cums going down her throat, just like she did to me!!!