09 Apr 2019

The weekend was near and she started texting, I have moved away it takes a little planning to get a chance to have some fun...It was a Thursday afternoon and

It started " I have 3 questions you answer yes or no"

1 are u available this weekend?

2 do you mind traveling?

3 are u willing to follow my rules for the weekend?

Shes sparked my intrest knowing I had no serious plans and yet to make new friends I answer yes to all 3 not knowing what she had in store for the weekend.

I get emailed 5:30 Friday morning with the subject line saying

"do not open untill 4 pm"

I just looked at the mail subject and seen that there was attachments since I'm in an open plan office didn't open on my PC. Continued working till around 11 when I decided I needed a snack and to look at the email curiosity was getting the better of me I needed to know a little more before then!

So standing outside the office smoke in hand opening this email I saw a ticket to Durban (where I had moved from)

And and 2nd attachment saying "instructions"

Bypassing the ticket I wanted to see what was on this women's mind.

The instructions read "pack for the weekend we will be alone but Friday night is a surprise in the dark."

You will board the plane and when u arrive in you will uber to the "Beverly Hills hotel " once in the lobby ask the front desk for the envelope addressed to "Mr T" not knowing more than that I looked at the flight time it was for 6pm , not leaving me much time to pack air get to the airport after work but I guess she wanted to see what I throw into my bag knowing we both kinky.

I packed the normal cock ring that I know she enjoys and a few bottles of wine we enjoy sharing together knowing that it's harder to get in Durban than capetown.

Finally I'm on the flight and it's less than 2 hours to game time at the hotel all aroused from anticipation knowing the last time we played has been over 3weeks ago which was the last time I had gotten lucky as well.

The plane had landed doors are open I spring up grab my luggage (carrying only) rush through the airport calling an uber as I make my way to the pick up area lighting a smoke to calm my nerves. Smokes out uber's there we heading to the hotel.

At the lobby I ask for my envelope. Its the key to the room and more instructions.

"Come up to the suite there's a chair placed in the lounge area and something to wear, change place the blind fold on and have a seat lock ur hands together behind ur back I'll be in at 9pm"

Looking at the time I had less than 15 mins to get ready for this night. Up to the room quick wash change and in the almost no point jock strap. Blindfolded cuffed to the chair I wait in silence. I hear the door open for steps coming into the room the door closed and locked. She asks are u ready ?

To be continued....

**Please note this is my first attempt at writing a story comments are welcomed.

Tags: blindfold, bound, holiday