23 Aug 2019

So Hubby fetched me at home one afternoon and took me to a restaurant for lunch. Nothing strange for him to do so I did not suspect or thought of our naughty play we so like... We walked in and as always asked for the smoking section. Walked over walked towards the tables. He chose a table very close to a wall that hid us from the one closed off side but if you are inside the smoking room as we are, you are clearly visible to other people to see everything and hear everything.

We sat down and he ordered some drinks for us. She brought drinks and hubby asked her to come in 15 to get our food order.

Hubs sat like very close to me. He made me turn with my legs in his direction. He suddenly put his hands under my mini dress and moved it up to just cover my pussy. He grabbed my panty, started forcefully and with demand bright in his eyes pulled it down and off to the floor. I felt so nervous and strange but so sensual horny. So weird but fack hot.

We were the 3rd Cpl sitting inside. Two guys like 4 tables away and a clearly married Cpl like to our left 3 tables’ way. Hubby made me move closer and had my one leg wrapped over his. He exposed my bare wet acing pussy to the world. I tried to moan (but lying like hell about that). By now I am fuck hot horny. ..I felt like everyone looked and they know.... I did not give a flip...

He runs and flicks his fingers over my swollen Horney sensitive clit. I had to moan.... Then he teased me by putting his finger tip just in then out then in and then over my clit. He played with my clit again and again and again. I felt a never ever in my life ever intense sensation and feeling that the world is exploding in me… Yes, Yes….. I let out a loud gasp. I started to cumm… pulsations and body shaking never before felt. Stupid hard demanding orgasmic orgasms ripples through me. Shaking still I looked up and both the guys in front of us and me then looking to the other Cpl, by now looking wide eyed at me… I knew, they saw and heard everything. I Fucken came so hard and loud and did not even think of keeping quiet. I begged him to stop… Thankfully he stopped and I fell forward onto him. My pussy now exposed to the whole world. I heard hubby very loudly apologise and then said “apology everyone”.. This is a true story, no lies... My wife has a medical condition and she gets uncontrolled orgasms that she cannot stop. So bad that it happens even with no one touching. I support her by holding and comforting her. He pulled me closer and softly said, do you think they bought that? Grinning… No, I whispered… and don’t care…

Hearing giggles and some laughter, we were assured that it is fine and they actually started applauding us… Hubby thankfully knows me and we left with no lunch….Could not face those people….

I get wet just to think about that... So our next adventures we both agreed on and planning soon is to get shagged by hubby in a clothing store like Edgars. Want to go to the fitting cubicles and have him doggie me long and hard… We hope to have someone else next door and they get so horny they play with themselves right there and then.

But as always my hubby is thinking bigger and better… He is going to find us a dogging guy inside the clothing store and have him doggie me there instead… My other 1st I cannot wait for… lol...

Tags: exhibition