Written by Kitten

24 Feb 2019

Just after my birthday I hit this slump. I looked around and my hottest, perkiest years were flying by and I realised I wasn’t making the most of them. So I decided then that I have this list of things I want to do. A fuck-it list. And I wasted no time getting started…

It was a sunny Tuesday when we walked through the doors of Adult World Honeydew and into the dark hidden halls. Always shy (at first) I gripped onto A’s hand, as he led me to the cinema. Sitting, kissing, whispers of ‘finally’ and ‘I’ve been waiting for this’ as his hand wound around my hair, and his tongue disappeared down my throat. Before long he suggested we go to the glory hole. He knows I like variety and he has proclaimed my talents at blowing…minds. Making out like teenagers (ignoring whoever popped through the hole, oops) I notice someone standing by the door. My new friend. The next box on my bucket list…

Without hesitation we sink to our knees and take turns blowing A. Our lips meeting for the first time, across the taunt skin of a rock hard cock. What an introduction! He suggests we go somewhere else…and we go back to the cinema. I’m told (I love direction) to get on my knees, on the bench (my panties are long gone by now) and A takes me from behind. Sinking his every hard inch into my now soaking pussy. His hands gripping my hips as he starts to pound into me… while I wrap my mouth around B’s impressive, delicious cock. The motion forcing my mouth to take him in further. I know people are watching; and I love it. My exhibitionism side purring as I put on a show… wiggling and moaning… A motions B to take over. And I let out the biggest gasp as he penetrates me for the first time. Theres something so ridiculously magical about that first heavenly penetration of a new partner… especially one you’ve been sexting with for days. He takes no prisoners and fucks me properly; while I lick and suck my sweetness off A’s still hard member.

B suggests we take our tag team to a private room; and we disappear behind the locked door of a booth. A tells me to ‘lie on your back, woman’ (fuuuuck my submissive side sings) and proceeds to bang me while I blow B. Totally floating with fucking happiness from what I’m experiencing. B whispers his dirty idea in my ear (the man is a total deviant) and I get on all fours; his face beneath my now drenched cunt, and he licks me while A fucks me. Total stimulation overload; living my best horny girl life… and with a roar and fireworks, A explodes inside of me. Pumping a river of hot cum into my now tender and well used pussy. And as he pulls out, B latches his mouth onto my hole and starts sucking out the salty spunk. By now my brain is leaking out my ears…

We go back to the cinema (I had a definite wiggle in my walk) and the once again took turns tag teaming me; with an audience; while I had what felt like my 20th orgasm. B had to leave; and just before we did, A made sure to reclaim what’s his with one final, orgasmic round, so I know where my priorities lie.

The first few times I left AW, I snuck shyly to my car – the walk of shame. That day, I waved and smiled at everyone watching me delicately walk away.

What a day!

What should be next on my list?

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