31 Mar 2019

It's been a fantasy of mine to be picked up by a stranger, taken to his office and do dirty things on the desk.

While driving over to the office the fantasy would be us touching each other's cocks,stroking each other until we throbbing hard and wet.

Today I finally had that hookup...

It was just supposed to be a meet, X's suggestion, to get that awkward meeting out of the way.

I suggested that he pick me up not too far from his office. He messages and says his on his way.

I smoke a cigarette to calm the nerves and as I take my last puff, I see the car as he described. I head over and get in the front seat.

The usual niceties and introductions follow and we chat about everyday things on our way to the office. The conversation is flowing which is usually a good sign that there's no awkwardness.

Along the way he slides his hand over to my crotch and teasingly rubs my cock through my pants. Just like I told him I imagined.

We finally reach his office and head inside. We chat some more and I can see him coming closer towards me.

He slides his hand over my cock through my shorts and then slides his hand inside of my undies. He starts stroking me and I'm already wet.

I then undo his shorts and open his fly and then start rubbing his cock through his briefs. He then slides my undies down and I do the same to him.

We start stroking each other's cocks until we both hard and our cocks are pointing upwards, touching each other.

He compliments me on my thickness and I return the compliment. I then ask him what he'll like me to do. He replies anything you'd like. I tell him to sit down in his chair and get on my knees between his spread legs.

I then take his thick cock into my mouth and take him as far down as I can until I can feel his pubes against my nose.Making sure his cock is covered with my mouth and he is completely wet with my saliva.

I then let him go from my mouth and continue stroking him, while I suck on his ball sack. He tells me his balls are quite sensitive and to lick them instead.

I do as he says and lick his balls, then lick my way up his shaft before taking him into my mouth again.

I then swallow his cock and my mouth is so full from his thickness. The more I suck the harder he gets..

I let him go from my mouth and he strokes my cock in return .He even sucks on my head and can feel his tongue in my foreskin as he licks up my juices from my wet cock.

I then go down on him again and tell him to fuck my mouth ,which he then does.. I almost gag as he thrusts deep into my mouth and I let his cock from my mouth to get some air. My mouth and lips are sticky from his wetness.

I continue stroking him until his wet and rub my tip of my tongue in his piss slit to massage it and lick up his precum.

He tells me to cum on his cock and I start stroking my cock . He takes off his t shirt and it doesn't take long for me to cum.

I shoot my load onto his belly and cock. This makes him stroke his cock faster and I watch him beat his dick with my cum as lube.

He shoots his load onto his belly, thick creamy wet cum onto the exact spot where I shot my load.

We then clean up and swop contact details to stay in touch.