Written by Shy Black Guy

23 Jun 2019

I'm 23, black and good looking, just a bit shy. With varsity done, I was set on looking for a job and bcom degree in hand, I ended up at one of the retail chains and offered the position of trainee executive assistant to the CEO. The interview was pretty awesome, it was with HR and on my first day, late afternoon, I met the ceo for a briefing. He was one hot dude, pegged him to be about 46, looks like he gyms or runs so I was quite excited to be working for him.

Over the next few weeks , I did not see much of the ceo, spoke a lot to his pa and him, on email.

I was very excited when he set up a formal 1 on 1 with me, 2 hours long so I was looking forward to it.

The day arrived we had our first meeting and the meeting was about my asprirations, also a bit of my personal life.

I also disclosed that I was gay, just to be transparent but asked him not to share it, which he agreed to.

Doug was in the office more often and he used to work late, so I started to match his times and work late with him, always offering help, a lot of times he did ask me to leave early because of where I lived but I had a car.

The one night, his family was away, so he worked late, he had some board reports to do and I told him I will help because I did not have much to do.

after we were done with the board pack, he was lazing around and opened his alcohol cupboard. He poured himself a whisky and offered me but I declined.

He had his and a few more and as he drank he got more chatty, and opened up a lot more about his family and his work and all I could do was be sympathetic.

But all the while I really had eyes for him.

After about 4 whiskies he went to use his toilet and he left the door open, I couldn't see much from where I sat but I knew if I went to the window I could see, which is what I did.

I watched him pee in steady streams and judjing by where his hand was, he looked big. He finished his business, shook his tool and partly zipped up, washed his hands and came back.

I was a bit hard from thinking , so when he came back I was a little flustered.

he didn't notice much so poured himself another whisky and we chatted more, the conversation changed to me and my gay life and how diffificylt it must be as I am black.

I didn't deny it but told him my parents accepted it, as long as I kept quite about it.

He had a couple more whiskies and he was a bit drunk, the toilet visits were more frequent and I watched a bit more, though I still could not see his tool, didn't help that I was fantasizing having his white tool in my mouth.

I decided it was time to have a whisky and see if I could change things and seduce a drunk man.

When he poured, I asked him to pour for me, he was a little shocked but still poured, I had it in a gulp and he lauged at me. I poured another one for me to match him and by the third I was a little high.

He was going to the toilet and I told him I need to use it as well. He said we cant use it together but we can both take a walk and use the main toilets outside the board room.

We laughed and we went to the toilet, we stood next to each other at the urinals and I had a good look watching him pee. He noticed that I was a little hard but didn't say anything, he did stroke his cock a bit more as I watched. I was so tempted to hold it for him but didn't .

He stood there holding his cock, he was stroking at I watched in the bathroom mirror, I could see it get hard. I could see him pull the skin back. I went back to him and I took his white cock in my hand. I started to stroke it , massage it. He stood to face me and asked me to go on my knees.

I obeyed and went down, my dream of sucking white cock was coming true and I took him in my mouth , I sucked long and hard deep troatuing him.

He started to moan loudly as he held my head and fucked my mouth. it felt so good. I undid his pants and dropped it, oulled his jocks off, exposing his hairy cock and balls and I sucked, till he came..

After that he zipped up and he said it was time that I leave....