25 Jul 2019

Masterdate according to Google is taking oneself on a date.

I was feeling bored at home and all I've been doing of late, was eating, sleeping and logging in on to this site. I needed to get out ...

I contacted some friends to see what they were up to but since most of them are married or in relationships ,it meant no spontaneous outings without prior permission. Lol.

Left to my own devices I then decided to go out on my own for some dinner and drinks.

I headed over to the restaurant,got seated and placed my order. To pass the time in between, I logged onto the site ,to see what was happening or if there was any potential fun.

After I entered the chatroom , I received a whisper from a guy I played with previously.

We chatted and I told him where I was currently. In between our chat ,my food arrived and I started eating.

He asked if I'm alone and I replied yes.

He then asks if I wanted to come over when I'm done and I replied yes.

I've always enjoyed playing with him. He is a pretty chilled guy and his well hung too.

Once my dinner was done , I asked for the bill and paid up .I exited the restaurant and ordered my uber to his place.

Once I arrived at his place, I see him waiting outside. We then greet each other and head inside. We make our way to the lounge area and settle on this big couch.

We chat about this and that, the site and the hookups we have had and asks if I'd like anything to drink. I replied that I would like coffee as it was chilly and needed something warm. He heads over to the kitchen and returns with two cups which he then places on the coffee table.

He then heads over to the t.v. , puts on some porn and returns back to the couch, sitting a bit closer to me. His eyes focused on the tv ,he unzips and plays with his flaccid cock. I ask if I can see him soft and he says sure.

I undo his belt and unbutton his jeans. I then open his fly and take his flaccid cock into my hands. I start stroking him and figure the quickest way to get him hard is to suck on his cock.

I then take his cock into my mouth. His whole cock now enveloped by my mouth. I then start sucking and can feel his semi getting harder in my mouth. In between sucks I would sip on some coffee to ensure that my my mouth was warm.

I let his cock from my mouth and stroke him for a bit, then rotate back to sucking him , long slow licks with my tongue to ensure that there are no dry spots. I then alternate between sucking and stroking him until we both happy with his level of hardness.

He then tells me to get undressed as well and once fully naked he starts stroking my cock from semi to hard. I ask if he has lotion and he replies yes and heads over to get it.

He returns and whilst he gets back onto the couch, I squirt some into my hand. I then climb on top of him in a straddling position so that our cocks are on top of each other and squirt some lotion onto our cocks.

I then grind my cock against his and its slippery from the lotion. I then take both of our cocks with one hand and stroke us off simultaneously. Starting off slow at first then picking up the pace. Watching as both of our cocks are getting wet and dripping with pre cum.

He then motions for me to bring my cock closer to his mouth and I move upwards so that I am sitting between his chest and tummy. I can feel his cock against my bare ass cheeks it's wet and hard. I push my ass against it so that it ends up between my crack.

I start fucking his mouth nice and slow. My hips moving in a thrusting motion and with every thrust I feel his cock against my ass. The wetness of his cock against my ass cheeks with his tip almost inside of me.I then slightly adjust myself sideways so that I can stroke him off whilst his sucking me.

I then slide down his body so that I am between his legs . I take his cock into my mouth and start sucking him. He tells me that few people have deep throated him. This triggers my competitive side and I try over and over again to deep throat him.

I come close and my mouth is millimetres away from his base. Basically a thumb space, I measured. Lol.

I then stroke him some more and then decide to change position. I am now lying on my back with him on top of me. I then stroke us off simultaneously with one hand again and he then moves his cock to my mouth.

I open my mouth and he slides it in. Slow at first then faster and deeper. He then fucks my mouth and I adjust my mouth with his thrusts. He goes long and deep with every thrust. He thrusts again, deeper and holds it in my mouth for a while longer. This almost makes me gag.

He pulls out and his cock is covered with a mix of my saliva and his pre cum. He then strokes and sucks on my cock for a bit.

We the change position again so that this time his lying on his back and I am lying between his legs. I then stroke him off and whilst working his shaft, I start sucking on his nut suck.

I pull on his balls with my mouth, first one then the other, then both. I suck on it tell by his mumbling , moaning and heavy breathing that his enjoying this.

My lips making a clapping sound as I let his sack from my mouth and then lick my way up his shaft until I reach his tip. I suck on it for a while then take his cock deeper into my mouth.

I then let him go from my mouth and stroke him off.

I stroke faster and faster and can tell by his facial expressions that he is close. I work his shaft faster and faster and watch as he spurts his cum all over, some land on his tummy, legs and the couch.

He then takes my cock and starts stroking and sucking it. I can feel his tongue in my foreskin, licking up the wetness teasing my piss slit with his tongue.

He then lets me go from my mouth and starts stroking me. His strokes become faster and faster and I can feel I'm close..

I clench my cheeks, buck up my hips and shoot my cum all over my tummy. His hand still around my cock and I can feel him guide the cum out of my cock almost like his milking me.

We then chill on the couch to recover from our high before getting cleaned up...