Written by Jacqls

16 May 2019

I am a married guy and had the privilege to travel and live in various parts of the world. As a student in South Africa, having escaped the confines of the small minded and conservatism of Namibia I discovered and indulged in my voracious appetite for sex. I had a particular affinity for smart big women – and still do! At university you meet all kinds of people from all over the world all with their own kinks. One or two virgins, first year students, lecturers, you name it, but all girls.

I had so much fun, fucking, sucking, biting, licking, deep throating, ass fucking, being rimmed, golden showers, having my girlfriends pushing a dildo up my ass, fucking me with a tiny strap-on, having me walk around campus for half a day , as a challenge, with an ass plug up my ass – what an experience climbing stairs with the bulb up your ass, clenching ass cheeks for fear of it plopping out all dripping with anticipating lust for the evening ahead as I walk past my Latin lecturer on that gloriously gloomy July morning in Cape Town.

Well, all this fucking started to get boring and I wanted to try something new. I had some gay friends who, when we were drunk, would suggest we have a roll around, I always laughed it off, secure in my machismo. A few years later on a night out at the Warehouse Theatre in Windhoek it all started. Out drinking with some friends my eye caught, or he caught my eye, a young guy slow dancing in front of the stage with some friends. He did not look gay- one can tell- and I found myself looking at him wondering where I knew him from. I have teenage children who often have friends over. I caught myself looking at him and we made eye contact from time to time. At around 11h30 as the place was becoming quite full and as is usually the case the bar was packed everyone trying to catch the eye of the bar men, he ended up in front of me, not noticing me. I had time looking at him, and I am ot sure whether it was because of me being drunk, or the guy was simply gorgeous, I started to look at him very closely. Tight bubble butt – or that was the impression under the tight jeans – turned out to be true- fine hairs on his smooth neck, a small vein pulsing on the side of is neck, and for some reason my cock- not the smallest, started getting hard, and as I leaned in closer to try and get a whiff of his smell, he was pushed back by the someone leaving the bar with a handful of drinks, his ass nestling perfectly into my groin, my raging hard on pressed hard against his ass for a few seconds. My heart jumped and I almost lost the erection for fear of being caught out. Incredibly, his hand snaked behind his back, he tilted forward every so gently pushing his ass hard against me, and grabbed my cock firmly in his right hand as he turned around. He had been watching me in the mirror over the bar. He looked at me with almost nothing in his eyes, his almost too big mouth smiling slightly but very knowingly as he leaned in closer. My heart was beating a furious drum beat, my cock throbbing so hard, the muscle between my balls and ass jerking out of control as my balls pulled up tightly, my ass twitching – I did not know what the fuck was going on I was so fucking horny at that very moment. And when he whispered close to my ear, his big voluminous lips brushing against ear “We both know what we want daddy, question is what are we going to do about it’, I could feel the pre cum dripping, my cock almost erupting and messing up the insides of my pants!. My hand involuntarily moved towards his crotch, and as no one could really see anything, I grabbed, the first time in my ,life – a hard, thick young cock. I grabbed so hard he involuntarily gasped- “ I want it’, he managed in an explosion of hot air against my ear- Jesus, I wanted it at that moment, more than I wanted anything in my life.