First Time
27 Mar 2019

I have been too busy traveling had not have time to share my most unexpected tale of the short left we took last month to Moz.

So me and my sweet hot sexy yummy desirable sweetheart decided to take a shot weekend break to Mozambique South in Ponta D'oara to be precise.

Few days before our road trip my sweetheart says to me 'babe I was talking to my friend about our road trip and she expressed her desire to join cause she has been going through lots of stress lately'

Me: ohh well she is your friend I would not have a problem but it may be too late to get another room where we booked.

Her: babe the room we have is a loft room with a bed on the loft so she can sleep there

Me: that's ok with me, she needs to get out there in a different environment after all she's been through

Well after this conversation I started getting Ideas wild wild ideas but at the same time I worried about how close they are to even think about anything steamy.

So the day finaly arrived for our road trip as usual me and wifey we always make sure that we stock more than enough gin and wine on our road trips, I thought hey let me bring along a STRIPPING DART GAME just incase we need it to ease things out when we arrive at our destination, so I packed this game in my bag without wifey's knowledge.

We left our home to fetch her friend and boy she was so so excited about the trip. Two hours into our 6 hour drive my two passengers were getting tipsy on gin n juice and I was so envious but I had to be a responsible driver responsible hubby. Conversations were great flowing ranging from relationship issues, current affairs, travelling and holiday destinations........ as the ladies got tipsy and tipsy the more I wished i could also be tipsy but I just could not start.

When we were literaly about 10 miles to our destination I asked my wife to fix me a strong shot of Gin n Juice which she gladly obliged, I could not wait to settle into our room hit more shots of Gin and light my favorite cigar and get tipsy like the ladies were

The room was so beatiful with a big balcony for me to smoke my cigar the air was fresh and different, drinks were flowing I could tell that I was catching up with the ladies in being tipsy, when I realised that we were kind of running out of exciting things to talk about I remembered that I had DART GAME in my bag.

I went in the room as if I was going tothe lavatory leaving the ladies on the balcony chatting, Itook the DART GAME out and found a perfect spot to hang it up and I went out and said to the ladies hey guys guess what I have just seen in this room hahahahahah

They both stood up to see what was it, and they both cracked laughing when they realised what it was that I had just 'found' hahahahhahah

I said ohh well ladies we may just as well play this DART GAME we have been talking for the last 8 hours or so, all I heared was them giggling non stop........ I explained the rules of the game which are very very simple cause all you do is to throw the DART and when it lands on an item (clothing) thats the item you take off, so the end is too obvious hahahahah, they giggled again, I think my wifes bestie was waiting for a green light from her friend if its appropriate to play this game, to my suprise my wife said 'ok baby lets play this game even though I will ask the reception if they have this game in all the rooms since you say you found it here' hahahahaha

She then asked for the darts cause she wanted to be the first one to throw the dart and yeah she did and the real fun began. We had so much fun throwing the Darts getting naked and drinking I cant even find proper words to describe it.

At some point when we were all naked our friend went to the ladies and me and wifey started kissing and fondling by the time she walked out of the ladies i was eating my wifes pussy with her legs wide spread she was still kind of not sure what to do and I asked her to help me spread my wifes sexy legs while I ate her wet hot pussy, while I was at it they were kissing each other so passionate and simaltaniuosly my wife was undressing her, my big black mandingo felt like it was double the normal size I know, it was so trobbing hard and shiny chocholate due to the intense build up when we were playing DART,

As soon as she was naked my wife went diving into her pussy eating her friends pussy like her life depended on it while here friend had my mandingo in her mouth deepthroating like a very hungry woman.

The tables turned when she rolled my wife over and started eating her pussy and the altimate was whe wifey said fuck her hard while she eats my wet pussy 'fuck her baby' she yelled, ohh I throbbed her deep from behind while my thumb was up her ass hole and my wife screaming like a porn star ohhhhhh boy lawd have mercy we all came sooooooooooo hard my squirted for the first time being licked by a woman............... I pumped up the thickest load of cum in her friends hot wet cunt and her friend was shaking for a good two munites it was the beginin of a fabulous weekend ever and that Night of DARTS set the mood for the rest of our weekend in Moz oohhhhhh what a weekend and we are currently planning another long weekend in the country side in Dullstroom in June and we have a 4 bed room house booked for 3 nights I think having two couples and my wifes bestie may just be the ideal Country get away to remember...................