Written by Anonymous

First Time
16 May 2019

a Whole new world, an amazing place to be. Never thought I would become a lifestyler. But I did and it has evolved me from a ordinary woman to a hot blooded passionate lady with a sex drive most men could not keep up with.

The woman inside me was not crying anymore, but instead she was yearning for more. More extremely kinky and erotic encounters, passionate but rough enough to satisfy her wild side.

I remember my first party. I remember feeling nervous and very excited, like I was about to receive the biggest present ever.... I must have changed my outfit a 100 times. What do you wear to such a party. Lingerie feels like it should be worn for more private one on one encounters. So I got dressed in tight pants without panties, a top that compliments my breasts. I was ready to become a sex goddess.

As I looked into the mirror at myself, smiling, cheeks pink and flushed with excitement, I felt sexy yet sensual and I was as ready as ever.

My reception was more than I expected. The hostess introduced me to all the people, I hugged the ladies and kissed the men. Making eye contact and trying to be as normal as possible. Drinks were flowing and everybody was busy with conversation and mingling amongst themselves. I scanned the room,not really knowing what I was looking for. Then I felt it, eyes burning into me. As I turned to see who it was I nearly fainted at the sight of the man who was busy evaluating me. Our eyes met and there it was, instant connection. He walked up to me and asked... May I? I looked at him and thought... Wow he does not make small talk, I smiled and said... Well if you want to.... He must have realized that I have misunderstood him. He laughed, took my empty glass from my hand and said.... Be right back. I stood there, confused but very much intrigued by this muscular, dark and handsome man.

He returned with a drink. My pleasure he said, and handed me my glass. Sorry, I mumbled and he reached out and touched my cheek, looking deep into my eyes. Not at all he said, no need to be sorry, rather be careful. Immediately I got my spunk back and started flirting back. Careful... Off what... I asked and took a sip of my drink, licking my lips while waiting for his response.

Suddenly he was close to me, so close I could feel his excitement growing in his tight jeans. Be careful that I don't take you and punish you for being such a sexy little flirt... I replied with a witty answer.... Oh please don't tease me, show me what you mean.

The room started to spin... his lips forcefully seeking mine.... Our tongues dancing and his hand squeezing my bum. I was lost, could feel how aroused I was, my clit throbbing and my breath racing. He let go of me so quickly, I nearly lost my balance.

He stood back and looked at me....Do you trust me? he asked, mocking me with his smouldering eyes and smile, for he obviously knew I was so horny at that moment.

He took me by my hand and I followed him like a sheep to slaughter.... Checking out his tight buttocks and thinking.... Damn its a sin to look this good.

Without a word he led me into a room, dark but with a hint of light shining in through the door from the hallway.

I stood there, waiting, nervous and yet so excited.

Then he kissed me, long tender passionate kisses, while his hand travelled down my pants, mmmmm no panty... Naughty girl...

Yes I am very naughty, will you punish me...

His eyes were darker and I could see his pants got very tight infront. I reached out my hand and touched his crotch. Oooeeee it is a big one....

Both of us just knew what we wanted.

Take it out, he said. While looking into his eyes, my hands expertly unzip his jeans, exposing his gorgeous cock. He softly forced me onto my knees. My tongue licking the precum, tasting him, getting so wet down there. I close my lips around his cock and I start sucking. Taking him in up to his balls. He moans and I continue licking his shaft, twirling my tongue around his cock head. Licking down his shaft, softly sucking his balls and moving back up to take him in again, moving my head up and down, sucking his cock until I could feel him getting even harder.... He grabbed my hair, pulled me up and in one smooth move he has exposed my breasts. Slowly he started taking off my pants, keeping eye contact the entire time... He pushed me onto the bed. Forced my legs open and then I felt his tongue circling my swollen clit. Mmmmm... You are so wet you little slut.... Why are you so wet... He sucked my clit and moved his tongue up and down between my pussy lips. Oh it was heaven... he had me going wild... he used two fingers inside me, still sucking and licking my clit while he moved his fingers in and out.... harder and harder until I screamed.... Squirting in his face. He got up from between my legs, moved up and kissed me, biting my lower lip. I could taste my sweet pussy juice on his lips..... Oh how I just wanted him to fuck me hard...

His mouth found my erect nipples, kissing them and sucking on them, nibbling on them as his hand found my wet tight pussy again. I opened my legs wider to allow him all access. He spanked my pussy and it felt like a sting, but fuck it felt so good... I needed more... Oh yessss spank my naughty pussy Daddy... he kept sucking my nippels while teasing my clit. I cried out with pleasure as I climaxed on his hand.

Good girl he whispered, good girl...

Then he was above me, cock in his hand... Do you want Daddy to fuck your naughty pussy? My mind was running wild, the excitement so overwhelming... Oh yessss please Daddy... I said... Please.... He rubbed his rock hard cock over my clit, hard and fast.... I had no control, and then I moaned hard as I squirted once more.... To his delight.

He took both my hands, held it above my head and slowly started to penetrate my tight wet pussy... Pressing my pussy lips open, and then he pulled out... I cried, no please don't.. He thrust himself into me, so deep and hard, we started moving together, his cock felt so good inside me. He fucked me faster and harder... I moaned and urged him on to go deeper... he grabbed my legs and placed it on his shoulders.... Oh yessss.... I cried with pleasure. My pussy milking his cock as he thrust in and out, deep and hard. Then I feel his cock throbbing inside me, my pussy tightening around his rock hard cock... he let's out a loud cry.... Thrusting harder and more fiercely, I feel my pussy tighten and then I cried out with pleasure as we both climaxed at the same time. He shoot his load into me, rope after rope.

He falls down next to me, waves of ecstasy crashing over us... Our breaths racing. He got up on his elbow, kissed me sofly and whispers in my ear... This was only round one... I just smiled and lay there waiting and wanting more of him.