First Time
16 Aug 2019

Here is the one person I will never forget, Joanne I think mainly because I had a crush on her. She had left the school a year earlier.

I saw Joanne come through the gate while I was changing class. I was now in matric. As I was walking I heard her ask where Mr Davis was. Which the answer was in his office. I changed course from my next class to his office window. I got there as Joanne was closing the door. I watched them talk for a while (unfortunately in all this time I never heard normal conversation, only the loud moans and groans) then to my surprise she walked round his desk, knelt in front of him and fished his cock out. She sucked and wanked him for a good 15 mins and even after cumming once he stayed hard. While she was doing this he had pulled her very short skirt up and was playing with what I considered a 20/10 super hot bum. It was perfect.

Once she got up she stepped back and gave 'Us' a strip tease that was amazing. She truly was a perfect 10 (she was the drummy leader). Once naked she sat on Mr Davis desk with a foot on each arm of his chair. I had a perfect view of her very wet pussy and the little landing strip. It didn't take Mr Davis long to land there. He truly made a meal of her. While he was busy I slowly moved so I could get a better view of Joanne. I was shaking like never before. (Remember I had done this many times before and the nerves had almost gone altogether) I think it was because I wished it was me feasting on her. I got to a position where I had a great view but was quite exposed. Joanne had her eyes closed so I was safe. After a good few orgasms Mr Davis stood up and I ducked back down. He dropped his pants and slid inside her. He was busy for a while then Joanne moved and he ended up kneeling on the desk, that was awesome as now I had a perfect view of him fucking her, I was watching his cock going in and out of her. This was fantastic. They kept at it for longer than any other person he had in his office. I was wanking so much I drained my balls. Mr Davis pulled out and Joanne stood up and sat Mr Davis on the desk and sucked him clean while her bum and pussy was bent over just inches from the glass. What a view. Once done they got up and got dressed. I cleaned up and walked to the offices. As I was about to walk to a class Joanne cornered me, and started asking how's it going and what I would be doing next year. We chatted for a while before she said. "Hope you enjoyed the show, maybe we can get together some day" she turned and left.