First Time
31 Aug 2019

My very first swinging experience started out when I was still a waiter. I had been working at a restaurant for a couple weeks. In my first few shifts a couple had come through quite regularly. I served them on a couple of occasions and one evening the wife went to the loo and the husband called me to their table. I approached the table assuming that he was wanting to place an order but what followed caught me by complete surprise....

He told me that his wife fancied me and thought I was cute. At first I didn't believe him and laughed it off. When his wife returned to the table I received a wink from her as she glanced in my direction.

She was such a milf and I couldn't quite comprehend that she fancied a young fella like me.

They requested the bill shortly after eating and tipped me quite generously. Before leaving the hubby approached me and told me that they would like me to come over the next morning. He gave me their address and left.

After my shift I headed home and did not manage to get an ounce of sleep as I was too deep in thought as to what happened that night and why he wanted me to come over (I was incredibly innocent and niave at the time lol) .

That morning I headed off to their place. I was so nervous and had no clue about what was about to unfold.

I rang the bell and they let me in the gate. I was greeted by the husband at the door and told me that his wife was doing something in her room. Him and I sat in the lounge with his X Box paused on the TV. He said he'd be back shortly and just wanted to see what his wife was up to.

After a couple minutes he returned and said that his wife needed me to help her with something in her room. I had no clue what she needed but I made my way there. I knocked gently on the door and she replied saying "come in".

I slowly opened the door and got the biggest shock ever. She was lying on the bed absolutely naked! She asked me to join her next to her on the bed. I then heard the door lock and the hubby said "I'll see you to later I'll be playing X box let me know when I need to let you out".

My heart was racing and my lusty instincts kicked in. My tongue caressed every inch of her beautiful tatted body and she replied my placing her mouth over my rock hard cock. Things progressed quickly and I found myself pounding her from behind. After she came she asked me to ensure that I don't shoot my load anywhere other than down her throat. A few minutes later I fulfilled get request. I was still in complete shock as to what had happened.

This was the first of 3 vists before they sadly moved to the Cape. I will never forget every detail and this was the couple that introduced me to the lifestyle.