First Time
02 Jul 2019

Fuck my life

My favour cousin and I we're out drinking it up.

Driving home or to the next party, we see a blk horse running across the road... well I did in the nick of time. The driver didn't until I shouted hahaha... maybe there was a horse maybe there wasn't. Hahahaha

Anyway as we driving we pass a very attractive young lady walking on the side of the road.

We double back and ask if she's okay... she nervously answers "¥€$"!

We laugh and tease, then advise her it's not safe to be walking alone at night.. we will give her a lift.

I even agree to sit behind of the bakkie so that she can be comfy in the front... after some time she agrees, we just in and begin our new mission.. she then asks me to jump to the front as it's cold and I very quickly jumped into the cab and off we go.

Speaking she says her boy friend is an arse and and and..., I suggest drinks and she's in agreement. We hit another pub have some drinks and the charmer kicks in..., we speaking drinking and kissing at this point.

So we decide okay time to go at this point she's on my lap with her fine self and we kissing, the driver complains how unfair this is and I ask her to kiss him...

Before i wiped out my eye's she's naked... oh my sak, we have stopped in a quiet road and I am now balls deep in her naked pussy. Did I see sex on the table...,no !

I bust soooo nicely as her cake is warm and it's cold out.... my cousin asks if he can fuck her as well... to which she agrees, telling us she's never done this before and hope's that we do not judge her...

He busts a nut second... we are all three quiet and driving in the front of the van to her location... not saying a word.

She gives my cousin her number, since my phone died. We leave

We haven't spoken a word to each other about this to this day.

Well he's taken her out again

FML that was HOT she is a stunner and that's what her bf got for making her cry