First Time
16 May 2019

Ann and I decided to go for supper at the Spur on Sunday afternoon late, we arrived at the Spur and sat down, ordered drinks and checking what to eat. I noticed a single guy sitting at the next table beside us, he was tall, early 40's, good looking with short red hair and blue eyes. Ann and I had a few drinks and ordered our food. The single guy kept looking at Ann and smiled, I saw Ann smiled back at him, I turned and looked at him, he smiled and said; sorry if I'm so bold, but I noticed you guys are wearing black rings on your right hands. I smiled and said; that's right. I asked Ann if I must ask him to join us ? she replied; yes that would be fun. I asked him to join us and we can continue that conversation. He got up and joined us with a smile, I'm Rob. Rob sat down next to Ann, Rob asked us if it's true that swingers wear black rings on their right hands? We both smiled and replied ; yes. Rob asked us a lot of questions about swinging, that one question Rob asked me, while looking straight in my eyes with a smile, how can you watch another guy fuck your wife? I looked at Rob with a grin and told him; it turns me on watching Ann being pleasured, sexually, and she loves it, there is no strings attached. Rob told us that he is divorced as he caught his wife with another guy. I asked Rob if he has ever experienced Threesomes or any other women than his wife, he replied no but he has thought about it. By now we had finished eating, I asked Ann how does she feel, Ann replied; I'm relaxed thanks, which is a code we use if she is okay for me to invite him home for a threesome. I asked Rob if he had any plans for the evening and if he is keen to come to our place for drinks? which he was very keen. Rob followed us home.

We sat outside by the pool area having drinks and chatting about the lifestyle, it was very interesting to hear what other people thought what the lifestyle is about. I started getting horny, so I suggested we go inside, we sat in the TV room, I removed Ann' s blouse and bra, sucking her tits, Rob just sat there watching, I looked at him and said he must join me. Rob started sucking Ann's tits, playing with her nipples, I got up and removed all my clothes, I removed all Ann's clothes, Rob got up and removed all his clothes to, I picked up our empty glasses, went and poured us more drinks. Rob was muffing Ann, I sat down watching Ann being pleasured by Rob. My cock was hard as a rock, playing with it myself, watching Ann having multiple organisms, Rob sat back on the couch, his 6" cock was only semi hard, Ann took his cock into her mouth, giving him a deep throat blow job, I stood between Ann's legs, spread them apart, pushed my cock into her pussy, fucking her hard and slow, Rob was watching me fuck her doggie style, Ann started fucking me back, crying out, don't stop, I fuck her faster, I pulled my cock out, it was too early to finish now. I sat back on the couch, Ann turned, took my cock into her mouth, sucking my shaft slowly and deep. Rob asked Ann to get on the couch with her legs facing him, Rob lifted Ann's leg up, massaging her feet, Rob started sucking Ann's toes, pushing his tongue between her toes, putting her foot into his mouth, sucking her feet. Rob's cock was hard instantly, it become a 8" cock. I suggested we take this to the bed room, I laid back watching Rob sucking Ann's feet, this made Rob's cock so hard, he laid back on the bed, Ann got on top of him, I watched the two of them fucking and screaming out loud, Rob shouted out loud, I'm coming, Ann replied; me too. They both come at the same time, they both laid back on the bed exhausted. I went and got more drinks, sitting on the bed, we chatted and Rob said; I hope you don't mind, I have a feet fetish, it's what turns me on. Ann replied, I must say it was different and I like it. I could see that Ann loved it and it turned her on big time. Rob then took Ann's feet again, sucking and licking her feet, Ann laid back on the bed enjoying that feeling as she has never experienced this before, Rob's cock was hard again, Rob got on top of Ann, fucked her hard and fast, crying out, Oh God, I'm coming again, pulled his cock out, shooting his cum all over Ann's body. I was watching this with a hard cock, I pulled Ann off the bed, turned her around, spread her legs, pushed my hard cock into her pussy, fucked her hard and deep, shooting my cum into her pussy, Ann cried out, Fuck me harder. I fucked her harder until she came again. We finished our drinks, laid on the bed chatting.

Ann got up and excused herself, said goodbye to Rob and went to have a shower. Rob got dressed and left.

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