First Time
18 Mar 2019

This would be my very first encounter with a older woman.

So, I placed an ad on Cumtree seeking a sexual encounter with a older woman. The title read “Cub seeks Cougar”.

Her response was well detailed with a beautiful picture of herself attached.

I was told she is 46 years of age and I am 28.

We were both eager to meet within 2 days at her place.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a gorgeous lady dressed in nothing but a silk gown. She invited me in after I kissed her hand within the brief introduction and sat down in her lounge. We were positioned directly opposite each other with a coffee table between us. I could see her swollen nipples standing, very visible in her silk as we continued to speak.

She obviously saw where my eyes were fixed. With her hand she flicked her hair back causing a “accidental” nip slip. I got an instant erection. My bulge was now starting to show in my jeans. She stood up and leaned flat on the coffee table exposing her firm boobs fully, Asking me to come closer and show her my erecting cock. She unzipped me and with her manicured nails she lightly touched my balls making me erect even faster. She brushed her face gently against my cock and at this time I was fully hard. She took my cock and shoved it into her warm awaiting mouth. I gently gathered her hair and held it in a pony tail as she asked me to fuck her mouth. It was honestly a great suck as she took me deep into her throat. Sloppy with saliva flowing down to her chin.

She stood up, still having a firm grip on my cock with her hand she lead me to her bedroom. Me, walking like a penguin with my jeans at my ankles.

To be continued..........