First Time
21 Jul 2019

I'm lying on my back on the bed. Feet still on the floor. A goddess is on top off me in a 69 position. I can barley control my excitement. I can feel your warm welcoming mouth, your soft lips and tongue working up and dawn my stiff cock. Lust is in the air that we breathe. You're knees is next to my head. You're ripe fig looking at me, your sweet sent on the tip of my nose. I pull you're sexy cheeks apart, your lips hanging. You are eagerly awaiting my tongue. I lick. My tip now swirling your clit. U wet. I'm going crazy. I'm liking up and down your pussy, thrusting my tongue deep inside you. My one hand softly pinching your erected nipple. The pleasure is intense and the hunger is grow in us. U move forward. Standing in front of me now on the floor with you're back to me. Teasingly bending forward, exposing your hungry cunt to me. I push my erect dick upwards, your lips open as you move towards me. U slide onto me. I'm all the way in. You're warm pussy is amazing. Reverse cow girl time!!!! U ride me hard. I'm uttering. "Fuck me fuck me" I feel u clamping onto me. My hand on your ass. U ride me like pro. Yes ...Yes ....Yes..., is the only noise's that Eco as we both orgasm with rushing pulsing movements.