First Time
18 Apr 2019

It all starts with friends. 😉

I'd always admired my sisters three closest friends. Sam, Karen and the one I slept with at my sister's wedding. Not to be named.

Karen was to me the hottest of them all. The cream Supreme.

This boys wet dream.

I had a mate stay over to watch movies that weekend.

And had no idea my sister had 2.

Karen and Sam.

My sister and Sam were cuddling in her bed. While my mate and I were to sleep in the lounge on opposite sofas.

We'll we were chatting away when Karen who was in my room in my bed😏, decided to beat me to it. And joined me in the lounge instead.

Heaven came to me.

She stood right over me.

Keeping in mind that I was still quite young.

"I can't sleep, will you cuddle me?"

She said in her sweet husky voice.

Yes please Karen is what my friend heard me say.

I might wriggle a bit. That's ok I said making space for her.

She was perfect.

She bent down and kissed me.

She lay on her back. Me on her side.

3 years my senior, and all the more beautiful for it.

She pulled the sheet up to cover us.

Then started wriggling her arm. Her hand touching me in through my bulging pjs. Ooh she whispered.

That's nice.

Her silhouetted breasts heaving as she reached for me.

Can I touch you?

Can I touch you was all I could say in response.


But we have to be quiet.

I gently lifted her nightie to e pose her creamy soft tummy. Oh it was heavenly on my cheek.

She breathed deeply as I kissed her stomach and slid my hand up to her uncovered breasts.

This was impossible I kept telling myself.

So beautiful. So perfect. So big yet firm.

Her breasts heaved as I stroked them.

Suck them sweetheart.

Didn't need to tell me twice.

She had my penis in her hand. Running around the head with her thumb. The tingles driving me insane with lust.

I slipped my hand over her beautiful belly. And down to her panty line.

Over her mound and over again.

Not knowing what I was doing.

She opened her panties with her other hand and told me to go in there.

Heaven again.

Soft sparse hair and a beautiful mound met my hand.

Did you cum she asked me.

Um not yet. Good she said.

And kept stroking my cock.

Take my panties off she told me in that same sweet voice. But kiss me first.

We kissed. As she and I quickly and clumsily pushed and pulled till her pants were off.

Kiss me there and I will suck you there.

I went down with no idea what to do or expect.

Her lips had parted slightly. And were

Moist and beautiful.

I just had to suck them. And lick them and su...

Come here she called.

Show me yours.

Oh my hat. Heaven just got an upgrade of note.

I almost came immediately in her beautiful older hot mouth. As her dark eyes peered into me.

Lie on top of me. She said.

You came in my mouth my boy.

Sorry Karen.

Put your penis in me. I want to fuck you.

Can't say that wasn't clumsy figuring that out. But she took me in her hand. Guided me in and paused.

This is your first time? She asked me.


Don't rush. Enjoy it.

And yours?


We made love like real lovers.

On many occasions before she left to go to England.

We keep in touch with each other.

Our doors are always open to each other.

Ps. My friends first time watching to. 🤣