First Time
12 Jul 2019

So I get this friendship request from a interesting bi couple.

Sure why not.

One thing leads to another and we meet at a local coffee shop.

They're both carrying a bit, but who isn't? Actually I like big girls so I'm really happy when we decide we need to make this happen now.

I followed them into their estate, and into their home. Mrs asks me to join them in their huge shower. 😁

They wash me down thoroughly 😁

Tasting me to make sure I'm clean and horny. 😳

I'm dripping as I follow her to their bedroom, where she seduces me into their bed. She spends some time kissing me, and sucking me.

I feel her mouth get hotter as he walks into the room. His massive cock swaying as he bends down next to me and asks if I'm enjoying her.

Then he's gone.

She was sucking me so good I didn't much notice him climbing on the bed.

Then he entered her.

Her mouth clamping so good down on my cock. I came so quickly.

Thank you sweetheart she said as she moved over me. Taking my cock in her. Ten she kissed me. Sharing my cum with me. 😳😋

OK I enjoyed it. And look forward to more.

She felt so good. Then I realized that he wasn't getting any?

It felt like he was in there with me when he slowly entered her. Telling her to push as he slid in her bum.

Fuck it felt amazing. 😏

Oh God slipping out of my lips.

He rode her and whispered to me. I'm making you feel good?

Fuck yes is all I could mutter.

Oh no. He pulled out.

She started riding me slowly then whispered to me. Take me from behind. Not in my bum. That's his.

I took her doggy style and started riding her. She told me to let him😕

He was standing next to us rubbing loob all over his cock. She must have felt me shudder. Just let him, he's a master just listen to him.

He climbed on the bed.

Took a handful of lube and rubbed it all over my bum. Gently probing a finger tip in here and there. 😳 OK it felt like heaven.

Then. Just relax his hard enormous head rubbing at my entrance.

I want you to imagine that you are pushing a poo. You will open and I will enter without any pain. 🤔

Why not. He had done this before.

I pushed. He entered and oh my God was I meant to be gay?

No but definitely bi.

He rode me gently, deeper and deeper until his huge cock and balls were up against me. His belly was on my bum and it felt great.

She was riding me and so was he.

Im sold.

He came in me and whispered to me.

Thank you.

After that I came in her.

I want this so badly again.