26 Mar 2019

My phone rang and your name was on the screen.

You had never called me before and my heart skipped a beat - either something really good was about to happen, or something had gone very wrong.

I answered - nervously, slowly. You assured me that nothing was wrong and asked if I was in the mood to take a drive with you this evening.

I relaxed - realising that nothing was wrong, yet my heart still beat faster than usual - now with excitement. I quickly answered that I would love to and we agreed to meet in a parking lot nearish to your home at 19:30 … after it was dark.

The day flew past, and before I knew it, I was making my excuses to get out of the house and off to meet with you. I was parked by 7:25 and patiently waiting for you to arrive. Finally (at 19:32) your car pulled into the parking lot and stopped. I saw you get out of the drivers seat and walk around to the passenger side. I took a few moments to just sit there and enjoy the view - you are dressed as you nearly always are, blue jeans with sneakers, and a black top showing off your gorgeous cleavage.

Knowing that we don't have all night together, I get out of my car and walk to yours getting into the drivers seat I lean over and give u a kiss on the cheek, and placing my hand on your thigh I start the car. " Where to I ask," and I am told that you will direct me.

I pull out of the parking lot and wasting no time, I start running my hand up and down your thigh and over your gorgeous breasts - having no idea where we are heading, and not really caring, as you hand starts to play with the buttons of my jeans (I decided to leave my belt at home this evening.)

My pants are soon wide open and your hand is stroking my hardening cock over my boxers … I do my best to focus on the directions you are giving me and the road, but its difficult my cock twitching and hardening with each stroke, while I try desperately to undo your jeans at the same time.

You hand lifts off my now rock hard cock and I sigh, until I realise that you are using your hands to open your jeans for me and as soon as you are done it is bac on my cock. I slide my hands down your jeans and run my fingers over your already wet panties. The gorgeous aroma of your juices filling your car.

I have no idea how long we will be in the car, so I pull your panties to the side and slide a finger inside you - deep into your wet pussy as the palm of my hand rubs against your clit. Your hand follows and is soon under my underwear too. Your hand soft and smooth - rubbing gently up and down my hard hot shaft.

We continue like this for a short while, before you direct me into an office parking lot and tell me to get out - I start to do my pants back up, but you stop me - telling me that no one is here.

Nervous and excited, but feeling brave in the darkness I leave my pants and step out - soon you are at my side and leading me towards a building. I reach forward, sliding my hands into your pants from behind and playing with your gorgeous ass as you walk - you reaching back and stroking my cock as we walk through the open parking area.

You unlock the door and we walk in - but you don't turn on any light. You lead me through the dark and as my eyes acclimatize I realise we are in an office - probably yours. We walk towards a couch and u sit down, pulling my towards you and taking my hard cock into your mouth.

I stand there, my hand on your head, as your mouth works up and down my hard cock, looking down I reach into your top and pull your boobs free, playing with them - teasing your nipples as you suck me. Looking past your boobs, I see your own hand between your legs, fingering your wet pussy.

Not wanting the night to end just yet, I pull you off my hard cock and gently direct you to the arm of the couch and bend you over it. before kneeling behind you and slide my tongue over your wet panties and then pulling them to the side let me tongue slide over your wet pussy. I lick your lips and pussy and your clit … your legs trapped together by your jeans which are around your knees.

I stop licking you and slide a finger deep inside your pussy … leaning back I finger your pussy hard and fast - deeper and faster. your breathing and moaning getting more and more noticeable. I feel your body shift and then I hear the buzz of your favourite toy, knowing that it is now on your clit - bringing you closer to orgasm while I finger your wetness.

I stay there behind you, the view amazing of your wet pussy and tight ass as I finger you and you play with your clit with your toy - your body soon starts to rock and gyrate and then your moaning and movements stop before a groan explodes from your lips and I know you have cum.

I smile - knowing that u have cum. I stand up and you stand up with me - your hand once again finds my hard cock and you continue stroking it. I know I wont last long this time, your hand moving up and down my shaft and curing over my sensitive head. I tell you when I am on the verge of cumming and you step closer to me, pulling your panties forward and pointing my cock head to the inside of your panties and your gorgeous pussy.

My orgasm starts deep inside me and explodes out of me with a shudder and my cum shoots all over your sweet pussy and inside of your panties. You continue to stroke me till every drop has dripped into your panties before you let me go and let the waistband of your panties snap back into place.

You bend over and start to pull up your jeans so I do the same … my breath still ragged - my face full of smiles.

We get dressed and straighten up, before she starts walking back towards the door. Hardly having said anything - but who needs to speak - sometimes its just about the orgasms.