20 Apr 2018

For reasons untold, I have found that I enjoy watching my wife fuck! Got no idea where it came from or what got me there, but enjoy it! For months I hinted for it..subtle not stating the obvious..

Starting with fucking a friend, telling me about it. Fantasizing about it together, until we came across SH. Rocky start with some weird people. Bullshit and cheating hubbies, one or two that stands out that offered some crazy fun times.

Had a couple of mmf fun playdates, understatement…fuck loads of fun! And then of course the Greek gods alone play for the mrs 

So the one night we decided to go out, kids having sleepovers with friends. Vanilla being the flavour of the night. First it started of being just us having fun, then the hormones getting the better of us and the craving screaming at the door! My sexy gorgeous wife found pray, some one to feast on. Drinks flowing and flirting became more obvious. Thinking that we were just friends this meal started flirting back until he invited her to his place….

No no no she explained… and truth came out bout her intentions and what we are about.

After some more drinks and more flirting he started relaxing and agreed.

Following us home, she starts rubbing my cock through my pants, anxious, nervous and excited she owns up to being soaked down there and can’t wait to get fucked by him.

We go through to the room with him following. She turns around and starts kissing him. He is very nervous, not knowing what to expect being in a situation like this for the first time. I come in from behind and start kissing her in her neck, hands exploring her body. Him just staring, not knowing where and what. I start taking her clothes off, exposing her beauty to this stranger that we just picked up from a bar.

She leans into him and press her naked body against him, still clothed, and start kissing him again. Not wanting to wait for him to make a move. She starts stripping him exploring his body and discovers as she strip his pants and undies off, his big cock. Still limp but impressive. Nervously he blames it on the situation.

She turns away from him and moves over to me, supplying him with a hot show. She starts stripping me down and push me down on the bed, straddles me and insert my cock inside her. Looking at him, arching her back backwards as she starts moving up and down my cock, seductively teasing him.

His cock slowly growing bigger and harder, softly stroking his cock as she teases him. Closing her eyes as she enjoys the feeling of my cock inside her. Loving the fact that he is enjoying the show.

She winks him over and grabs his huge cock and start stroking it. She leans over and tries to take us much as she can into her mouth. Like a hungry animal she feast on his cock, craving to be filled with it and satisfy her own personal needs with the potential fullness of him inside of her.

She climbs off me, pushes him down in his back, spreads her legs over him and starts grinding his cock, with her big tits rubbing over his chest kissing him. With her one hand she guides the tip of his cock to the entrance of her soaked pussy. Slowly she pushes her pelvis down, his cock slowly disappearing in her pussy until he is completely engulfed by her hungry pussy. Breathing into his mouth, her tongue slowly and seductively entering as she gathers herself, entranced by the feeling of his huge cock inside her. Slowly she starts lifting herself up, until the very top and the down again. Moving faster and faster with each stroke. Moans of pleasure from her mouth into his becoming louder and louder.

She sits up, leaning backwards, her beautiful boobs reaching out begging to be touched. Harder and harder she slams down on his cock, slapping sounds of her ass slamming down on his pelvis as he starts thrusting up meeting her half way.

By now almost oblivious to me being there, in ecstacy of the fullness.I Come in from behind and gently start caressing her body as she glides up and down on this cock.

She turns her head and kisses me passionately as he carries on slamming into her pussy.

Quickly he flips her over, turn her around and slams his cock into her from behind. Harder and harder he slams into her. Her moans of pleasure getting louder, bordering on screaming of pleasure, trying her best not to be too loud, but the feeling of his cock slamming into her, filling her up is too much.

My cock wants To explode, I want her bad. I grab her face and kiss her, her face violently meeting mine as she gets forced into me with forceful thrusts from behind. She moans into my mouth, not being able to contain it.

I replace my tongue with my cock and she grabs it with her hand, stroking it as she sucks hard on it. Like a hungry person that hasn’t had food In a while she sucks on my cock, feasting on it, vibrations trembling over the tip of my cock as she moans and screams over it.

Her grip gets tighter and stroking harder, knowing she is close and by the looks of him slamming harder and more violently into her, hands gripping around her hips pulling her into him, he is close as well. Her pussy clamping on his big cock, milking him wanting him to fill her. Her back arching slamming harder and harder back into him, meeting his every thrust. Screams muffled by my cock as she gets pushed into me. She stops sucking, my cock still in her mouth. The swelling of his cock as he explodes deep in her pushed her over the edge.Her pussy contracting and clenches on him, waves of orgasms flushing over her..

I start fucking her mouth and shoot a load down her throat as I can't contain it any more.

Slowly she starts sucking as she strokes my cock cleaning up whatever is left. Moving slowly backward and forward into him, milking the his cock for the last drop.