25 Feb 2019

I looked up as the receptionist dropped placed the small brown box on my desk. This was just hand delivered for you and the guy said you needed it urgently.

I thanked her and picked up the package, turning it in my hands - I wasn't expecting anything - and definitely nothing urgent. There was a small white envelope on the top of the box - I opened it and read the note: " To be used immediately - see you at my office at 5:30pm."

The note was not signed, and slightly confused I opened the box. As soon as I realised what was it in, I slammed it closed - looking around to make sure no one saw. The area around my desk was empty, though I am sure I was still blushing bright red. I opened the box again, inside was a shining steel piece of metal, which tapered to a perfect yet blunt point and a beautiful glass heart on the other end. A butt plug for sure and next to it a little bottle of Durex Lubricant.

He has to be fucking kidding I thought to myself examining the plug, I mean we had discussed anal play, and he knew I was interested in it, but we had never discussed actually doing anything about it - and this … as a first step, I mean …. come on now.

But even as I was thinking this in my head, my body was fighting back - my nipples had hardened, my pussy has gotten warmer and wetter, and all my hand wanted to do was drop down under the table and rub my pussy. I sighed, grabbed the box and headed off for the bathrooms.

I walked into the bathroom and into the first stall, locking it quickly behind me. I looked around - making sure that it was as private as can be. I look at my watch … OMG, it I only just after 1, how am I ever going to keep this inside me till 5:30pm, if I can get it in at all. I sigh, but the butterflies in my tummy keep going - my nipples, still rock hard and my pussy moist and excited.

I sit on the toilet and take off my shoes, and then unbutton my jeans, pulling them slowly off and leaving them in a pile on the floor. Next come my lace French knickers, which are soon lying in top my jeans. I open up the box again, and take out the lube. I and the toy. The toy is heavy and solid feeling and if I'm honest, it looks quite pretty (and scary).

I squeeze some of the lube into the palm of my hand and then slowly rub it over the plug, the sensation of this excites me a little (am I getting that sexually deranged that sliding lube over a toy is starting to excite me). I put the toy down on the toilet seat lid (it balances quite perfectly on the heart and put some more lube on my fingers. I take my leg and place it next to the toy on the seat and lean forward, resting my forearm on the wall of the cubicle.

My bum now sticking out, I take my lubricated fingers and reaching between my legs slowly run my fingers over my tight butthole I rub it gently, and my body quivers each time my silky finger tips rubs over its tightness. The sensation is confusing … I am nervous, but I am more excited, and more HORNY than I can ever remember. I slowly curl my one finger and applying just a little bit of pressure I push it slowly into my tight ass.

I gasp, or is it a moan, I am not sure, but I hope that there was no one else in the bathroom - as no matter what it was, there was no doubt that the sound was sexual in nature. Slowly, although my body protests, I slide my finger back out and pick up the plug.

I twirl the plug between my fingers, and then reaching between my legs again I run it slowly up and down between my but cheeks, which are spread just right by the way I am standing. And then, when I cant put it off any longer, I slowly and gently press the point of the plug against my lubricated tight lil hole.

At first nothing happens, but then, slowly in time with my breathing, I feel my butt open, just enough to let the tip of the toy in … I breathe slowly, deeply and with each breath, it goes in deeper. It feels huge even though I know it isn't, and while I feel like it is stretching me wider than ever before, there is no pain, just the feeling of being filled and the feeling of the unknown. It goes in slowly, and I lose myself in the motions of it, not focusing on what it is that I am doing until with a pop, it passes the widest point and is sucked in till the jewel.

I stand there, one leg on the toilet breathing, trying to wrap my head around what it is that I am doing, but all I can really focus on right now is the ripples of pleasure pulsing through my body. As I slide my hand back out between my legs my fingers slide over my pussy and it is dripping wet. A mini orgasm erupts and I bite my bottom lip to stop from moaning - When did I get so turned on I wonder to myself.

I carefully pull my panties and jeans back on, flush the toilet in case anyone else was in there with me and walk out. Walking back to my desk I am sure that people can notice that I am walking differently, but if they can, no one says anything. I gently sit down and as my ass touches the chair and the toy is pressed deeper into me I tremble, all apprehension gone and only the pleasure remaining. Logging back into my computer I see that over 20 minutes had passed since I checked my watch …

The rest of the afternoon passed in a blur, from finishing off at the office, to driving to school to pick up the kids, taking them to their extra murals, taking them home, and then finally, after telling the Hubby I was going to meet a friend, finally arriving at the office, as instructed at 5:30.

His PA walks me to his office and then as professionally as ever offers me something to drink. When I decline, she says goodnight to Him and excuses herself, closing the door behind her.

His eyes look straight through me, and being in his presence makes me feel empowered, yet weak at the same time. I feel alive yet completely in his control. He asks me if I have done as he asks. I smile and say yes - I did it! I feel impressed with my bravery and he looks impressed too.

He asks me to stand up for him, and while I am standing up he walks around to my side of the table. He stands behind me and wraps his arms around me. His fingers find the button of my jeans and he opens them and pulls down the zip. He places his hands in the waist of my jeans and pushes downwards, pushing them down over my hips and then down past my knees and onto the floor. I step out of them and he uses his foot to push them to the side.

He holds my hips with one hand and uses the other to push forward between my shoulders, bending me in half till my hands are resting on his table, His movements feel urgent, jerky and I have never known him to be like this - so uncontrolled.

I stay as he has put me, and I feel his hands starting to run over my ass and thighs, his hands strong yet gentle - as he works his way from the bottom of my back over the rise of my ass and onto my thighs. His hands leave my ass, and before I even feel anything I hear a crack - followed instantly by a sharp stinging sensation on my bum cheek. My Body clenches, I moan. He asks if he hurt me, sounding almost apologetic. I am unable to answer all I can do is shake my head from side to side.

His fingers slide under the side of my panties from my leg and pull them to the side, exposing my plug and I feel him gently touch the gem on top - the sensation making me quiver. He pulls on it gently and I feel myself tensing and then with a deep breath relaxing again and let it move as he pulls on it. But as I feel myself widen to let it out, he releases it, allowing it to pop back into place … making me gasp with the pleasure of it - a pleasure I have never felt before.

I stand there, hands on the table, ass on display for his pleasure as he turn and twists the toy, pulls and pushes on it and my levels of pleasure continue to climb. I know that my pussy is soaking wet as I can feel my juices running down my thighs.

And then, without any warning, I feel something parting my pussy lips, they are wet and ready and his hard cock enters me easily, quickly and I moan as he slides his long hard thick cock all the way into me. Never before have I had both my holes filled and it feels amazing. My fussy filled with his hard warm cock - my ass with his stainless steel toy.

As he slides in and out of me, I cant help it but to reach back between my legs and rub my clit. He is full of urgency, fucking me hard, and I am lucky that the table is there for me to balance on. he fills me with his cock and with each stroke his pelvis taps the toy still deep inside me - sending extra waves of pleasure through me.

My orgasm arrives unannounced. It originates deep in my belly and travels from there, to my clit and then my newly used ass. It makes my body shake, it makes me moan and hold onto the table to keep myself from falling on my now shaking legs.

My orgasm passes and I realise that he is still deep inside me and as my breathing starts to become more regular I fell him slide out of me. He pulls out of me and holding onto my should turns me around and pushes me to my knees, in one smooth movement. I kneel there, his hard cock, wet with my pussy juices inches from my face.

Take off your top so that I can see your breasts he asks. I slide my top over my head and push my bra down, exposes my boobs and nipples for him, and because I know he likes it, I give them a squeeze.

He stands there, watching me play, and taking his hand and strokes his hardness, wet with juices. I cannot help but stare, mesmerised.

His breathing becomes faster as does his stroking and my eyes move between his face and hard cock as he jerks it, for me, and for him. I see a small drop of pre-cum leaking out the tip and I smile, knowing that he will be cumming soon. I straighten up, pushing my boobs out, and I wait, hardly breathing - waiting for his explosion.

And even though I am waiting for it, when the first spurt of his hot thick cum lands on my cleavage I flinch. Stream after stream of hot cum explodes out of his cock, landing on my boobs and cleavage … the sensation and naughtiness of it making me cum again. I orgasm as he does, moaning with him in pleasure.

We both finish cumming and he puts his hand out to help me to my feet. I stand on shaky legs, and pull my bra back up, and put my top on. I leave his cum there, running down my cleavage. the feeling so kinky, so naughty, so erotic. I lean over and gently grab hold of the edge of the butt plug, and slowly pull it out. It moves slowly, and then in an instant it is out.

I put my knicker and jeans back on, and saying goodnight turn and walk out of the office, leaving the toy on his table - wondering if when I tell the story to my hubby when I get home will turn him on as much as it turned me on.