15 Jul 2019

The Noliventure: (Noli Adventure)

I was out on a week night popping into the pharmacy to grab some headache tablets to kill the buzz. This headache was pounding like a non-stop beat in a rave club that keeps going and going like no tomorrow exists.

As I payed for the meds, I could not help but to notice this attractive black lady with her pup outside. And by pup I mean a dog as high as my navel. She was kind of ordering him around yet he obeyed her every command. I found this occurrence quite interesting as walked out the door with my goodies in hand, thinking if only my kids...

I happened to be parked right next to this fine woman as I approach my car, I softly mumbled a friendly comment about her loyal dog as I look at her ass in the tight gym clothes.

"It seems the dog needs less training than those eyes of yours." She said smirking at me. "Fuck" I thought by myself.. I didn't mean for her to see me.. "My bad miss, I could not help but to see they loyalty of your pet as I walked across the parking to my car, and I just so happen to catch your fine hard work in the gym as I climbed in. Apologies if I offended you. "

This snowballed a bit as I tried a smooth recovery. I offered the lady an opportunity for me to properly apologize by taking her out the following evening for a fine wine and good food. She gladly accepted and firmly brought across the message that she hopes I deliver..

I arrived at her place the next evening to pick her up for the make-up dinner. I rang the bell at her apartment on the second floor of this very modern, yet vintage village. She opened the door in partly latex clothing. I found it rather interesting as I was planing to take her to a formal sitting with the best wine in town.

Right off the bat she said "Change of plans - I have something set up for us tonight that will suffice in righting your wrong"

I could not respond other than " Yes miss, whatever you see fit" She firmly grabbed my shirt and pulled me inside, pointing her other finger to a chair in the middle the room.. "Sit boy" she said..

In my mind I'm a bit lost as I obey and she locks the door behind us. As I sit she immediately tells me that I've been a bad boy and this is to teach me some manners. She is my master for this evening and I have no opinion, ideas or say in this, as this is the only way for a pet to please her master after looking at her with lust without the permission to do so.

I found this to be a bit unsettling, but at the same time I'm quite drawn to the unknown as I look at her fine shape as she walks to another room to get something. She tells me to close my eyes and wait until she says before I am to open them again.

She strictly tells me her name is Mistress and I have to obey her every command from the time came into the door, which has already passed. I am to answer her with "Yes Mistress" , with every command. She walks into the room and stands behind me as she blindfolds me. After the blindfold she ordered me up and undressed me totally. She then tied me to the chair so i could not move.

In my mind i'm quite terrified as I'm not sure what is about to happen, wondering If obeying was not a mistake.

She started telling me how being a bad boy has consequences and that I will have to pay those to make up for my sins.

She started using different toys and devices to punish my wrong doing, ending with "Yes Mistress" , "As you will it Mistress".. after each lash and device applied.

She untied me but kept the blindfold on as i followed her leading by hand to another room. She laid me down on a bed with satin linen and told me to not move unless told to do so. I obeyed. I felt her climbing on the bed with me, not touching me. She commanded me me only to kiss...

As I answered "Yes Mistress" there was this silence followed. I felt a warmth nearing my face, as this alluring soft smell hit my nose. It aroused me immediately. She would softly touch her vagina on my face then lift it back up and pause. Every time she sits I'm only allowed to softly kiss. This drove me crazy.. I decided to turn this around and disobey to see what she would do.

As she sat again I grabbed her thighs and pulled her into my mouth as i stuck my tongue deep into her soft wet vagina. She moaned tried to stand back up, but i had her and kept eating to my delight. She gave up after she realized that her efforts to escape my grip was futile. Her breath was racing and she could not stop moaning as I devoured away without permission. She started grinding on my face as she could not resist this tongue inside her eating like a hungry child.

Her breath racing, her vagina grinding on my mouth as I submerge my tongue deep inside her cunt in every passing.

She arched her back as she came over my face totally out of control. And collapsed on my stomach.

"I'm blown away" she softly moaned and held me firmly as the evening has only just begun....