13 Aug 2019

The Massage

After weeks of tantalizing teasing, fantasizing, sexy images conjured up in F's mind. Just the sexy thoughts is enough to get her all excited and slightly wet.

The day is finally here. The day her husband A organized for her sexy meet. A already knows what's planned for the night. All he let F know is that there is a meet on.

He picked out her clothing for the night. A sexy 2 piece lingerie. Lacy, but what can only be described as minimalist. A knee length skirt that she feels very sexy in but has not worn in public as yet. A low cut blouse that will definitely draw any man's eyes to her oh so sexy boobs... Or even woman's eyes. He's got an overnight bag packed, but F has no idea what's in it.

The suspense only heightens her senses. Her skin extra sensitive to the soft breeze touching her and causing goose bumps. A looks at her lovingly and asks if she's OK. She nods and smiles at him. He leans in and gives her the most delicate loving kiss she's ever felt from him. It's calms her a bit. She knows he's fine with it. After all he did set it up. F is a sexy Muslim woman, light bronze skin, perky 32 D boobs, a cute tight ass, just perfect for holding and legs that stretch the imagination.

They meet at a quiet coffee lounge. Dim lights, cosy atmosphere and Arabian themed with low seating cushions. A waiter welcomes them and signals them to a quiet corner, where there is a youngish Muslim guy seated, he's back to the entrance. Fs heart skips a beat. It's actually happening. F and A greet him, exchange greetings. A shakes his hand, while F gets to hug him, a warm hug. Not lingering too long.

For a few minutes they make small talk. F breathing deep trying to calm herself again without making it too obvious.

Subtle flirts and naughtiness creeps into the conversation. Everyone is a lot more at ease. F takes the bold step to lean in to the conversation by saying "you boys might know how to start a sexy conversation, but can you guys stop a conversation" and as she says that, leans forward so that both her husband and soon to be playmate get a good eyeful down her cleavage. Both men smile and are probably getting a hard with Fs foxy move. A slowly slips his hands over her top gently caressing her breasts on top of her clothes. Just out of sight of anyone else. F looks at him and let's her hand wander on A's leg. Their playmate was tipped before time that if this happens, things are looking good. F is definitely showing signs of comfort. A tells F in a soft tone, dear wouldn't you like to sit on the other side of the table. She gets up and goes to the other side of the table and sits next to the other guy... Almost against him. She let's him get an eyeful of her silky smooth legs and down her top. Shes particularly proud of her boobs and is not afraid to flaunt it.

They then pay, get up and all leave at the same time. They walk to the car, her legs feeling the slight breeze kissing them. By now it's obvious all 3 are showing signs of being turned on. It's quiet in the parking lot, A starts kissing F in front of their new friend, who takes a few seconds to come forward, and caresses F's luscious boobs. 4 hands roaming over her body. F sexily sandwiched between the 2 guys. She thinks she can feel 2 hard ons pressed into her body. Heat enters all 3 bodies. A then mentions that the party should be moved. A and F go to their car and ask the guy to follow them. A drives to a nearby lodge, but on his way she leans into his lap trying to get to his hard cock. She rubs through his pants and half manages to get her hands into his jeans. He's smiles and says hold your horses. F replies, "what do you think I'm doing?" and laughs naughtily. A and F check in and go to the room. A asks F once again if she's OK, she smiles, slightly nervous but feeling very naughty.

As per the guys request, A hands her the bag and says on the top of the clothing in the bag that's what you going to change into. In the bathroom she opens the bag and sees just a sliky bathrobe. She undresses and notices how turned on she is already. She wears the bathrobe ontop of her lingerie. As she does this she hears there's another guy in the room.

She comes out feeling very sexy. She asks the guys do they like what they see, and both guys light up at the sight of her. She does a slight twirl and a sexy squat for both guys to ogle her.

A takes the seat in the corner and tells her to lie face down on the bed. Nervously, F complies. Her body on show for 2 guys to appreciate. She hears something being unpacked but is told not to look. She feels the guy getting onto the bed, knowing full well that A is sitting on the couch watching. Her robe is lifted off her body to which she let's her arms slip out of it. She feels a warm liquid being poured on her feet and calves. She instinctively knows it's a massage oil of sorts. Soft hands touches her feet and lower leg causing an electric feeling to pulse through her body. The hands leave a magic feeling on her legs and is felt throughout her body. She feels soft lips, delicate kisses moving up her legs, just ahead of the magic hands. Moving higher and higher at an agonizingly slow pace. Touching all the right spots, yet it's still has that teasing sensation. F is getting so much yet craves so much more. Never before has she ever felt this way.

The hands work their magic on her bum, working from just under the crease that connects to the thigh. Kneading and rubbing the relaxing oil into her skin. The intense feelings going through her pelvic area really turning her on. Her legs squirming and as they do they rub against an unmistakable hard on. She keeps rubbing it using her legs as his hands goes around her hips towards her hot wet vagina. At that moment she feels the panties being removed altogether. Her sexy ass proudly in display for the men's pleasure.

He let's the tips of his finger nails lightly drag across her glorious ass in a wave motion. The sensation edging her ever closer to climax, but still some way to get relief. Fingertips dig softly into F's tense flesh on her back. Soothing but also causing excitement. How can someone feel like this? F reaches out for a hard on but her hands are pushed away. In a cute way, she shows her frustration at not being able to play with the hard on she so desperately craves. Throughout this massage A is quietly on the couch, watching his sexy wife enjoying her nearly naked self.

As he moves higher, her bra is unclasped and removed. Warm massage oil generously applied on her back. Tantalizing slow up her back towards her neck. He then instructs F to turn around. She turns and feels exposed, but in a naughty, sexy, mischievous way. She's told to keep her eyes closed but the fiestiness in her comes to the fore. She demands that she atleast get to see the hard on... Of her husband and the man behind the teasing. Both of them got no option but to let her get what she's been craving to get all night.

The fingernail and soft rubbing continues on the front of her body. Around her sexy boobs. Nipples not being touched. Teasing down to her inner thighs. Her pussy is feeling so wet. She's so wet she thinks it could be the oil. At that moment for the first time A comes to the bed. F feels comfy enough or turned on enough to take some oil from her body and smear it over the 2 cocks. 2 impressively hard cocks in both of her hands and her playing with them. She can't believe it's happening. The only reason she's not gonna pinch her self is because her hands are where theyve been craving all night.

Where to for the rest of the night?

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