10 Jul 2019

The Lounge:

It was a long week, with it's frustrations and challenges as per usual, but the consistency of it over the past few weeks just got to me.

Myself and the guys went out for a few beers, while the woman did their own thing at our place. We went to some karaoke bar, and the guys enjoyed the evening as we went all out with zero ability to sing. We won some free drinks for having energy or something. After most of the guys left I decided to pop into this new Lounge around the corner which I read about recently on social media.

On my arrival I was surprised to the chilled vibe from this place, and made a mental note to bring the wife here sometime.

I sat at the beach bar having a glass of dry red as opposed to my usual beer. The atmosphere was relaxing, the ambient soft yellow color of all the lit candles in this outdoor open plan garden lounge had me at ease. The wine was a winner. As i ordered a third I glanced across the venue with my natural urge to feed the hunger of my always hungry eyes.

I noted this elegant lady having a ball with her friends, probably babbling away about mediocre fashion or shoes... and every now and then she glances my way having this look that penetrates my soul as she drinks her wine.

She intrigued me enough that I turned to face her leaning backwards on the bar table with my elbows watching her as she enjoys the evening. I waited until she decided to visit the rest room and I intercepted her. I stretched out my hand as if to greet her, and took her hand. I stared into her soul as I firmly said: Let's go for a walk.

This venue had this route that led in various directions into this lovely lit garden. I took her hand, wrapped it around my waist as I grabbed her around the shoulder and we went for a stroll. At first it was only silence as we embarked on this mysterious venture knowing nothing about each other, other than the connections that locked our eyes and souls.

It's a chilly evening with a slight breeze, the sun has been down for ages, but the evening is young. We started chatting about this odd connection we have, and the amazing venue as we came across what had to be the wonder of this garden.

Next to this very well lit Willow tree there was this bench in a slight darker corner, with the view of a duck pond and the lights of the garden trail all around this pond, shimmering as the light hits the rippling water.

We sat down and took in this moment with the soft Jazz music in the background coming from the lounge, with the occasion of a burst of laughter. I softly started playing with her shoulder as this tun of events turned me on way beyond the usual. As I touched the soft skin on her shoulder she turned facing me and stared into my eyes. Before she could get a word out I shushed her with my finger on her lips: "Not another word" I said.

My hand moved from her lips to her cheek softly caressing her as I stair into her eyes. Then into her neck with my thumb stroking the bottom of her ear. I firmly took her head and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, with no resistance whatsoever.

She engaged in this kiss slightly more when my hand hit her thigh just above the knee. I softly started massaging her upper leg as our lips and tongue explore this new experience. Slowly moving my hand higher and higher up her inner thigh as we kiss and taste each other's aroma. As I get close to the first prize, she lifts her one leg up and drops the knee to expose the thing under her skirt. I decide to not let myself be invited twice as I softly start touching the sides of her "lips".

As I continue to tease I can feel her breathing deepening and getting more frequent. It's when she started pushing her hips into my hand that I decided to give her what she so desperately wants.

I stood up and sat in front of her on my knees as she spread her legs wide open. I softly started kissing the inner thighs as I work my way towards her vagina. Her being already aroused took my head and pulled it into her as she softly moaned my lips touching her moist lips. I stared up into her eyes as shit bit her lips from the pleasure as my tongue starts to explore this new cunt.

To be continued....