24 Feb 2018

The writing of this story was motivated by a narcissistic remark made to me and then a similar remark by a complete other person sort of backing him up, but the way it was done simply made my hair rise on the back of my neck.

Being an Investigator most of my life my curiosity got the better of me so I dug a little deeper. My over suspicious mind seeing things that might not have even existed, I eventually just let it ride thinking that I was being overly suspicious, but it set up a good stage to spin some yarn.

Mr. Perfect sat in his den, he was all spruced up for the meeting he had set up as he wished away the time before the meet. His black briefcase with the tricks of his trade in stood near the door, patiently waiting as the seconds ticked by. In his mind he applauded his cunning, thinking how he had ingeniously started the ball rolling.

He was bored one night, alone, his attempt at meeting woman on the net had failed he needed a fast track to all those sinners in the world that he secretly loathed.

As he browsed through the internet hunting for social sites he found a site that interested him greatly so he quickly found the registration page and registered a profile using an untraceable email address, one with multiple aliases (which belonged to his murdered fiend, but he didn’t like going down that road, it brought strange feelings that he didn’t like and couldn’t handle mentally). He knew all about hiding IP addresses and web security. His narcissistic mind, hard at work, plotting. Excitement building, he planned and perfected his little brainwave.

He partially fills in some details, a few words, not saying much, Mr. Perfect knows what all those lonely ladies want. He doesn’t place any profile picture, briefly explaining that he will send one on request (maybe just maybe ensuring a contact number). He logs out and restarts his internet browser ensuring that his current IP Address has changed he goes back to the site again this time registering as a couple, again using an alias email account.

Here he also uses no picture and a brief introduction. He logs out and in again, registering a third profile, this time a lady profile and uploads an old photo of a girl that had once sent him a picture of just her legs. Writes a short brief very appealing introduction and logs out again. An evil grin crosses his face as he thinks of how many he can create. A network of fictitious people he can use to control all those sinners that frequented these social sites. He hated these types of people, they where the scourge of the earth and he needed to put a stop to it.

In a few days he had created what looks like from the outside a group of people all having fun together, the one profile would verify the other. Through interaction with other users with his fictitious profiles he chose his first victims, kicking his devious plan into motion.

Innocence a new young lady on the site had noticed Mr. Perfects profile, sending him a sexy message thinking that Mr. Perfect sounds just perfect for her needs.

In the mean time as he and Innocence chat and become familiar he also approaches an adventurous couple with his couple profile. And carefully chooses this couple for one reason, the remote place that they stayed. He wanted privacy.

In his chats to Innocent he convinces her to be his swinging partner, to accompany him to a meet he had arranged with Adventurous in their ‘dungeon’ that they had on the farm that they stay on. He was initially unhappy about the distance he had to travel to get there but thought it might just work in his favor.

The hourly beep from his wrist watch brought Mr. Perfect from his thoughts, He stood up and strode purposefully out the door picking up the his black briefcase as he slammed the door closed on his way out to pick up Innocent for the meet. Greeting the bats as they swooped in and out of the trees,” Hello my little angels, who’s joining me for some evil fun tonight?”

Little knowing the little narcissistic remark that he made, on a story he had read the night before, might put a spanner in the works of his master plan.

To be continued…