Written by Dudley

10 Dec 2014

He saw the way she danced on that pole. He couldn't tear his eyes away from this mysterious good-looking redhead. He wouldn't call her beautiful, but for some reason she was intriquing his mind. She was making him feel as if he were the only person in the room and she was dancing for just him. She was so seductive and sexy. When she started to remove her top, he gasped. He loved what he saw. She had such a sexy body. Not too skinny, not overly thick. She did look at if she had children in her life. He thought she looked around 30, but he could be wrong. He just knew that he had to meet her and get to know her. He didn't care what she did for a living, he HAD to know her.

He waited the rest of the eveing until her shift ended and when he saw her come out to go to the bar, he walked up and introduced himself. His name is Kyle Brandon, but everyone just called him KB. He was so nervous and he hoped it didn't show. It must not have because she smiled at him and asked him to have a seat. She introduced herself as "Princess." He couldn't help but think how ironic her name was for the feelings he was having for her. He asked her if she would like to know anything about him. She decided to take him up on this and asked him how old he was, what he did for a living, if he was married, had children, what his favorite food was, when his birthday was, what his favorite type of movies were, and what kind of music he listened too. Wow, he told her, thats a lot for a first date...and they laughed together. Then he started to answer her questions. He was 43, he owned a contracting business, yes he was married and he has three children. His favorite food is steak, his birthday is June 21st, he likes action packed movies and he liked all types of music. She smiled and returned his reply with her own, shocking him. She is 42 years old, she was an insurance agent by day and danced at night for some extra money, recently divorced, two children, favorite food is steak, favorite movies are comedy and action, and she also listened to all types of music. They both said at the same time how many things they had in common. They talked until the bar closed and as they were walking out he asked if she wold like to get a cup of coffee somewhere. She smiled at him and said, I make the best cup in town, if you give me a lift I will make you a cup. He couldn't help but smile at her and tell her that of course he would take her home.

They rode in silence for a little bit. She then broke the silence by telling him where to go. He didn't even feel awkward about the silence, he was enjoying her presence and didn't need to talk. He believed she felt the same was as he was feeling. They arrived at her home and he told her to remain in the vehicle. He walked around and opened the door for her. She seemed to really enjoy this. They walked to her door. She unlocked and opened the door. She had a lovely home. She said she shared it with her son and daughter. Her oldest child lived on his own. She told him to make himself at home while she put the coffee on. She went off to the kitchen and he found a place on the couch in the living room and sat back and just enjoyed being there. He felt so comfortable. He couldn't explain how he was really feeling at this moment, but he knew it felt great. He badly wanted to feel this woman's touch and feel himself inside of her.

She came back from the kitchen and she had not only put on the coffee, but she also changed into a pair of short shorts and a baby tee. She looked so young and was just so cute. She decided to sit on the couch with him and then put her legs under her sitting indian style facing him. She told him that she normally didn't invite strange men to her house, but he made her feel very comfortable. He told her he was also feeling very comfortable and they again laughed together and said how strange it was that they had something else in common. He loved the way she laughed. He loved the way she smiled. He couldn't help but liking everything about her. She told him that strangely she was feeling the same way. She said she saw him when she was dancing and was hoping that he wouldn't leave before she was done working. She was glad that he introduced himself. She excused herself to get the coffee. She poured them each a cup of coffee and they each took a few sips. They talked for hours while they drank coffee. By the time either of them realized the time, almost four hours had passed. She asked if he needed to get home to his wife and he told her that he lived a few hours away and was staying in a hotel in the city for the weekend. She didn't ask why and he didn't tell her. The truth was that his wife and he were having problems and he just had to get away. He didn't leave to have an affair and he wasn't looking for anyone else. She just intriqued every sense in his body.

They talked for a bit more and then she did something totally unexpected. Not that he minded because he certaintly didn't, she just surprised him. She leaned over and gently grabbed each side of his face and planted her beautiful lips right on his. He kissed her back and decided to see if she was feeling the same as he was and gently took his tongue and licked around her beautiful lips while they were kissing and then he lightly bit her bottom lip. She moaned in excitement and then gave her tongue back to him in return. This made him get very weak. He didn't know what she was doing to him, but he knew his cock was hard and he wanted to place it inside of this woman. She continued kissing him and then he felt one hand on the back of his neck and the other hand was feeling down his chest to his stomach and then she finally reached his throbbing cock and she started rubbing it through his pants. She whispered in his ear and asked him if he would like to take care of his yearnings and he said OH YES!! She stood up and put out her hand. He stood and grabbed her hand and followed her through her home. She led him to her bedroom, which had a nice queen sized bed with mirrors above the bed. He thought how hot this all was.

She told him to sit on the bed and he did as she asked. She then stood in front of him and removed her shirt and shorts. She didn't have anything on underneath either and stood in front of him naked. She was just so sexy that he couldn't help but stare at her. She smiled at him and asked him to stand up and strip. He liked that she was taking control of the situation. This turned him on even more. She then walked around to the side of her bed and opened a drawer in her nightstand, removing an anal probe, some lubrication and a whip. He couldn't imagine what he had just gotten himself into, but he had a feeling he would enjoy it all. When he was naked she told him to lay on his back on the bed. He laid down and waited. She produced a blindfold from somewhere and told him to put it on. He looked a little bit confused and she looked at him and told him to do as she said or she would have to restrain him too. He told her that he didn't want to be blindfolded, he wanted to enjoy her beauty. She smiled at him and told him she just knew he wanted to be restrained and she produced a pair of handcuffs. She told him to put his arms up about his head and she handcuffed him to the bed. She then put the blindfold on him and started to kiss his body. He felt something start to tickle his stomach and didn't know if it was her tongue or what. He liked the way this was making him feel, but he was at the same time a little worried about what she had in mind. He had never been handcuffed and blindfolded before. He sure was enjoying the feeling though. He then felt a stinging feeling and heard the crack of the small whip he had seen her remove from the drawer. It stung him but it turned him on at the same time. The feeling was intensely seductive and he thought he might cum the minute she touched his cock. He sure hoped he could control it but these feelings were very intense. After the stinging, he thought he was about to go out of his mind....she started sucking on his toes. One toe at a time until she then started lightly biting around the heel of his foot and she kissed all the way around one foot before moving on to start sucking on the toes of the other foot. He had never had this done before and didn't know that it was this sexually exciting, but he felt like he was going to explode. He was climbing the wall. This woman was making him feel like he had never felt before. She continued up his calf to his thigh and it was driving him wild not to know what was coming next. He felt her hot breath very close to his rock hard cock and he was hoping she would take him into her warm mouth. She DID!! He was lost in ecstasy at this point and was ready to explode. She was lightly sucking around the head of his cock and was tickling the tip with her tongue. She really knew what she was doing and he hoped she knew what she was doing to him. She looked up at him coyly and was smiling knowing that he couldn't see her face and her eyes so he didn't know she had the biggest grin on her face she had ever had. She was in pure ecstasy also and he didn't know it. Her pussy was dripping wet and she could feel it just keep getting wetter. She wanted to ride the hell out of this nice cock she was sucking on but she couldn't take her mouth off of such a nice, tasty cock. She loved sucking on his cock. She licked down each side of his shaft and lightly took his balls into her mouth. She licked around his balls a little gently taking first one and then the other and sucking it just a little...not enough to ever hurt him, just enough to make him feel good. Her tongue then started moving much farther south and she reached under and spread his legs so she could lick on his asshole. She wanted to taste every inch of this man. She ran her tongue lightly under the spot between his ass and his balls. She licked her way to his ass and rubbed her tongue lightly around his asshole. She didn't know if he would try to push her away or if he would be offended in any way. He wasn't...he actually lifted his legs for her so she could get a better angle to lick him and off she went. She put her tongue in his ass and licked him and sucked on him until she couldn't breathe...then she worked her way back up his balls...up his hard shaft to the tip of his cock. She once again took this throbbing cock into her mouth and sucked and licked all over it for awhile. She wanted to taste his hot cum shoot down her throat and she could feel that he was close to exploding. She could feel he was holding it back and she stopped what she was doing and sat up for a minute. He asked what was wrong and knowing he couldn't move his arms or see her he wasn't sure what was going on. She firmly said to him that he needed to stop holding back or she was going to quit altogether. He promised her he wasn't holding back and she told him that she knew he was but if he didn't stop she would quit. He promised to stop holding back. She then licked around his nipples and down his navel back to his throbbing cock. He LOVED feeling her lovely mouth of his cock. It was like nothing he had ever felt from a woman before. He didn't know what she did to make it feel so much different to him, but she was fantastic and absolutely amazing at what she was doing. He couldn't hold off any longer even though he didn't want to cum. She was sucking his cock so good it was like he was in the tightest pussy he had ever felt, even though he could feel her breathe and knew it was her mouth. Damn, she was amazing. He started jerking a little bit and knew he was about to explode. He was squirming in the handcuffs, wanting to grab her head and push it all the way down on his cock so she could swallow every drop. He didn't need to push her head down, as he started cumming, she lowered her mouth fully onto his erect shaft and sucked every drop of his cum out of him. She then kissed him up his stomach back to his mouth and kissed him lightly on the mouth before she removed his blindfold. She also went ahead and removed the handcuffs and told him he was now free to do as he wished since she had some of her own fun first. He totally enjoyed her fun and didn't want it to stop. He loved having his hands free because he wanted to touch all over her body!!

He immediately started touching her soft skin. He knew he had already came once but his body seemed to want to cum over and over and over again with this woman. She was definitely a Princess all right. He wanted to feel himself inside her badly, but knew he wanted to give her some attention first.

They kissed for a little while...while his body recovered for a minute. Her mouth was so soft and he just loved having his mouth on hers. She tasted like the sweetest Georgia peach he had ever consumed and it was so intoxicating he didn't think he could ever get enough of this beautiful redhead. He wanted her all for himself. He knew he was married, but that was the last thing from his mind for now. He would go back to reality when he woke up the next morning.

He laid her back on the bed and started kissing her body. He started at the nape of her neck and kissed around her neck and ears and around her mouth. Lowering himself slightly to her breasts, he concentrated on her breasts, sucking her nipples one at a time, getting them hard as nails. He was so turned on by the fact that she had one of her nipples pierced. He wanted to tug and bite and pull on it but he didn't want to hurt her. He nibbled lightly and she moaned. He bit a little harder and she moaned again. He believed her moans were enjoyable moans so he kept going. As long as she didn't push him away he would try what he wanted. He wanted to taste this woman so badly...every part of her. He continued to bite her nipples and pull on her nipple ring with his teeth. He saw she was getting extremely aroused from this. He then nibbled his way to her belly button where he found another piercing that he tugged on with his teeth. She was sooo enjoying his biting and he loved it...His wife HATED when he bit her. He bit his way down her body to her soft, pink, hot mound. He spread her legs open and she was so wet it was dripping down her crack to her ass. He LOVED seeing that pussy so wet and was hoping to get not only into her pussy but into her ass if she would let him. He bit around the inside of her thighs and came close to her wet mound, but was teasing her so he waited. She lifted her ass and was trying to get him to lick her pussy, but he lowered himself down her thighs to her calves and bit her all the way to the bottoms of her feet. He sucked on her toes one by one and then nibbled his way back up from her feet to between her thighs. He bit again around the inside of her thighs, slightly harder than he did before. He loved biting on her and he loved that she was taking it so well. He bit right back to the wet spot right between her thighs and he blew on her mound ever so lightly. She wanted him to put his mouth there so badly and then she felt it. His tongue lightly rubbed against her clit...it sent her into total oblivion...she hadn't had her pussy eaten in years and forgot how good it felt. He licked her and sucked on her and then when he bit her lips, she was taken over the edge and came all over him. He didn't know she squirted when she came and he was so turned on by it that he wanted to make her do it again. He wanted her juices running all down his face to his chest. He wanted to feel her squirt all over his body now. He continued licking at her pussy for awhile and made her cum again before he decided to kiss his way back up her stomach to her mouth. He kissed her on her lips and she greedily sucked all around his lips and tongue, wanting to taste herself. This was so hott to him that he felt like he was ready to explode again. His cock was throbbing and he just wanted so badly to be inside this woman. He gently lowered himself into her and he couldn't believe how good her pussy felt. He felt so good inside her that he didn't want to ever leave there. He made love to her and from her responses, she was enjoying it as much as he was. He made her cum again and again over the next two hours while he made love to her in every possible position. Once she came from every position he put her in, he turned her onto her stomach and was entering her doggy style. She seemed to love this and then looked back at him and said..."fuck me in my ass." Ohhhh my Goddddd...he was so estastic that he thought he would explode upon entering her tight little sexy ass. He entered her slowly. He did not want to hurt her. She seemed to enjoy every bit of it and when he grabbed her ass and then pushed, she pushed back up against him and told him to fuck her. He obliged and then asked her where she wanted to feel him cum. She told him she wanted to feel him cum in her tight little ass. He stroked her a few more times, told her he was about to cum, and just as he was about to explode, she gushed EVERYWHERE, leaving them both not only sweaty and drenched in sweat and sex, but also both of them were exhausted and feeling very good. He removed himself from her, rolled onto his side and grabbed this pretty lady around her waist. He never wanted to let her go. He laid there holding her all night. They awoke the next morning and she cooked him breakfast and while they ate, they talked and found out more about each other and how much they had in common. She told him her real name was not Princess, it was Heather. He told her he loved it. They also discussed getting together again and he said he definitely wanted too. She was excited about the thought of being with him again. He was so much fun and made her feel alive again. She couldn't wait until the next time they did get together. It would be all she would think about until they did.