Written by wildchildtammy

09 Mar 2015

Stavros Kyriacos stood under the hot shower, letting the torrent of water sluice the sweat and other fluids off his body. His entire body felt alive and still partly aroused, although his cock was tender and sore. Even his scrotum felt sore, he noticed. He glanced through the steamed shower door at the dark-haired girl lying spread-eagled on his bed in the small cabin, her very big breasts firm and pointing at the ceiling, the mass of black hair between her legs damp and matted with her juices and sweat, and his cum.

It was her breasts he had first noticed as she made her way up the gangplank earlier that morning. She had been wearing shorts and a t shirt, with a red duffel bag slung over her shoulder, looking like any of the other crew coming on board that day, but the huge breasts had attracted his immediate attention - for a fairly small girl, she had enormous breasts, barely contained by the t shirt, and divided by the strap of the duffel bag they looked even bigger. Dark-haired, pretty, with an impish smile and a perfect up-turned nose she looked like a very naughty angel. She had noticed him looking at her as she made her way onboard - and she had smiled.

As the Head of Hotel on the ship, he was expected to know and meet all the staff reporting directly or indirectly to him, and a quick search of the staff register with the accompanying staff photos revealed her to be Angelique Lombardi, age 20, from Venice, Italy, single, on her first assignment as a cabin attendant after graduating from staff college in Verona that year. After all the crew were on board, and he had checked on their safety gear and knowledge at a short briefing, he made sure he was standing at the lounge doorway as she passed by.

“Angelique?” he said as she squeezed past him.

She looked at him, surprised that he should know her name.

"Yes sir”, she said, “Angelique Lombardi.”

"This is your first assignment” it was a more of a statement than a question.

‘Yes, it is" she said, smiling.

"Welcome aboard. I am, as you now know, Stavros Kyriacos, Head of Hotel. I always like to get to know the new crew members reporting to me. Why don’t you meet with me at 16h00 so I can get to know a bit about you, and see where you will be best suited on the cruise?”

She smiled again, and they agreed that she would meet with him in his office on deck 9 at 16h00. What he didn’t tell her, was that his office was in fact a room off his cabin, and that he usually met with crew in the more formal pursers office on deck 8.

Stavros showered and changed into casual clothes at 15h30, and went about completing the crew on-boarding documents while he waited. At 16h00 exactly there was a knock on his cabin door.

"Enter” he said, standing up.

Angelique opened the door and stepped inside the cabin. She had changed out of her shorts and t shirt, and was wearing a skirt and blouse, which also did little to disguise her spectacular figure - short, at maybe 5’5”, slim, pretty, with masses of dark brown hair curling around her face, and very big boobs straining at the buttons of her blouse, with the hint of dark nipples showing in the cool cabin temperature.

“Please, come in” he said, showing her to a small easy-chair to one side of the desk. He watched her as she sat, her breasts swelling over the top of her bra under her blouse, her slim firm legs shiny and freshly shaved it seemed, her pert bum filling the skirt nicely.

She sat, crossing her legs, her skirt riding up, showing more of her tanned thighs. She made no effort to pull the skirt down. Stavros moved the other easy-chair around the desk to sit opposite her - he knew that if she crossed her legs there would be a good chance that he could see her crotch - maybe she was not even wearing panties!

He took out her folder, and began going through her background, chatting and making her feel comfortable.

“What area of housekeeping interests you most?” he asked.

“I would like to be involved with the guests” she said.” I love dealing with them, and I think I am good at it.”

"There are not that many housekeeping positions that require regular guest interaction" he replied. “Most positions are behind the scenes, in nature. But I do have a few such positions which I allocate to staff who I think have got what it takes.”

"What does it take?” she asked.

She crossed her legs at the ankle, leaving her knees a little apart - he could indeed see her white panties now - whether by accident or not he did not know. He glanced at her crotch, his cock getting hard in his pants. She smiled innocently and said:

"I am sure that I have what it takes.” Her legs opened a little more - now he could see her panties clearly, the bulge of her cunt underneath.

“Have you been fitted for a uniform?” he asked, changing the subject, as he was not sure whether he was misreading her movements - it could be that the chair was just low, and her skirt short - he did not want to make a move unless he was sure she was willing.

‘Yes, I have got my uniform. Although it was not easy. My figure can be a problem for uniform fitting.”

He looked at her.

"How so?” he asked.

"Because I am fairly short and slim” she said, “but my bust does not fit into small size blouses. So I have to get a size small skirt and pants, but a size large blouse or t shirt.”

She ran her hands over her boobs as she talked, to emphasise the point (as though it needed explaining!). His cock was rigid now, straining against his underpants. Her hands on her boobs had made her nipples get hard, and they were clearly visible under her blouse, the fabric pulled tight over her bra which seemed to be losing the battle to contain her breasts. She stood up. Unbuttoned her blouse, and took it off.

“You see, they are so big, a small blouse won’t fit,” she said. Stavros looked at her breasts, spilling out the top of her bra. "Are they real?” he asked, licking his lips, his breathing short and excited.

"Yes” she said. She reached behind her, undid the bra, and took it off. Her boobs were firm, and the dark nipples he had seen under the blouse were erect, stubby and big.

"Feel them - you will see they are real.”

She walked over to where he sat, and stood in front of him, waiting. He put his hand on first one, then the other. They were very firm, but not with silicone, but with the firmness of youth. Stroking her boobs, he fondled the nipples, then leaned forward and took one in his mouth, sucking it hard. She moved a little more forward, straddling his legs, and felt between his legs for his cock. Finding it, she massaged it under his pants, then found the zipper and lowered it. His cock bulged out in his underpants. She pulled the top of his underpants down, exposing his large uncircumcised veined cock, the tip glistening with pre-cum already.

She knelt in front of him, pulling his pants and underpants down and took his cock in her small mouth, licking the head around the foreskin, rubbing her hands up and down it, fondling his balls. He continued to play with her nipple, marvelling at the size of her boobs and the hardness of her nipples, feeling her mouth close around his cock, enveloping him with warmth and saliva, her hot breath moist on his pubic hair.

Standing, she took off her skirt, showing her tiny white panties, did a quick twirl, laughing, and then slid her panties off. He stared at her pussy - she was not shaved, but just trimmed at the groin, her bush thick and dark, a mass of curly pubic hair covering her cunt.

"My boyfriend likes it like this,” she said, noticing his gaze. "Do you”?

"It’s very sexy” he said, intrigued by the unusual full bush.

She stood in front of him again, and he ran a finger through the pubic hair, feeling for her slit. When he found it, she was already wet, and his finger slid into her cunt with ease, parting the hair, finding her wet hole. He thrust a finger into her, in and out, and she arched her back, pushing her cunt towards him.

He stood up, his finger still in her cunt, pressing her against him, his cock rubbing against her hair, his finger deep inside her, feeling for her clit. She opened her legs wide, and, grabbing his hand, held it hard against her cunt, forcing his finger deeper. With her other hand she masturbated him rapidly, her fist wrapped around his cock, rubbing all the way from the tip to the base with each stroke.

He led her to the bedroom adjoining his office. She pushed him onto his back on the bed, mounted him, and slid his cock deep into her cunt, shuddering as it reached its full length in her. Holding his shoulders, she rode him hard immediately, gripping his cock with her cunt, squeezing it until he thought it would stop the blood supply, then releasing it and riding him again, even harder.

Just when he thought he would cum, she stopped, got off and lay on her back with her legs stuck up straight in the air. He got on top of her, and she locked her legs around his waist, dragging him into her. She bucked and thrust with her hips, again squeezing his cock with her cunt, slamming into him with each stroke he made, her ankles crossed behind him around his waist.

She came suddenly with a shuddering cry, her nails digging into his shoulders, leaving long red welts. No sooner had she stopped cumming, then she unlocked her legs around him, hooked them over his shoulders, and rammed her cunt again and again at him. He responded with equally force, his pubic bones slamming into her vagina, bruising her clit. She cried out and he kept up the pressure and speed, his balls slamming into her with each drive.

She gripped his cock hard again with her cunt, and he came with a long gasping shout, jets of hot cum squirting into her cunt, again and again until he was spent. Slowing, he stopped, still in her. She unlocked her legs from around his neck, and lay back. He withdrew his cock from her cunt, some cum leaking out into her pubic hair as he did so, running down between her legs.

They lay there a while, her hand on his softening cock. He got up, and went to the shower. She watched him, one hand between her legs, a finger in her slit. After he showered, he put on a clean shirt and pants. She got up and went to shower, her huge boobs gleaming and slick with sweat, traces of cum between her legs.

Once showered and dressed, she sat again, looking at him.

"So, which position in housekeeping do you think I am suitable for?” she asked, with a smile.