Written by wildchildtammy

30 Apr 2015





Sue watched as the deck crew made ready to cast off. She was very excited about the cruise, a belated “honeymoon” present from her father. Her husband Jimmy (or James Walter Hamilton the second to give him his full name) lay on the bed, a scotch in his hand, watching the ball game in Atlanta.

"Honey, come and see, we are leaving!” she called to him.

He looked at his wife standing at the balcony rail. Her trim butt and long legs were clearly visible through her dress, as were her boobs when she turned to talk to him.

"If you stand in the sunlight like that showing your tits and pussy to the dock crew we will never get away”, he said with a grin.

She looked at her dress. She was naked underneath, having taken off her bra and panties when they got to their cabin because of the heat.

Jim got up and walked over to her on the small balcony. He stood behind her, wrapped his hands around her and felt her boobs. Pressing against her, she could feel his cock in her bum-crack, big and hard.

"Not now honey" she said. “I want to see our departure”.

He pressed harder against her, put his hand under her dress and felt for her cunt. Finding it, he slid one finger along her slit, trying to make her horny. She pushed his hand away, and he moved to stand next to her as the ship slowly moved away from the dock.

They were an ideal couple - young, rich (well, their parents were, anyway) very good looking and well educated. They had met at college, dated almost immediately, and got married 2 months after graduation.

They both wanted to spend some time setting up home, so this trip was almost a year after the wedding.

Sue, 21, had wavy honey blonde hair, a neat and fit figure, with small rounded breasts and pink nipples, which went hard as soon as she was horny, which was very often. She also had one unusual characteristic - she had no hair on her pussy. Not shaved, not waxed, not plucked - none. She had very little hair on her legs or arms anyway, just a fine, almost invisible soft down, but when puberty started and her breasts developed, no hair had ever appeared on her pussy. Not then, not since. So unlike women who shave or wax, where it always leaves a rougher skin no matter what they did, Sue’s pussy was as smooth and soft as when she was born.

At first she was very embarrassed about this, but when all the girls started shaving their pusies anyway, she forgot about it and just pretended she had just shaved.

Once out of school she discovered the reaction of guys when she let them feel or mouth her pussy. They could not get enough of the wonderful smoothness of her pussy and the tight slit in the middle, and many guys spent hours just licking her pussy while she gazed out of the car window.

She had discovered sex late in life, and soon became obsessed with it. She did not allow any guy to fuck her, but she would give them a blow-job, let them feel her and mouth her, and play with her boobs. She looked for opportunities to spy on people having sex or making out all the time, playing with her pussy till she came when she was successful.

One night when her mom was out at a church meeting, her uncle Jimbo arrived. He spoke to her dad for a minute, and then her dad said that he had to go out with Jimbo to see to a problem at the office, and would be back in 2 hours. She didn’t believe a word of it, as he had spayed cologne on himself before he left.

The office was only a few blocks away, so when they left she got onto her scooter, and followed them at a distance. Sure enough, they drove past the office, down a side street, and turned into a Motel parking lot on the edge of town.

She switched her scooter off and coasted to a stop at the back of the Motel. Peering around the corner, she saw the two men go into the office, and come out a minute later, heading for the rooms.

She watched to see more or less which room they went to, then ran around the back. She saw a light come on in a room about 20 meters from her - that must be them, she reckoned. She tiptoed up to the back windows of the room. The bathroom window was open, and with the bathroom door open she could see into the small bedroom. Her dad and Jimbo were sitting there, Jimbo on the bed, her dad on a chair, drinking from a hip-flask.

There was a knock on the door. Her dad got up to open it, and stood aside for the person to come in. Sue did a double-take. The woman was Ellen, her dad’s new secretary! Blonde, very busty, with a really cute face and a husky voice, Sue’s mom had been against hiring her, but her dad told her she was judging a book by its cover, and Ellen was a good PA.

Ellen was wearing a short skirt and blouse, and looked very pretty, Sue thought. She went up to the guys, and gave each a big kiss and a hug. Then, without a pause, she unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor, revealing a tiny pair of white panties. She undid her blouse and took it off, followed by her bra. Sue gasped at her boobs - they were very, very big and looked quite firm, and were tipped with big round pink nipples. She stepped out of her panties, showing a shaved slit with just a small patch of dark blonde hair at the top of it.

Her dad and Jimbo, who had been watching her strip, went to her. She faced Sue’s dad, reached for his belt, and undid his pants. Dropping them to his ankles, she pulled his underpants off, knelt, and took his cock in her mouth.

His back was to Sue, so she was spared the sight of her dad's erect cock going in and out of his secretary's red lips, but she did see Jimbo undo his pants and take them and his underpants off, as well as his shirt. Stroking his cock, he stood to one side of Ellen, waiting his turn. After a few minutes she turned to him, and took his cock in her mouth, sucking hard.

Sue was excited. She put her hand into the front of her jeans, and slid a finger into her sopping wet slit, rubbing her clit at the same time.

Ellen had gone to the bed and lay flat on her back. Her legs spread wide, her cunt gaping. Sue’s dad got on the bed, climbed on top of Ellen, and began to fuck her. Jimbo stood next to the bed, near her face. She turned, and took his cock in her mouth while Sue’s dad fucked her. He seemed to reach a climax, and lay still for a moment, on top of her. Then he climbed off her. Jimbo got on the bed, and motioned to Ellen to turn over. She did so, and he pulled her up onto all fours. Going behind her, her put his cock between her legs and rammed it in. His big tummy made a slapping sound against her pale bum with each thrust.

Sue was beside herself. She had 3 fingers in her cunt, ramming them in and out, then rubbing her clit hard before putting the fingers back in. She had cum once already, when her dad mounted Ellen, and as Jimbo took his cock out, masturbated a few times and sprayed cum all over Ellen’s bum, Sue came again.

When Jimbo was done squirting all over Ellen, the men pulled their pants and shirts on. Ellen went to the bathroom, wiped herself down, put her skirt on without panties, and put her bra and blouse on. Sue’s dad took two hundred-dollar notes out of his pocket and gave it to Ellen. She put the money into her purse, gave each of the men a big kiss on the mouth, and let herself out of the room. The men gave each other a high-five, waited a few minutes and then also left.

Sue had run to her scooter and driven home. By the time her dad got home, she was sitting in front of the TV, eating crisps.

It was not long afterwards that she discovered her mother’s secret life. Sue had driven to a friend for the weekend, and was due back on the Monday afternoon. She was quite good friends with the girl, but on the Sunday morning they had a huge fight over a guy they both liked, and Sue stormed out, driving home at 80 miles per hour.

On arriving home, she discovered that in her haste she had left her gate remote at her friend’s house. Leaving her Mustang at the side of the road next to the huge entrance gate, she walked around to the side of the property, where a large tree overhung the wall. She climbed up, along the branch, and dropped down onto the lawn near the pool. She had used this method lots of times when she sneaked out at night, and needed to get back without activating the sensors on the gate camera.

The property was vast, with the mansion set well back, invisible from the road. Sue walked across the lawn, heading for the front door, when she heard laughter from the pool area. She was surprised, as she had thought that her parents were both out playing golf, as they usually did on a Sunday.

She walked quietly up to the hedge around the pool, and looked through a gap in the foliage. Her mother was at the pool edge, kneeling on her hands and knees on a lounger mattress. Crouched behind her was Ricardo, one of the pool-cleaner guys - a very cute, 20 year old Puerto Rican, with a gorgeous build and the tightest ass. Sue had often wondered what it would be like to fuck him, as he cleaned the pool every Sunday, his tight shorts and tank-top showing off his muscles. Ricardo was fucking her mom from the back, holding her hips and ramming his cock into her. In front of her mom, lying on his back, was Pablo, Ricardo’s partner in the pool-cleaning business. Sue’s mom had Pablo’s cock in her mouth, sucking it while he played with her huge silicone-enhanced boobs which were swinging under her as Ricardo fucked her cunt.

Sue was ecstatic - she thought that her mom, with her big boobs and slim tummy was very sexy, and she was thrilled that her mom was getting a good fuck. Sue lifted her skirt, and in seconds had two fingers in her smooth, hairless cunt, masturbating herself, her other hand under her top pulling at her erect nipple.

Ricardo got up from behind Sue’s mom, and eased her onto her side. She lifted one leg high as he did so, and he lay in front of her. Sue saw her feel for Ricardo’s cock, and slide it into her pussy. Pablo lay behind her mom, his hands between her bum-cheeks. He seemed to be feeling for her anus - when he found it, he spat on his hand, rubbed the saliva on his cock, and thrust it at the puckered entrance to her ass.

Sue’s mom squealed, and Pablo drove his cock into her bum, deep and hard.

The two young men fucked Sue’s mom’s cunt and anus hard and roughly for a long time. Sue, who had already cum once, now came again, her juices streaming out of her slippery cunt over her fingers. Her pussy was raw and sore, but she kept her fingers in it, rubbing her clit when her pussy lips got too painful.

Ricardo seemed to cum in Sue’s mom’s cunt, moaning and thrusting hard. As he seemed to be finished, Pablo came in her bum, gripping her sides and pushing hard. The guys pulled their cocks out. Sue's mom sat up, and the two guys presented their cocks to her- she took each in turn in her mouth and sucked them clean.

Sue came again, almost crying with the pleasure and the pain. The orgasm seemed to last a long time, and when it subsided she collapsed to her knees, quivering and shaking.

Ricardo and Pablo were getting dressed, and her mom was lying on a lounger, topless, watching them, one hand between her legs. They blew her a kiss, and left via the side gate, taking their pool-equipment with them.

Sue got her clothes straight, and made her way to the house to shower and change.

Sue’s husband, Jimmy had been a typical all-American kid, growing up rich in a Southern State of the US. Good at school and college, he was popular with girls and guys - “a regular guy”, the guys would say; “a hunk” the girls would say. He met Sue in college, and they started dating almost immediately. He had screwed a few girls before Sue, but once they dated, they did not screw around (well, not much anyway). But for Jimmy, there was a problem - Sue would not fuck- not him, not anyone.

She was very sexual, and would do most things, he discovered. She would suck his cock for hours on end, and let him cum in her mouth (she would not swallow though). She would let him play with her cunt with his fingers, toys, her fingers, cucumbers, whatever, and she would cum easily, but she would not let his cock anywhere near her smooth and ever-so-desirable pussy. Her mom had told her “if you give away the milk, no-one is going to buy the cow”, and Sue had taken this to heart. She said to Jimmy that the day they were married, she would fuck him till he dropped, and from then on also, but not a day before.

This was what was on Jimmy’s mind as he sat one sunny, hot afternoon in his father’s den, watching some old porn movies, and jerking off. He was alone at home, his parents and sister having gone to visit friends for the day. In the lounge upstairs, Evelyn, the young maid, was cleaning.

Evelyn was African American, 19, (a year younger than Jimmy) and gorgeous. She was slim, with a very pretty face, long soft black hair and pert, firm boobs. She was the youngest sister of Leanne, the domestic help who had been with the family since Jimmy could remember. In fact some of Jimmy’s earliest sexual memories were of Leanne's big breasts swaying under her blouse on a hot day as she worked around the house. Jimmy had spied on Leanne many times as she showered or changed, and the ground outside her rooms at the back of the house was littered with tissues from where he had wiped the cum off his cock while jerking off, looking at her huge breasts and trimmed but quite hairy cunt. She was a fine figure of a woman, large without being fat, soft and feminine.

When Evelyn finished school, she started to assist her mother around the house, first informally, then as a proper job. Jimmy had played cops and robbers and other games with her as a friend until puberty, when his dad had told him not to play with the daughter of the hired help, and to find friends among his own crowd at school. Nevertheless, Jimmy had not failed to notice that Evelyn was growing into a very attractive, very sexy woman, with long legs, and great tits.

So it was that Jimmy was thinking about fucking Sue, and what it would be like, when Evelyn came downstairs to clean the den. Jimmy heard her coming down the stairs, and switched the TV to a sport channel.

Evelyn came in and greeted him, and started to clean the furniture. She had on her normal uniform of a black pinafore with a white blouse. She was bare-legged as it was hot, and her skirt rode up enticingly as she moved, bent and stretched to clean, showing her long shapely brown legs and firm bum.

Jimmy kept one eye on the ball-game and the other on Evelyn, and he was aware that he was getting a hard-on watching her. He had had a few beers to drink earlier, and was feeling a pleasant buzz, sitting in the secluded den, with a pretty girl moving and stretching in front of him.

He surreptitiously put one hand onto his cock, and stroked it, making sure that she did not see.

Evelyn stood on a stool to dust on top of the cabinet housing the hunting guns. As she did so, her dress rode up high, and from where he was sitting in a low recliner, Jimmy suddenly had sight of her pink panties on the lower cheeks of her firm bum, her long brown legs taut and on tip toes. He made a sound between a cough and a groan, and she turned, seeing his hand still on his cock.

He blushed, but she just smiled, and turned back, lifting her arms high above her head to dust above the cupboard. Her dress rode right up, her whole bum revealed. Without dropping her arms, she looked around at him.

‘You like my panties?” she said in a whisper.

He nodded his hand still on his cock.

“Want to see more?” she asked

He nodded again.

She kept her hands above her head, and turned slowly to face him. He could just see her pussy under the hem of her dress. She lowered her arms, and lifted the hem of her dress, showing him her pussy clearly. He stared - he could see the outline of her cunt, with a camel-toe showing her pussy-lips. She stood like that for a moment, then took one hand and traced a line along her camel-toe with her finger, pushing the thin fabric of the panties into her slit, all the time looking at Jimmy with a slight smile on her face.

Jimmy was rubbing his cock openly now - he thought he would cum in his pants if she kept doing that!

Evelyn got off the stool and walked over to him, still holding her dress up. He stared at her pussy, mesmerised. She stood in front of him, watching him.

She reached out and took his hand and put it on her pussy. He felt the warmth of her skin, the soft folds of her cunt, and a slight wetness where the panty fabric was indented into her slit. She shrugged the pinafore top off her shoulders. He looked up, and saw her nipples poking through the fabric of her bra and blouse, her breasts very firm and pointy.

“Now your turn” she said. She leaned forward and undid his belt buckle, undid his jeans, and pulled down the zip. Reaching into his pants, she felt his rock-hard cock, and pulled it out of his underpants. As she began to stroke his cock, he moved the panties to one side, and slid his finger along her slit - she was wet, and his finger slid into her cunt easily. She sighed, and stroked his cock faster. Bending forward, she took his cock into her mouth, and sucked. She lowered her head more, and let the entire cock go in her mouth, till her lips were on his pubic area.

Then she began to give him a blow job, sucking, licking, kissing and nibbling on his cock, while he felt inside her cunt and rubbed her hard and erect clit. Although she was shaved, he felt the slight stubble of her pubic hair, as he fondled her cunt, surprised at how far up her tummy the triangle went.

He opened her blouse, and pulled her light bra aside. Her boobs were stunning - small, very firm, with large stubby erect brown nipples. He mouthed her nipples, first on one boob, then the other, all the time fingering her more and more excitedly.

They were both panting, aroused. Evelyn straddled him, holding his cock, and opened her cunt to allow it in. Her cunt was tight, as she lowered herself onto his cock, until she was sitting on his lap. Without moving upwards, she flexed her hips back and forth, his cock moving inside her cunt from front to back. Then she ground against him, round and round. He had never had a fuck like this - she did not move up and down at all, just back and forth, side to side, and around in a circle. He felt like his cock was in a tight, warm wet embrace, being aroused now on this side, then on that side.

He felt he was going to cum, and he thrust into her as she flexed her hips around his cock. She beat him to it by a second, and they both came with muted gasps and groans, his hot cum squirting into her wet cunt, jet after jet until he was spent.

They sat there like that for a while. Then Evelyn got up, letting his softening cock slip out of her, pulled her panties on properly, did up her blouse and pinafore, and with a smile at Jimmy, went to her room to clean up.

All was well, and the two youngsters fucked each other regularly after that, taking care of Jimmy’s need - he had Sue to give him the best blow-job ever, and Evelyn to fuck when he wanted to, so life was good.

Or so Jimmy thought until one night his playmate revealed a side to herself that surprised and saddened him.

Jimmy’s mom had gone to her bridge club night, and Jimmy was alone with his dad and his sister, each in their own rooms at around 9 o’clock.

Jimmy went down to the kitchen to get a beer to accompany the peanuts he was eating while watching TV in his room, when he thought he saw a figure cross the yard to Leanne’s rooms. He thought nothing of it at first, and after sinking a beer in the kitchen, looking for something to eat, he saw the light in Leanne’s room dim to a reddish colour, rather than go out.

He was intrigued - what could she be doing that need a reddish light at this time of night?

Slipping out the front door so as not to wake or alert his father or his sister, he crept around to the yard and up to Leanne’s window. The window was partly open, so he moved the curtain aside very slowly.

What he saw was totally unexpected. Leanne was lying on her bed stark naked - her large womanly legs spread wide and held up in the air, her huge breasts splaying over her sides. But that was not what surprised Jimmy. What he had not expected to see was his dad on top of Leanne, fucking her for all he was worth, his pale bum stark against her dark skin. He was pounding her hard, and even from outside Jimmy could hear the slap, slap of flesh on flesh. Jimmy had seen his father fuck before, when his dad and uncle took him to the local whorehouse, a large luxury house in a nearby suburb with some of the most beautiful girls Jimmy had ever seen, as a treat for his 21st birthday.

He was nevertheless turned on by the sight of Leanne’s voluptuous body getting fucked. He watched until his dad pulled his cock out of Leanne, presumably having cum. But it was not so - from the corner of the room, where Jimmy had not been able to see, came a figure - at first Jimmy could only see that it was a female, nude. When she turned, he saw with a start that it was Evelyn, naked! She went over to the bed where her sister was lying. Leanne got up, her breasts swinging as she walked, and went to the bathroom.

Evelyn lay down on the bed, spread her legs, and put her hands on her cunt, playing with her clit. Jimmy‘s father stood next to her, his cock in his hand, masturbating hard.

She reached to the headboard, and took a big pink dildo from it. She licked its head, smiling, and gave it to Jimmy’s father. He spat on it, and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. He wiggled it a bit, and then shoved it all in, in one movement. Evelyn shrieked, but bucked her hips against it as he drove it in and out several times.

He kept fucking her with the dildo as he moved his erect, throbbing and slick cock closer to her face. She reached for his cock, and put it in her mouth, sucking it just as she had sucked Jimmy’s.

His father thrust his cock in her mouth and the dildo in her cunt as she sucked, and soon grabbed the back of her head, forcing her to hold her head still as he came in her mouth. Jimmy could hear Evelyn gagging, but his father kept fucking her face till he was done, and pulled his cock out of her mouth. Evelyn swallowed repeatedly, gulping his cum down her throat, some of it dribbling out of her mouth.

When she had recovered, she stroked his still-hard cock, wiping the cum off it and licking her fingers. She took the dildo out of her cunt, licked it, and put it back on the shelf. Then she too stood up and went to the bathroom just as her mother came back into the bedroom.

Jimmy was disappointed, but not too surprised. He knew that his dad had a number of girls which he would fuck when his mom was out of town, so why not the staff?

Still, it put Jimmy off fucking Evelyn regularly, so he limited it to when he really needed it, and never told her what he had seen.

This then was the couple in stateroom 14, and we shall learn more about them and their marriage in the next chapter