Written by Ricky Dicky Doo

04 Jun 2017

This one is for the jealous guy. Who are you? You're the dude with a girlfriend or a wife. You've signed up as a couple. But you didn't tell her a thing. You're hoping you can score on the side, or maybe one day talk her into a three way for your birthday. You wanna suck, fuck, and you're just in luck.

Only one problem... you don't share. That chick belongs to you. Maybe you can let her have some fun with another chick... as long as you are in the equation. But hang on... Remember that time your ex (what a bitch) fucked that other dude? What was his name again? He had a nicer car. Remember that one Tuesday night? You cried like a little baby, man. How dare she do that to you? After all you did... and remember what came next, after you sent her that sms, with every swear word repeated twice? You member... you started touching yourself. Your cock started getting hard between your sweaty fingers, as you lay there thinking of his dick in her mouth. While he was driving that M series that his daddy musT have bought him. She was probably in the passenger seat, bent forward, his throbbing veiny member between her delicate rosy lips. Maybe she gagged a little. He came in her mouth. Exploded on her tongue. Filled her cheeks with his warm and sticky man goo. She giggled. Slurped up the bit she dribbled on the seat belt. And she swallowed him down. She must have. What a whore... fuck... you just came. In a hail of confused feelings, jealous rage, eternal sadness, longing love, and a hard on that could sink a cruise liner, you just beat one out to your girl and that fucktard she is currently making life-mistakes with. You remember that, right?

Hmm... maybe it's time you had a chat to your inner dude. That thought was fun... although totally not. Maybe you don't mean less in love if you offer more in life. Maybe sex can be sex, and love can be more? But dude... swap the hand and the ex for a second man and some sex. Pile drive that pussy, while she deepthroats that guy on the second floor that youve seen look at her with that look everytime he passes by. Everytime she gags on his meat, her pussy squeezes tight. You hear her moaning with a full mouth?

Let's get Rickety Rickety Wrecked son!