04 Jun 2019

Why did I snooze the alarm?! I am late for my appointment; and I am never late. The road is clear, and as I come around the bend, he passes with his motorbike; nearly pushing me off the road, and I am pissed off. Bikers just never seem to learn their lesson, I am so fuming that I speed up, but he gets away and I think to myself it's not worth it, I'm late, and just need to try and get to the office as quick as possible. Driving through the gate I noticed the same bike parked in front of my office, my thoughts are enraged wanting to give this man a piece of my mind. Mumbling to myself as to what I am going to tell him. Who would have thought that a man could actually make me think twice before opening my mouth, him standing in tight biker pants and a leather jacket, and eyes undressing my soul. The receptionist announces that he is my appointment for the morning. I am lost for words and do not give him a piece of my mind. He walks up to shake my hand, and our eyes for a split second lock on to one another. I walk past him to lead the way to the office flustered. He then remarks on my driving skills telling me with a grin that I am not a bad driver at all. I enter the office, and walking around to my desk, his arm brushed against my back; chills running down my spine, me throbbing from down below. He took off his jacket exposing a tattoo peeking from his sleeve. I took out the proposal I had prepared myself the previous night, pointing out a couple of factors and going through the important issues, bending over the desk. I then noticed that his attention was no longer on the proposal, but on my lace bra; my blouse had a couple of buttons loose exposing most of my breasts just covering my nipples. Our eyes locked for a moment and I was wondering what was going through his mind. There was a knock at the door, it was the receptionist to tell me that the alarm company phoned to say that my house alarm had been triggered. I briefly apologized and said to him that I have to urgently leave, and that I would have to reschedule an appointment, as I had to get home. He then insisted to take me as he felt that he would be a lot quicker on his motorbike, then me with my car. There was not enough time to argue as he grabbed his jacket and huddled me to his bike. We both got on the motorbike; me holding on tight to him as I got on, and he sped away pushing me up against his body feeling every bit of him against me making me all warm, throbbing and squirming. Getting home I opened the gate; we got in to find that my cat seemed to have triggered the alarm somehow, as there was no forced entry. We were left alone in the house; our eyes locking for a moment; and me offering him something to drink. He came closer, I froze as I was not sure what he wanted to do. Slowly our lips brushed across one another and found ourselves peeling off one another's clothing. There on my big sofa the two of us, were entwined. Feeling our way around one another's bodies and having our lips and tongues locked tight in a passionate kiss. I pulIed my tongue away; gliding it across his chest all the way down to his hard cock. Pushing my lips around his cock, my tongue feeling the fullness in my mouth as it brushed along the sides of my cheeks back and forth sucking tasting his precum on my tongue. After a while he picked me up, and I felt his body pressed on top of me, moving his hands over my breasts sucking my nipples and moving all the way down licking and sucking my clit allowing his tongue to get lost between my pussy lips, until I moaned long, loud groans. He then moved and sat up next to me, and put me on his lap and his hard cock slipped deep into me, and I moved up and down slowly; feeling every inch of him inside me filling me, and him giving deep groans, cupping my breasts. Time stood still and it is if we were in our own bubble. After a long session of exploring and tasting one another, we laid in silence, catching our breaths. He got up, and helped me up, kissed me, and said that we should reschedule, with a grin on his face.

Tags: adventure