Written by fetish01

16 May 2014

Muslim shemale

I hope this fantasy doesn't offend anyone, but here goes part of it:

I agree to meet this muslim lady that I've been chatting online to at a mutual indian restuarant.

She arrives in the traditional black outfit and hijab that covers her face and you can only see her big black beautifull eyes.

We eat and I'm amused at how she eats by lifting her veil just enough to place her food in her mouth. After a few drinks, we go back to my house.

We sit on the couch next to each other and will chatting, I mistakely brush my hand slightly between her legs and feel that there is a slight lump. I tell her that I feel like a drink and go to the kitchen whereby I pour two glasses of wine and place a sleeping tablet in hers.

After she falls asleep, I remove her clothes and find she's wearing a hot, sexy black silk panty. I tie her "spread-eagled" to the bed posts with her hands raised towards the ceiling and feet on the floor.

I blind fold her eyes as she starts to awaken and I kiss and suckle her back and caress her body. She makes deep arousal noises and I french kiss her whilst gently rubbing her manhood and genitals. My body is pressed against her and she can feel my pulsating nakedness against her which makes her more excited.

I bend down and begin licking and kissing her anal and my hands massage her penis. After sometime, I take her manhood in my mouth and give her a blowjob,whilst gently caressing her anal.

As I feel her penis is getting close to explode, I gently penetrate her and begin riding her whilst jerking her off with my hands.

We orgasm at the same time, I unty her and we fall on the bed holding each other.............